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Real story?
U.S. main threat
to world peace

Freedom of the press cannot be limited without being lost.
— Thomas Jefferson

I couldn’t help but wonder if the same people who thought Joe Biden was a legitimately elected president are the same suckers who submitted to the poison jab without any serious thought about it, in which case many of these dupes are already dead and can no longer be contacted. Many of the rest of us, jabbed or not, may soon find ourselves in this position.

In any case, we all have suffered from a potentially fatal case of mass media mindlessness created by the constant waterfall of rigged facts from mainstream sources to the point where we have completely lost track of the truth.

Why are we attacking Russia in a cowardly fashion to punish them for crimes that the American military has committed setting up secret biowar bases throughout Ukraine? It is the same modus operandi that Jews have used down through history. Remember, they only borrowed their neighbors’ valuables when they got run out of Egypt all those centuries ago.

We haven’t been able to believe a single thing the Jews have said ever since.

The United States seeks vengeance upon Russia for misdeeds the U.S. has both triggered and committed itself. The USA is the threat to world peace, and the rest of the world knows it. A great process of shunning has already begun with the rejection of the U.S. dollar around the world, guaranteeing decades of poverty for the luckless American dupes.

Totalitarian dictatorships Russia and China are now consensually referenced as reasonable allies while the U.S., with its corrupt democracy, has clearly demonstrated that it is drunk on its own power, and no one — least of all its own citizens — is safe from these lecherous losers.

American citizens get no help from their leaders, only lame excuses justifying fraud that has bankrupted the country many times over. Systematically rancid American media completely dominated by billionaire Jews who control all the politicians generate the bulk of these bogus facts to both fatten their personal wealth but also to facilitate the progress of the central moneychangers whose aim is to surgically mutilate human society into a submissive prison population.

The quickest way to do that, everyone knows, is to kill most of the people in the world, and whittle the problem down to manageable size, making a smaller herd easier to handle. That program is well under way.

Surely by now most people should have noticed that the school shootings have been fraudulent with telling details that never match up and events are always surreptitiously masterminded by government casting directors trying to turn lies into truth.

Meanwhile, obedient citizens sit comatose in front of their media screens congratulating themselves on how alert they have been as they watch old videos of Robert David Steele explaining how some kids got shipped to Mars for sinister government experiments.

Even though no one has actually died from the phantom menace known as COVID (Fauci says 600,000), more than 2 million innocents have succumbed to the medical technique their doctors promised would keep them well.

As was the case post-9/11, most of those who join the crabby contingent of skeptics who don’t routinely believe official stories often wind up believing the inauthentic rebels, those actors like Q provided by the government assigned to lead the discontented dupes down false alleys with facile but believable explanations, whose protests always fall short, blocked by false bridges that can’t be crossed, usually by false media explanations that deceive the half wits.

How pathetic that scores of well meaning Americans were branded insurgents and thrown in jail for merely exercising their patriotism while being lured into trivial vandalism by criminal Democrats who engineered the whole caper.

About the sorriest scene I think one could conjure would be the deteriorating souls of the doctors who administered these injections KNOWING they would kill people. What would it take putting people on ventilators KNOWING they would never wake up? Could you ever find a doctor who would admit he jabbed a patient KNOWING the beautiful child would never again open her eyes?

Is this a description of the world today? If it is, who would want to live in it?

In Britain they utilized Midazolam to help old sick people sleep. They never woke up, either.

How many senior citizens did Gov. Cuomo ship to the COVID ward for termination?

Why was the information on Fauci’s murderous run during the AIDS epidemic completely suppressed in the run-up to the COVID fiasco?

Is anything we’ve heard in the past two years actually true?

What has happened to the brains of all Americans who let themselves be deceived and abused and lose all their rights and property in the process engineered by the freaks who control all the money?

Was there no one available to stop them from stealing our country and destroying the world?

We aren’t allowed to talk about the real problem, to name the real culprits, the ones who are burning up the all cities and tearing down all the statues. As a result of that, practically none of us are going to survive this nightmare Great Reset, which is just the way they planned it.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.




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