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Ignoring the white noise
as it darkens into black

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“Calm down, everybody tells me.”

I can document most everything I say, but most ordinary people can’t begin to perceive how they are trapped beneath layers of misinformation, like sheets of clear plastic pinning them to the ground. They can’t begin to see reality, lost as they are in daily demands, wiping kids’ noses, paying taxes and making sure there is food in the house.

It’s a kind of social arson surrounding us now. Every facet of modern life — from the fixed elections to the drag queen story hours — is on fire, singeing the seams of our sanity. Look at all those food processing plants. What was it? 1,900 in two years burned to a crisp by mysterious forces. You want ashes with your crickets for breakfast?

Governments still telling everyone to take the jab but concealing how many people who have died from this “medical care”?

“Relax!’” they tell me. “Lighten up.”

Today, way too many people are running for their lives, from far away to here, and from here to far away. The whole world seems astir, trying to run away, either from something or to something. The hungry are exchanging places with the fearful. And for most, where once was home is now a stranger’s lair, sometimes riddled with bullet holes. What are all those imported refugees coming across are Southern border actually going to do to the rest of us? This is the question on everybody’s mind.

Too many people are now living on the streets and dying in the gutter. This is the gift our leaders made specially for us.

“Yes, just kick back and relax. This too shall pass. You can’t beat them anyway. They always get away with their crimes.”

The hardest part is that our minds are captured by manufactured messages by people who don’t have our best interests at heart. It’s the way of the world. Survival of the fittest. Or the sleaziest.

No young person growing up has a fighting chance of learning how the world really works because their minds are immediately hijacked by predator-crafted addictions and compulsions available for whatever price the market will bear. That’s what Drag Queen Story hour is all about. Teaching kids how to masturbate in first grade. Homo Communist school systems molest our children, while outraged parents are investigated by the FBI. But that’s a story for another time. I’m working on it.

Inventors of original ideas usually lose the profits of their creation when imitators turn their noble messages ever so cleverly into something else, something far less than it initially was. Producers and investigators get lured away by the profit motive, and go the way to which all genuinely valuable things are prostituted by the magnetic lure of riches, which inevitably diminishes their quality, and, looking at it from a broader perspective, diminishes society. When shysters rule, societies suffer.

The real criminals have so much money they can cover up their presence at the seen of the crimes. Ukraine? The FBI? Your local newspaper? Certainly at your bank and your doctor's office.

Your local cops work hand in hand with the people who are driving the poor into the streets.

“Which is where we’re at!”

The profit motive twists solid ideas initially containing conscientious objectives into lurid contrived conspiracies, just like the U.S. Defense Department, the money gulled from the sweat of the working man flies away into the pockets of kosher pitchmen profiting from the clever crimes they commit. Trillions go missing, Donald Rumsfeld told us. These swamp creatures are paid under the table by the criminals to preach perverted messages to children still learning to tell time, and we wonder why the next generation knows less about everything with each passing year.

“Back off, John. Don’t get too worked up. You might hurt yourself.”

Perhaps you are living on the West side of Baltimore, where single parent preteens get guns to sell drugs and aspire to be one of gang banging geeks who like to sneak up behind some crotchety old man or feeble old lady whose purses are snatched and their faces punched by ectopic black felons living up to the sad code of their slum jungle. It’s a little touch of Africa in all the big cities. Typically criminals keep getting released and immediately offend again. Just ask Walgreens.

These outbursts are praised by the Jewish mercenaries in schools and on the Internet, controlling the minds of our children.

Now our government has filled our streets with desperados from all over the world who don’t want to work, they just want to get paid for being here.

But then so do we, apparently. The old way of self reliance and honest toil has has been abandoned in search of a sugar daddy, apprenticing to his basic scam, and then go out and rob the world on your own. This is how they sell drugs. Only the most popular way to do that is to join a gang, find how they’re fleecing the masses, and begin doing it yourself.

“Just stay cool, my man.” another voice recommends. “Don’t say too much. And above all, don’t name the perps. They’ll come and get you.”

The bad part about putting in an honest day’s work and hanging around for a pension is that most businesses don’t last that long, as the passage of time changes society’s needs and previously saleable items become obsolete.

When you get to be as old as me you learn you can never trust any politician, no matter how solid they sound. They are installed in the positions they occupy by forces behind the scene who buy their meals and advertise their messages, which they are often told to say. Some people are smitten by them; other are repelled. Very few legislative efforts are ever made for noble reasons, and then only when it would be too embarrassing to ignore them. Profit is behind every decision, but it runs amuck if not properly regulated.

Like America today, the swindles have piled up so high, they have to destroy the system in order to coverup their crimes. You think you can fix the problem?

Chill out, Jack! Nobody lives forever. Just don’t call them Jews.”

Otherwise they’ll come and take away everything you have. It has always been this way. And it’s what’s happening now.

I’m calm now. How about you?


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By John Kaminski
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John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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