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Turning the corner
into the darkness

There was a moment, a few months past, when humanity had a chance to change the course of history. An entire country mobilized on the coldest days of the year to cheer on their courageous heroes to overturn the outrageous dictates of corporate communism’s repressive police state. After a week of dithering, the government shut them down. That was the last chance we had of stopping this insane mind infection now giving us World War 3, the theft of all our money, being poisoned by doctors, and immunized against all feelings that make us responsible human beings. Perhaps you’ve forgotten that tragic time. It hasn’t forgotten you.


So I was trying to be optimistic the other day watching our brave Canadian truckers frolicking in the freezing cold trying their darnedest to make us believe we lived in a free world. Saturated as they were with endless reports of bleak BS, of government lies that made no sense, people liked what I said. They were looking for a little sunshine in this endless stretch of government darkness, this rule by enforced absurdity, in which truth was as irrelevant as the next phony press release.

Take a vaccine that doesn’t work for a disease that doesn’t exist and keep your mouth shut, they had been told after driving across the country to protest the maniac mandates which had already killed unprecedented numbers of people and suffocated life in general all over the planet. Then came the reaction of the senseless Canadian government. Go home and shut up. Forget about freedom. Crush this polite revolt of well meaning but oppressed citizens without hearing a word they were saying.

Steal their gas. Block the efforts of supporters trying to bring them food and money. Disparage the truckers who constructed bounce houses for their children, call them terrorists. Now it has all been decided. Sundown for freedom. The people will not rise up. In their catatonic silence, they have conceded defeat.

The nightmare words of Klaus Schwab reverberated in our brains — You will own nothing and be happy — as cops beat up old men for holding signs.

The words I had written presaging a new dawn of freedom stared back at me like year old peanut brittle. My stomach growled and my brain ached as I searched for a way out of this real life nightmare.

“Heroic Canadian truckers lead fight for freedom”, I had written. That was then, two days ago. Today it goes like this. “Big brother’s lies dream of our deaths.”



All over the world, people fed up with the lies of their leaders now turn against them. Following the example of the brave Canadian truckers who dropped everything and shut down their nation’s capital with raucous horn blowing and homespun sincerity, they face cruel government pushback as feckless leaders threaten arrests, freeze millions of contributions from well wishers, and even position snipers on a bridge near Detroit to bully those yearning for freedom that the government has stolen from them.

In lockstep unison around the planet, tyrannical leaders say go home and forget about freedom. But people everywhere — polite family men, worried mothers and bright eyed children — all say no.

Somewhere on a frozen road, far from civilization in the freezing dark, something occurred to the whole world that can never again be forgotten. It was just an idea in an overblown plan that could never work unless everybody wanted it more than anything else they have ever wanted in their whole lives.

The answer was found, not in numbers on a computer screen making somebody rich, but in the things that make us human, with the same kind of desires and the same kind of souls. The answer was found in the unity we had lost, and now yearned for with a desperation bordering on terror, as we were watching our world plummeting into the abyss of totalitarianism.

Torn apart by those rich phonies made mad by their own power, clinging desperately to the orders from the billionaires who had bribed them to stray the people who had trusted them.

It happened on a snowy highway in Canada, in freezing weather, kids snuggled under blankets in the back seat on this trip the whole world knew it had to make. Though an obviously desperate maneuver, everybody in the world knew they had to make it just to save themselves, and the lives they thought they had.

A simple answer for a simple bunch of ordinary people meaning well, living right and hoping for the best. That’s all we ever hoped for, all we ever wanted the world to be. Why was it so hard to find? What has always been in the way preventing us from achieving it?

These decent people are everywhere, you know. All countries, all races almost all of them have children they worship. Every parent I know would instantly give their lives for the kids they have raised. All it took was manifesting that feeling outward. If the feelings we try to teach our children were suddenly projected outwards into what we wished to teach the world, what magnificent things could not be achieved?

But it could never work, we thought. The odds stacked against us were too great. Becoming world wise to the scams and crimes that ruin our days were simply to horrendous to ignore.

In big cities today people get killed at random, unforeseen and unexpected disasters that are never fully explained. Its victims live with holes in their lives and the criminals are never caught, sometimes never even sought. We teach our kids to be afraid of strangers and rightly so, judging by the police reports. Judging by the children who go missing and are never seen again. Or turn up by the side of some back road months later, totally different from the charming angel we knew and loved.

How could it ever be different? But there it was again. A bump in the road. Just a glimpse of an idea of a concept long forgotten, taken for granted and mostly forgotten in the harsh hubbub of living for a paycheck. What if . . .

Then just when it all seemed darkest . . .

Right when all the murderous corruption looked impossible to avoid, it suddenly became obvious that the way out of all these crises was right in front of our noses.

Only it took several thousand Canadian truckers to chuck everything and promise to everyone “We’re going to get this done . . .”

Soon the idea had spread across the planet, to Brazil, to Latvia, even to that most jaded, most tragic, most betrayed and defaced area of the world known as California. The truckers we’re going to lock down the roads until freedom could be regained.

It had been stolen from everyone by people who didn’t care what ordinary people cared for.

Worst of all, it has been stolen by people whom we had thought, in our trusting way that we have always had in our fellow humans, were the last people who would ever betray us. They were first and foremost our doctors, who willingly traded the trust of the public for more cash in their opulent condominiums and fancy yachts.

Politicians have always been toxic to ordinary people, saying what they need to say in order to stay in power and twist the laws to maximize their clandestine profits. So it is no surprise that that repulsive witch Nancy Pelosi has accumulated $100 million on her $200,000 a year salary. Same with that unemployable hustler Obama with his $10 million home on Martha’s Vineyard.

Where did all that money come from, you ask? It came from you, you idiot.

The judges are the same way, least concerned with justice and more with the financiers who acquired for them their lucrative positions. Especially the 9/11 judges who covered up for all those criminals we have come to know as our trusted leaders.

And what to say of the teachers should not be spoken of here for the children who have been guided to perversion and self destruction by perverts who directed kids to obey without thinking and act without caring for anything but their own empty obedience.

What of all the children who have been destroyed by irrelevant and disabling lessons first, and poisons they should never have been injected with that will ruin their lives.

It should be obvious, though it isn’t to people who watch TV, that our country has been deliberately ruined by moribund morons who have been bribed by foreign powers to wreck the last bastion of actual freedom in the world today.

Most people just accepted what they said, and let them get on with their dirty work, which is why today the White House is wrapped in barbed wire, more than a million people have died from an untested vaccine that most of the lying mainstream newspapers say is perfectly safe, and our feeble, illegally elected president is explaining why it’s necessary to protect Ukraine’s borders with World War 3 but not the Texas border with all those new Democratic voters who can’t speak English.

The truckers, however, had a better idea. And still the politicians refuse to listen. The truckers had only one demand, the freedom that they thought they owned. The mottled minions manipulating unjust laws benefiting only themselves and not the people they represent.

They talked of freedom and order but when it came to concrete action in the real world it became obvious they had been lying all along.

Now the truth majestically creeps above the horizon like a glorious sunrise, and the rodentious politicians slither back into expensive slime holes, order troops to crush the families with their children seeking sanity, so that their vomitous plan to control everyone in the world through nightmare devices injected into the arms of innocents will eliminate the truth of individual freedom once and for all.

And what we were all afraid to see for fear it wasn’t really there is a real future of freedom, amid the roar of engines and the blaring to deafening big rig horns, finally coming into view.

In the freezing glare of a February sunrise comes the warmth of our freedom dawning, and the vampire money men being forced into the welcoming grave of history.

All it took was our belief in the common sense unity of parents taking care of their children spread out in righteous joy upon the whole world, something no one in their right mind could ever oppose.

So the Canadian government taught us humans no longer really matter. They've just introduced voluntary euthanasia if you're interested.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.




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