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The mind-locking lie
of cognitive dissonance


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Welcome to Ukraine, weary listeners. This is our new normal. The whole world is about to become just like Ukraine.

Yes, we’ve seen this pattern develop too many times before. A dire threat is contrived, a preventive war is waged, the country is destroyed, the people zombified, and the men who control the money laugh derisively. A bunch of other useless eaters down the drain, they cackle.

Now, ponder all the peace-preserving, humanity-benefiting achievements of so-called U.S. foreign policy. Did we benefit from them? Or is the American war machine driven by someone other than our elected leaders serving their own needs at the expense of our own.

In all these wars, the objective is never attained. But that was never the purpose of them.

How do you feel — deep down — about a government that murders its own people in order to benefit the owners of the plantation on which you happen to live?

The name of that fog

Universal dementia occurs when facts determined to be true are declared false, and vice versa. In cast you haven’t noticed today, this otherwise inexplicable distortion is slithering through the world, destabilizing systems, forcing people to believe things that are demonstrably untrue, and threatening our future as healthy, self-reliant individuals.

Governments are creating panels of approved fact checkers to determine what speech is permitted and what is not. This is the current obliterated condition of your beloved First Amendment.

Viruses may not exist but universal dementia is a psychological parasite that has grown into a massive storm upon human consciousness. All the meaningful feelings that make life worth living are being eliminated due to budget constraints is the excuse they are using. The new life of permanent prison inmates is what humanity is now in the process of undergoing worldwide.

That universal dementia I mentioned a few stories back about homo mania? . . . It has spread faster than anyone expected and painted reality with a coat of gray fog over each and every person’s mind, not unlike the toxic chemtrails that blot out our Sun or the EMF radiation which flows out from our electronic devices, carcinogelizing the cells of our bodies.

Social anesthesia

Subduing our vitality by overwhelming us with worry is the sum total of our current and deepening malaise. Blocking our spontaneity, inhibiting our intelligence, creating confusion . . . there’s every reason to suspect it’s a kind of anesthesia, meant to facilitate the programming of the populace to faithfully mimic government positions and attitudes.

It’s a gray-out of our culture, everything packaged and preserved, all forms of criticism must have prior approval from corrupt fact checkers, terminated as quickly as COVID myocarditis takes down finely tuned athletes in the middle of soccer matches.

This gray-out hinges on the trigger mechanism of cognitive dissonance — making you believe that something you is wrong because opposing is simply too much trouble and you don’t have the time. Of such folly do nations fall and worlds implode.

How many times will it take?

How many more fraudulent false flags are we going to have to live through before we realize all these crises are manufactured by our keepers, our teachers and preachers and the jaded Jews who push the buttons?

How many trailblazing investigators will be suspiciously suicided because they got too close to nailing the perps victimizing the innocent?

As the clock ticks on our future, everybody’s too tired to pay attention. “Let the civilization harvesters have their way, we say; there’s nothing we can do about it anyway.”

The lie is cast, the lights go out, anyone speaking with common sense is quickly picked up and jammed in a hole full of profanity and pestilence. A friend got three years and six months today to spend in the hellhole of the Washington D.C. jail where black guards persecute white prisoners who came to advocate honest government and came away with long prison sentences.

Message received you disgusting Washington perverts. Patriotism is treason and treason is profitable.

Who cares whether we are slaves or not as long as we get our guaranteed income check from our oh-so-friendly government. Been into a food stamp office lately?

Tik Tok tallies twisted terror

What have you been forced to believe lately?

• That Biden won the election with the largest vote total in history and that opening the borders was a key plank in his Democratic Party platform.

• That killing Russians is money well-spent since the sale of armaments has always been the backbone of America’s opulence, brutally based on killing innocent victims for fun and profit.

• That taking a test that doesn’t work for a disease that doesn’t exist followed by treatment that will kill you is made mandatory by the government

• That America should go around the world beating people up. To prove how fair they are, they beat their own people up as well.

Who will you ask for help?

The real cognitive dissonance hits home when you get the urge to protect and defend your country then look up and realize the head engineer of the enemy of the people is the president of the United States, no matter who it is.

The leader of the free world indeed! Blithering Biden with two sets of ears is the mannikin president they always wanted. No more wandering off the reservation like Trump did.

Regardless of the background and programs of the man supposedly at the helm of the American war machine, the program of creeping Communist oppression has remained the same, since that is the program of the banks and has been for a very long time.

It was the Jewish banksters in New York City and Yale University who devised Mao’s Communist killing machine in China long after they built the Bolshevik Gulag ghoulishness in Russia. It’s a wonder it has taken so long to get to America, but it’s definitely here now.

The men behind the curtain

Today’s universal dementia is clearly dependent on concealing the identity of its operators. Just as white society, long sabotaged by its pretend Jewish friends, has reached the crystallization point of realizing through their whole period of feeling they were the crux of civilization, all they really were were pawns of the Jews executing their clever programs and destroying their own societies.

Why? To be subsumed into a one-world government.

To me it’s’ shocking that some people actually prefer this, and perhaps it is because they have never really learned the value of freedom.

And now they are about to.

Don’t chicken out and blame those nameless-faceless banks. Tell yourself who they are and remember to tell others who they are. It’s the only way we can stop them from taking over the world.

Yes, I know it’s too late, because they already have taken over the world. and we real people are scheduled for elimination.

Just remember that it’s never too late to start a revolution. And it only takes one person to do it.

For further verification of this thesis, contemplate this:


Dr. Shiva Destroys Joe Rogan & RFK Jr,
Exposing Rogan as Controlled Opposition 6-19-2023

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By John Kaminski
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John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.




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