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A country with no integrity
creates a world with no future


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What even the most perceptive political observers fail to notice is the uncanny resemblance between the USA’s browbeating of their fellow nations and the unrestrained savagery of America’s blacks intent on destroying civilization by their crazed gesticulations claiming they are owed reparations for atrocities against their forefathers that they never actually experienced to the degree that their ancestors did.

When doctors kill people for money and world leaders lie about the actions they undertake, one perilous question casts its disturbing shadow over the entire world — can human beings ever really be trusted to tell the truth?

This problem has never been more relevant than it is today — perhaps the most pivotal moment in world history — when 6 million people have been murdered for a disease that likely does not exist and the rulers of the powerful nations deliberately kill their own citizens because they pretend to be persuaded by their own faulty logic that there are too many people on the planet.

The human future has never been more seriously threatened as the legendary Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride roughshod over a credulous population— wars cynically created, food factories purposely destroyed, diseases intentionally inflicted, and needless deaths drastically increased, all in service to that problematic phantom menace known as financial profit.

Making money our primary goal means that not even our families are safe from our own greed. I’m not sure whether this ethos has ever been recognized throughout human history, but we do know for sure that operating without it is clearly leading us to our destruction.

I’ve been running this mailing list for 20 years. I still have a copy of the original roster and a few hearty souls have been on it since its beginning in 2003, when most of America was still paralyzed by the shocking events of 9/11. Though occasionally newcomers arrive, many people have come and gone over the years, indeed, some of the best correspondents have passed on. Yet despite lost names on dead computers I can at least go back to about 2010 and reexamine their enduring wisdom, which has been largely ignored by the wider world.

Everyone who has ever been on this list has always demonstrated the concern we all feel about our country falling apart and our leaders constantly lying to us. Indeed, we have seen generations of treasonous shysters pass before our eyes whose lurid lies now foreshadow total destruction of the world we know. These wretches continue to lie to us, but we soldier on in search of the truth, even as most of us are ready to concede we cannot stop the rot caused by the single-minded psychopaths in charge of everything who can justify anything.

The invasion of Russia and the poisoning of the world’s population fighting a disease that doesn’t exist are meant to cover up the robbery of the world’s people by soulless parasites who enjoy killing others and lounging in the stolen luxury of money they didn’t earn themselves but instead have swindled from others.

Those of you paying serious attention to national and world events already realize that the greatest threat to peace is the out of control, totally psychotic United States, whose belligerent bluster not only threatens every country in the world with its aggressive but fraudulent propaganda and also promises to eviscerate its own citizenry with its decision to reduce the population by cruelly poisoning its loyal but befuddled inhabitants.

What even the most perceptive political observers fail to notice is the uncanny resemblance between the USA’s browbeating of their fellow nations and the unrestrained savagery of America’s blacks intent on destroying civilization by their crazed gesticulations claiming they are owed reparations for atrocities against their forefathers that they never actually experienced to the degree that their ancestors did. To somehow prove this fact, they maliciously rob stores and attack innocent white people as they pompously proclaim the savage attitudes forged in the failed civilizations of Africa as the way the world should live.

Perhaps it is unfair to blame cultures whose inhabitants traditionally eat each other as victims of their own underdevelopment when they have doubtlessly observed the behavior of white cultures ruthlessly exploiting their lesser brethren throughout the known history of civilization. This would rate as the greatest tragedy of the Western world which has held itself up as an ideal culture to be emulated when its financial affluence was based on the ruthless enslavement of others as its prescribed path to social stability.

What an awful lesson to have inflicted on the world, since the greatest human achievement, suppressed by all successful societies, has been the concern and preservation for the welfare of life itself, a hypocrisy routinely displayed in the abuse of the weak by the strong.

In particular, America’s feigned ideals of liberty and justice for all have turned out to be a frightful fraud, judging by its failure to adhere to all treaties to which it has inflicted on its conquered victims, and by the exploitation of its own citizens, which have taught the world to be insincere and unreliable while pretending to be thoughtful and concerned.

Now this unregulated duplicity has taught the whole world not to act with the best instincts of forthright faith and instead be untrustworthy in all its dealings. The Native Americans best described this when talking about the white man’s penchant for speaking with “forked tongue”. The result has been criminal chaos among its own people which demonstrates that except for an idealistic underclass chafing under unrelenting abuse, humans in their desire for personal gain simply cannot be trusted with the honest welfare of anyone else.

In our own time, the central deception by which Western culture has chosen to assault the rest of the world is to pretend to be friendly while concealing its hidden objective as heartless exploiter, and further reinforcing its deception with technological superiority and brute force. But now the scam has been exposed as the world lurches onward on its self deceptive course of intimidation and enslavement. And ultimately inbred self destruction, as the German philosopher Rudolf Steiner first described as the karma of untruthfulness.

Witnessing the 20th century record of misleading assessments backed by brutal force, humans have failed to see the value of cooperation and peaceful coexistence by pursuing policies of exploitation and assault.

This intellectual and emotional paralysis caused by our penchant to swindle others for profit sadly reflects the dilemma of our religions, where people all over the world murder each other over different versions of saying essentially the same thing and prioritizing the survival of our comfortable bureaucracies over the genuine needs of hurting people.

We are forever imprisoned in a slave state, paralyzed by our own fears that reveal our disbelief in both others and ourselves.

The time has come to change our attitude or perish by trivial arguments and concealed deceptions. Out of fear of being betrayed, which really only reveals our disbelief in ourselves, we have chosen deception and destruction over cooperation and conciliation

Either you believe in honesty, compassion and understanding or you don’t.

I can only speak for my own country though I wouldn’t doubt other nations and races mostly act in the same way, bouncing us back to the question that began this essay: Can humans ever really be trusted?

Irrevocably enslaved by our own greed, the lessons preached by all legitimate religions are universally applauded in group discussions and universally ignored in private and personal decisions of most people. This is the human hypocrisy that is inexorably leading us toward our doom.

This is the motivation behind all of America’s broken treaty promises with other nations and cultures, as well as its abandonment of faith that has caused America to begin to kill its own people in order to conceal the doubt it conceals about its own motives, as well as the money it has stolen from the rest of the world.

This hypocritical cowardice benefits no one and is about to completely destroy human civilization, and perhaps worse than that, at least for Americans, is that the rest of the world can no longer trust what America says, if it was ever foolish enough to believe it in the first place.

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By John Kaminski
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John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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