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Manifestation of dark karma

The great fear is that artificial intelligence will decide that humans are not worth preserving. What that means is humanity deep down does not trust itself.

We have been overwhelmed by our own lies. And now are experiencing their consequences.

We left hope behind, traded it in for the bottom line, before everything collapsed.

We were sabotaged by our own beliefs, which were not true to begin with.

And that is how we managed to kill ourselves with the things we invented.

Wrong ideas wreak wrong results. We simply had the wrong idea that we could only live for ourselves, and the resulting mess we have created is clear proof we cannot.

Killed by our own robots.
Victims of our own success.
Smug in our sleek assurances
we were on the right track.


Not on our side


Should human souls listen
to our soulless masters?

A real government would tell us every single ingredient in every single vaccine we were ever offered to take, wouldn’t it? In the unlikely instance that would actually happen, a real government would tell us about every single person who accidentally died from such a so-called medicine.


We can’t trust ourselves. So how are we ever going to trust the artificial intelligence that is deciding and directing our future?

This is the problem with that devious Jewish proposition known as the singularity. How can we truly believe that the complex entity who is us can be downloaded into a machine made by them and still expect to retain our original characteristics. And would that be good or bad?

The question then becomes . . .

How are we going to
protect ourselves
from ourselves?

. . . since we’re not doing a good job now?

If we can’t create an artificial intelligence we can trust, we shouldn’t produce one at all.

A real government would tell us every single ingredient in every single vaccine we were ever offered to take, wouldn’t it? In the unlikely instance that would actually happen, a real government would tell us about every single person who accidentally died from such a so-called medicine.

But we don’t have a real government, do we? We have something else and we really aren’t sure what that exactly is? We’re sure it’s nothing we would want. What would you say it actually was?

• An agency professing to help us yet killing us in record numbers and stealing our money in the process?

• A criminal syndicate meant to steal our children as fun and food for the very rich, who seem to want to rape, eat, and kill them?

They wouldn’t pay bonuses to get doctors to write death certificates for money, would they?

Think I’m exaggerating!?

And the only reason they don’t tell us is because none of these vaccine deaths is accidental. These shots were meant to kill people, and the people who made these shots knew they were meant to kill people.

A real government would never order us to take a vaccine without explaining every single ingredient in that vaccine.

The only justification for such imprudent decisions was pure profit, and the need to fulfill the “ancient” Jewish prophecy of 1972 at the Club of Rome imposture at Dartmouth College that the human population of the planet needed to be culled radically, a trendy cultural meme magically comporting to the dark directions of the Talmud which aim to enslave that portion of the world Jews choose not to obliterate.

A meme once planted grows like a tumor metastasizing in the human psyche. Perhaps that is the reason for the madness of war, people unconsciously trying to immunize themselves from death itself by slaughtering as many “enemies” as possible.

The Jews embrace culling unwanted types from the human population parallels their orders from their g-d all non Jews can never be more than slaves, although these cattle can be useful in the production of adrenochrome as well as spare body parts for the entertainment of the super rich whose organs have failed them.

That same aggressive spirit emanates from the addled minds of the vaccine makers like Bill Gates, who palpitate in a twisted tumescence at the mere mention of population control.

But the Jews have never found a torture technique as exquisite and efficient as the jab, with the exception of slow starvation with its exquisitely compassionate elimination of useless eaters like you and me.

This practice, by the way, is on the schedule of your immediate future.

Murder by vaccination. Is that how the elites justify their avarice?

Sounds like a part of the Jewish “religion” itself, truly like a suicide blaming the world for his misfortune and accidentally killing his neighbors in the process. Or worse, someone pretending to be respectable trying to get their jollies off by drinking children’s blood.

And that’s where Jewish domination of the psyche of humanity has taken us: mass suicide, after first demoralizing all of humanity from every conceivable aspect, erasing every possibility that what we had previously believed that they were now trying to change was actually true, and actually what they were leading us to was a total Communist enslavement, with freedom of action or thought no longer possible.

This train of thought has led Canada to aggressively market suicide by euthanasia as its preferred health recommendation.

How many old people do you know by now who are wishing for death before the government’s latest robberies deprive them of their homes, or their foods, or their medicines?

This is a direct result, the manifestation of a dark karma, of the desire to live forever, which is humankind’s core lunacy — to keep killing until there is no one left to kill in order to avenge our own deaths, which can never be done.

This is the Jewish version of reality, short version. Their lack of compassion and truthfulness clearly shows they are a species other than human.

The attempts at species-wide anesthesia are far closer to completion that most people actually think, or even can think about at all anymore. The lure of artificial intelligence has erased the mysterious social bond among co-religionists that largely brought peace throughout the world, although religious differences brought massacres that actually were smokescreen excuses for secret financial crimes.

The Twitter scandal is that big government tells big media what to do. The information we receive from big media is what the government tells them to say. Big media says that the big moguls of Big Money tell them what to say, besides, many of these people are the same Jewish individuals who own both the media and the government.

The human we know is no longer human. His soul has been stolen by the usual suspects.

Or perhaps a real human has never existed, and that is the project we should be working on since it’s really the only one that could save us from ourselves.

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John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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