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who prefer to be deluded



Now the main human occupation has become
detoxing official lies of our slavemasters

and wondering why black candidates are never asked:
What do you plan to do for white people?

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No one should be listening to mainstream media news ever again.

If you missed all the other lead pipe hints over the years, Tucker Carlson getting fired by Fox news should have thrown you over the edge.

He was the last, perhaps final, somewhat realistic reporter with a daily gig on mainstream TV. All the rest are implanting communist brainwashing into your shellshocked brains, or what’s left of them.

Carlson represented the majority opinion of most sincere Americans able to walk and chew gum simultaneously. The firing of Carlson revealed that the entirety of the mainstream media was trapped in their blatant mind controlling propaganda of those who pushed the phony jab, engineered the phony wars and turned America’s law enforcement apparatus into the secret police of the corporations and the banks.

Instead of trying to protect and improve the quality of lives of all Americans, the government — which is owned by the banks, corporations and media it pretends to control — has been working nonstop to inhibit small business (and therefore individual freedom) as it continues to feed the obese corporations with with money stolen from taxpayers, all while deliberately neglecting and ruining the nation’s infrastructure at the behest of the behind-the-scenes, Yale-located, sadistic scumbags who are even involved in the Ukraine child smuggling scandal and, by the way, who also control all the money in the world.

But only the tiniest percentage of avid news readers has been able to perceive the deliberate destruction and subtle sabotage by the political perverts whose first order of business is to fatten their pockets and destroy what they have sworn to protect for cold hard cash.

This is how presidents get to build $10 million mansions after their sleaze-filled term of office has expired. This is what the mainstream media call good government, as they cover the lifestyles of attendees at these Coke-snorting hootenannies of the African glitterati in the lily white enclave known as Martha’s Vineyard.

But the American people are forbidden from talking about these things, even from talking about their own history, and more imp0rtantly, talking about their own well being.

Just follow your doctor’s orders and obey the fact checkers, right?

Ordinarily well-balanced people are perpetually caught off guard by one scripted catastrophe or another. Sinking submarines, food warehouse fires, train wrecks, suspicious weather catastrophes, U.S. helicopters given to Ukraine turning up in Bangladesh, and U.S. politicians, smug from whatever scummy personal deeds they try to hide, saying things like “money spent to kill Russians is money well spent.”

This is the new normal they have created for us.

We are not worthy of anyone’s respect.

Where we believe things that we know are false but believe them anyway.

We fear what our neighbors will think if in our growing frustration, we blurt out . . . “the COVID drama was hoax and a deliberate plot to kill as many people as possible” or “supporting war in Ukraine is for fools only, since we forced Russia to react to deadly provocations by us (being the U.S.)” This is exactly how Roosevelt got the Japs to attack us at Pearl Harbor, so he could start a much wider war in Europe.

We knew the vaccine was inadequately tested, but because of the media push and the sincere acting jobs of our elected leaders, most of us decided that vaccines were safe. At least 13 million worldwide have paid the ultimate price for this mistake, for blindly trusting political leaders who have shown throughout human existence that they do not have our best interests at heart.

Migrants demand free housing, the headlines read. Makes you wonder how average American citizens could participate in that. This brings us back into a discussion of media-induced universal dementia, the primary method of getting us to believe thing that aren’t true.

Communist queers in California have suggested voting $5 million in reparations for disaffected blacks. The Africans are being imported not to work but to receive everything for free, in fact, that’s what they’re getting now. They have a name for that. Communism. It’s here. For them only. Whee! Everything is free!!

The presidential press secretary has to read her answers off a template of prescribed responses to every question.

The decrepit physical condition of our current presidential mirage — aimed to demoralize the public with a comedically pathetic leader — is just one more sub-paragraph instruction from Communist Manifesto, the Protocols of Zion or the Talmud, which for all intentions are exactly the same document. A government that makes no human sense is quickly rejected by the people, allowing — as the Bolsheviks once did — to impose a system that was a helluva lot worse than what he had to begin with.

The publishing system, long controlled by Jewish investors, begins changing the terminology of life itself: “minor attracted person” for pedophiles, “persons bearing children” for our mothers and daughters.

On TV, people who disagree with the government’s poisoned statements about everything they touch are emotionally slandered by beanhead show hosts for committing treason against a government that may not be criticized. These people need to go for brain surgery, stat!, but unfortunately for us and everyone else, they are the people still running our government.

Still telling you to wear masks (which never worked). Still telling you to get tested (with a test that doesn’t work). Still telling you to get the jab) which was only given an emergency authorization because they said it was the only cure available . . . (Ivermectin and HCQ were hidden behind the pharmacist’s counter).

Big laugh here, and a long moment of silence for all those innocent people — many of whom were not even sick — deliberately murdered by every hospital corporation you can name, and many doctors you know personally, you thought. Deliberately murdered by remdesivir, ventilators, midazolam, and other noxious concoctions that never worked in any patient at any time for any reason . . .

No, you will never hear that on mainstream newscasts because they are all sponsored by this same group of gruesome geeks. Have you ever heard the words . . .

This program has been brought to you by Pfizer!


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By John Kaminski
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John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.





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