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Tucker and Trump tussle
with the neocon war machine


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Tucker Carlson delivered as important an editorial essay as any mainstream journalist has ever delivered last night, but as with all public political utterances bellowed out by outraged commentators over the past 150 or so years, it missed the main point. Namely, that the USA is now and forever controlled by a foreign power. Make that a demonic foreign power.

The exiled Fox news star described the public persecution of America’s exiled president as well as anybody ever has by pinpointing the exact moment of Trump’s betrayal of Washington’s war machine as an emotional statement he made during a 2016 presidential debate. Namely, that no one in the American power structure would admit that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq — even though they all knew that was a lie — which was the false reason that so many Americans (not to mention Iraqis) died in that lengthy, ugly war that never needed to be fought.

Carlson’s broadcast on Twitter came the evening after Trump had been publicly indicted in a Miami show trial for keeping classified documents in his Palm Beach home and supposedly lying about what he legally possessed. The irony of it all is that our current (and illegally) sitting president — bumbling Joe Biden — has confidential documents strewn all over his various residences and previous places of employment, with no mention that his careless handling of classified documents is the same behavior for which his White House predecessor, Trump, now faces life in prison if convicted for the same routine behavior committed by all past presidents.

The reason for all this contrived uproar, of course, is to block Trump from regaining his White House occupancy in the 2024 election. Judging by the polls and the disastrous record of Biden in the intervening years, Trump appears a shoo-in to his achieve his objective, and a majority of Americans not deluded by this mentally ill propaganda spewed by Democratic/Communist slander that encourages sexual perversion and public violence are eager to see him back in office.

But as usual — throughout the 20th century, in fact — the underlying issue of all U.S. elections that cannot be discussed owing to the hammerlock control of Jewish media and financial interests — is that there in no realistic candidate for president who is not controlled by the Israel lobby, which has long controlled all mainstream public dialogue in the Western world — perhaps in the whole world.

Ever since poor Cynthia McKinney first revealed some thirty years ago that all candidates must sign a pledge not to disparage Israel or they cannot receive loans to pay for political advertising from Jewish banks (and all the banks are owned by Jews, one way or the other), the issue of Israel’s ironclad control of U.S. foreign policy can never be discussed in any political campaign.

This is particularly obvious in today’s political lineup where Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, secretly backed by the Bush family, conducts his state’s business literally in Israel, Biden and other Democratic hopefuls like Gavin Newsom are controlled by Jews, and even Trump himself has had a street named after him in Israel. They are all shackled by the demonic control of Jewish puppetmasters, meaning America is not a free country — it’s a prison utterly controlled by Jewish interests in all contexts.

This should not come as a surprise to anyone. The majority of Americans — at least those who get their news from mainstream sources — believe the twisted programming that Israel is America’s fondest and most reliable ally. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In reality, Israel is the enemy of every country on Earth that has totally corrupted all American institutions. The history of Jewish subversion and sabotage includes the takeover of the Bank of England by the Rothschilds, the engineering of the bloody French Revolution, the monstrosity of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia that murdered a hundred million Christians, the creation of Mao as the murderer of 60 million Chinese, the producers of both World Wars, the agents of the 9/11 debacle and the perverted producers of the COVID epidemic.

The horrendous fact that these same maniacs are totally in control of everyone who runs to become leaders of any country in the world should tell you what your future looks like, but if you get your news from mainstream media, you probably don’t have a clue that this is the case.

So really, this tempest in a teapot about whether Donald Trump can avoid these newest false charges or whether Tucker Carlson can regain his spot as America’s most forthright political commentator (as he appears to have already done on Twitter) are really only trivial dramas in a larger tableau that we already have lost our freedom, it has been utterly stolen by Jews, and we are skyrocketing toward a future in which many more people will die needlessly and we have already lost all our freedoms, and likely will never get them back until we finally realize who is controlling our irreversible slide toward oblivion and slavery.

So . . . who are you voting for this time around, and why are you bothering to do it? No matter who finally gets elected, you can already see the results in the premeditated flames engulfing all of Canada and millions of drug addicts living in tents on the streets of America’s finest cities.


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By John Kaminski
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John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.




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