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Our deeds are too frightful
to be viewed in the light of day


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Contemplating the sickening behavior of American presidents in this darkening night of the human soul makes me realize why we need religion because we need some force to save us from ourselves and our own demented behavior. Even though all our religions are corrupt far beyond belief, they are all we really have to save us from ourselves.

Orchestrating unjust wars to steal the valuables of people less fortunate than ourselves, that’s what our presidents have always done, then lied about it to the credulous people who insincerely praised them as heroes.

It’s not just American presidents who produce this tectonic nausea in our bloated bellies, but all world leaders, demon dictators of the proletariat, who tend to leave our most noble brothers and sisters eviscerated and bleeding amid the radioactive rubble of their greedy misdeeds. And who are always profoundly ungrateful to those who gave their lives for rich people’s curdled objectives.

Simply put, the cruel crimes of our leaders not only reflect terribly on ourselves that we would allow and then justify such atrocities year after year, and such lies we would tell ourselves to insulate us from our own gruesome guilt, but at some point we have always needed some higher, honest power to absolve us of our endless sins, this mass menu of unhinged atrocities that is simply too vomit-producing to be admitted openly that represents the warped backbone of America’s violent history.

Both the hardened criminal and the witless witnesses all need to be forgiven, and it is the turning away from this reality — this essential human need and the denial that we need it — that creates all the misery in the world.

It’s why the Catholics have confession, an otherwise healthy ritual to confess one’s sins. The chief problem with that seems to be the man in whom you are confiding all too often wants to rape you, and his superiors don’t seem too eager to correct the problem that is the ultimate betrayal of a belief system designed to guarantee your eternal life. It is this psychological flaw exploited by the Jews that is the chief reason for the disintegration of human society, in that believers can no long faithfully believe in a system that rapes their children. Much the same can be said about our own government.

What got me thinking about all this was delving back into my endless story files and tripping over the story about Muammar Gadhafi, the noble Libyan leader who thumbed his nose at the powers that be which cost him his life in the most ugly of ways.

His tragic story of American abuse and betrayal was a precursor of the current deranged drama in Ukraine, of how American presidents and politicians get rich by destroying other countries for twisted fun and perverse profit. Not to mention the ever present bribes now wrapped around the White House in their persistent presence.

As we tend to become consumed by the copious crises of the moment, we overlook the trail of bloody footprints that stain the pages of our sordid history which clearly show we are not a noble civilization at all, but merely a crass collection of untrustworthy killers who will distort our dirty deeds with noble self justifications while our collateral damage victims lie moldering and unburied in the wake of our bogus profit strategies.

One thinks of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin frolicking in the blood of their virgin victim while assisting Barack Obama in the roadside rape and murder of a noble African leader who put every single U.S. leader in history to total shame by regarding the welfare of his Libyan followers as much more important than his own. You remember the indelible words of the Arkansas arch villain witch, don’t you? “We came, we conquered, he died!” Hillary giggled in her demonic deconstruction of the event.

This atrocious celebration was no exception in the terrible tradition of American savagery couched in heroic rhetoric, but indelibly the rule, established by Andrew Jackson as he drove all those Cherokees to their deaths on their Trail of Tears, by Dwight Eisenhower as he starved all those helpless Germans in the muddy fields of France, and George W. Bush as he supervised the waterboarding of all those Afghanis in the U.S. torture chamber in Cuba for which he alone, as president, was totally responsible, namely, the demolition of the Twin Towers on 9/11.

Even our current manufactured hero Donald Trump is not immune from this list of presidential examples of American sadism with his smug assassination of the noble Iranian general Soleimani trying to help the luckless Iraqis defend against Israel’s endless slaughter of Middle Eastern cattle. Not to mention Trump’s Warp Speed prescription for the extermination of excess useless eaters that torpedoed the economies of the entire world and permanently scarred the personalities of America’s locked down children.

The American legacy: Dresden, Hiroshima, Fallujah, Wounded Knee. Followed by contrived terror, poison food, school shootings and blood drinking billionaires.

All this blood-encrusted guilt heaped on the throbbing heads of witless American citizens then sanitized by gruesome geopolitical justifications still pollute the souls of deluded voters as they agonize over their quadrennial decisions to choose one kind of killer over another in their totally fixed elections.

But topping them all today is Bimbo Joe Biden, a wretched cadaver of a political mannikin who justifies nothing with his vacuum-headed vindictiveness crammed into his head by the same Jewish billionaires who have ravaged 20th century with their terrible Talmudic terrorism leaving the world bleeding and speechless by their acts of insane, unquenchable greed.

As the ultimate joke on naive Americans — the candidate who didn’t campaign but won anyway — Biden was elected by a midnight landslide of stuffed ballot boxes, bribed by foreign powers with many millions collected by members of his family compelling him to treasonously sabotage his country from the very beginning of his term: the closed pipeline, the open borders, the encouragement of black violence and the disparagement of white patriotism . . . this list of his perfidious acts is nauseating. And, thanks to poisoned media, continuing.

Someone suggested to me a likely possibility, that the rampant promotion of homosexuality indicates that not only the government but also public school teachers are predominately homosexuals working for the destruction of the American family so the government can become everyone’s parents. This is a major component of both the Communist Manifesto and the Talmudic takeover of the world.

This current presidential abuse of the willingly ignorant American people, at least the latest chapter of it, goes back to 9/11/2001, which I have aptly named — in a little book very few people read — The Day America Died. Dapper Dubya, his miniature manhood hanging from beneath his iconic Hollywood bomber jacket, stood amidst the smoldering wreckage of the Twin Towers and uttered the immortal words, “They hate our freedoms!”

Only he wasn’t talking about the phantom terrorists recruited by the CIA and its Mossad supervisors. He was talking about the jaded Jewish billionaires like Frank Lowy and Larry Silverstein, about the corrupt Jewish judges like Alvin Hellerstein and Michael Mukasey, the seedy Jewish fixers like Phillip Zelikow and Michael Chertov, and the disgusting Jewish commentators like Wolf Blitzer and David Gergen, who all inveigled us into believing that anonymous Arab terrorists, unable to operate simple Cessnas at Venice Airport, piloted unfathomably complex jumbo jets into poorly constructed skyscrapers in downtown Manhattan.

Today, the dangers are even higher. The current president and his likely successors are even creepier, and the future of the decaying American republic even darker. The electorate has been poisoned, the pool of candidates purged of anyone who understands that Israel is the enemy of every country on Earth, and the American people, truly trapped in the Republic of the Beast, are too anesthetized and distracted by creature comforts and bad prescriptions to figure out who they are. They are about to be drowned in a toxic sea of manipulated robotic nonsense, and aerosol poisons falling from the sky.

Look around you and see the evidence. Despite the high tech extravagance of technological virtuosity braying loudly about the convenience of their inventiveness, you can see the real America in the eyes of fentanyl fanatics camped on the sidewalks of disintegrating American cities, that the lights are going out everywhere among the indigent inhabitants of this pathetic Republic of the Beast, which is now for certain the foremost threat to the future of the human species.

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John Kaminski was a writer who lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work. 

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