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John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

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This is the future
you’ve been waiting for.
You likely won’t live to see it

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The picture is all too familiar to you. The exhilarating hopes of human kind are embodied in this incredibly complex machine as it majestically lifts off the launch pad. In real life, humans have learned to shoot for the stars, but all too often lately, this thrilling scene ends in premature disaster, as the rocket explodes in a fantastic burst of colored smoke and thunderous sound, smashing dreams of grandiose glory in a pile of smoldering wreckage scattered across a gloomy landscape. Dreams dashed, hope shattered, the future blunted by someone’s carelessly inprudent miscalculation.

Usually it takes years to find out that the original reason for the launch was bogus in the first place.

I perceive this scene this morning as hopelessly queered by further tragedy, burgeoning disasters blossoming everywhere as the world develops into preplanned anarchy, with millions of hopeful “refugees,” their expensive tickets punched by hidden billionaires, streaming across the Rio Grande, being ushered toward a future that isn’t really there.

Meanwhile, while the silent inhabitants of a hollow land wait apprehensively for the chaos about to engulf them, their lives are wrecked by the sadistic plans of social engineers who seek to replace noble parents and guileless children by desperate dreamers who can barely speak the language, grasping for a brass ring that isn’t really there, but deliberately imported to take your place.

Jim Fetzer: Immigrants here to kill us

All this takes place in the darkening shadow of innocent children and well toned athletes ripped from the prime of life, dropping dead in inconvenient places because of the actions of humanity’s most noble profession, doctors, who have been persuaded to kill their patients for a dream that isn’t there, but for cold hard cash that is.

A parade of beautiful children, some still in the womb, along with noble grandmothers and hard working fathers, shuffle toward their graves, unlamented and unloved because of a diabolical plan to streamline the way the world works according to billionaires who have so much money they can’t even count it all.

The shocking tragedy of the rocket exploding dashing all hopes of the dream it represented wouldn’t be so terrible had its goal been worthy and purposeful instead of greedy and deceitful.

No man has ever been to the moon, we know that now. It can never happen; we could not survive the trip. Yet the lies keep coming that we did.

The lies keep coming that the masks will prevent disease, say the scientists who conduct the tests that do not work for the plague that does not exist, whose terrifying presence has nevertheless killed millions and destroyed society.

The rocket explodes for a dream that was never real in the first place, based on a history that never really happened. It is the perfect metaphor for humanity’s faux evolution.

All this effort, this truly incredible scientific insight and application, has been to aid the demented dreams of others trying to kill people for money, to increase their cash flow, their profitability, their peace of mind that isn’t really there, either, as the only thing that ever really makes us happy is service to others who need it, and that is not what is really happening in every place we cast our increasingly furtive and definitely disconsolate glances.

Humans, I tell you now, your launch has been scrubbed, forever. Your windfall profit has resulted in a future of permanent poverty and meaninglessness. Your attempt to shoot for the stars — a task that cannot be accomplished — has resulted in the permanent destruction of your own home.

And if you can’t go home, where is your life that you have thrown away by your deluded dreams caused by the purposeful manipulation of your mangled mind?

The final storm looms in the distance, its grisly gray eminence ever growing and creeping toward us. Who will you turn to? The authorities can’t be trusted. They create crimes rather than solve them to prove how important they are for our safety.

The dream we had of a fantastic future was a down payment for exactly nothing, since the scam was the plan, and the reward was never there. Makes you wonder what these wretches will do when there is no one left to fleece. In any case, we won’t be around to see it.

The final storm, headed at warp speed right to your door. Keep saying that it’s not your fault. And when they come for you, don’t forget to smile. After all, this is the future you’ve been waiting for, as you sat there and did nothing, confident that the situation would take care of itself.

Unable to think critically, you didn’t count on it taking care of you as well — permanently.

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By John Kaminski
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John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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