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Do you plan to seek salvation
in a police state environment?


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If you wouldn’t trust Joe Biden with your children, why would you trust him with your country? How did it happen that someone not even in control of his bladder could be in control of the world?

This is the choice that traps us in our fate and fouls our future.

The people who run the world are known killers and liars. They have murdered their way to the top. Yet these are the people to whom we entrust our children’s futures.

It is the quintessence of self delusion to expect justice and fulfillment from those who have lied to get to the top.

The same reason that explains their hard-hearted assessment of what is necessary to survive also justifies our unceasing desire to be as free as we can possibly be.

We will do anything to achieve our objective, if we have both the courage and the belief in a higher order of justice than currently exists in our courts today.

We tell ourselves that the facts of our corrupt reality justifies the temporary suspension of our higher idealistic goals in order to maintain and improve our present position of continued survival. Sometimes the world demands hard choices in our primary drive to stay alive. You can readily see this is a hollow justification for doing something that is morally wrong but seems economically right.

The key phrase of knowing something is wrong is when you hear this — “You are not allowed to say that . . .”

At least with those who bother to think at all, this is what doctors must feel when they plunge that poison needle into that innocent arm, and how they must blind themselves to the memory of those indelible eyes which trusted him with their future. Their guilt would be too gruesome to bear, especially if the baby they injected became suddenly dead soon after.

In many if not most financial transactions today, something morally wrong must overcome what is morally right in order to achieve preposterous financial success. This message is the formula used by Pfizer, world leader in pharmaceutical poisons. These are more commonly called lies, which are dominant in the business world. The vast majority of world’s population subsists on these erroneous configurations.

It is here we must divert our attention from the consequences of our profitable decisions, lest guilt overwhelm us. We all have that Jiminy Cricket lie detector inside of us. No matter what you may say to others, it always knows what’s right and what’s wrong.

It is here we arrive at that familiar place of conversation which everyone in the world experiences, always frequently and sometimes fatally.

Morality vs. reality. And you know which one always prevails. Which is exactly why we’re in the condition we’re in — on the precipice of falling into an irreversible condition of permanent slavery, having willingly discarded our ability to think for ourselves.

Many insist this has already happened.

That all the ideas that exist in our minds were put there by someone else for purposes of manipulation, be it the good natured purposes of religion or the mind-crushing restrictions of regimentation of the nasty prison planet prescriptions of the one overriding and obvious totalitarian entity. These restrictions exist to control your soul to prevent any possibility of random revolutions against the police state controllers.

So now look at the history of the last fifty or so years and tell me this is not true. The justifications for obliterating innocent populations for suspect geopolitical intrigues get hollower and hollower with each passing year, with each successive campaign to wage war on someone for reasons that will only profit the politicians pushing the sale of weapons yet do nothing for the people they are supposed to serve.

The realization that is emerging in America today is that government first and foremost identifies targets that will make the people believe that government is essential to their welfare. It is no problem for them if they have to create the threat themselves. It’s easy to control an enemy that doesn’t really exist.

This is where al-Qaeda originated, from the shadows of the fictional 9/11 hijackers who convinced the world they were a threat to be reckoned with, even though they were only a figment of the warped minds of the CIA/Mossad, always trying to invent new threats to fight so the braindead sheeple will believe the fantasy that government is really needed to protect the people from themselves.

But now we have all reached that unsettling point when and where the people need protection from the government that is supposed to be protecting them. And you all know what I’m talking about.

Not just the phony pandemic. That is only the latest atrocity. All the wars, all the school shootings, the train wrecks, blowing up food processing plants, allowing illegals to stream across the border and then strategically placing them once they’re here. Poison food additives, chemicals in the air, disease bearing mosquitoes invented in a lab, missing children stolen for pedo sex and body parts, traumatized soldiers, homosexual teachers advocating children mutilate themselves . . . you know the devil’s menu now wrapping the world in its poison claws even though you do your best to pretend you don’t.

To rise up against the beast means putting in jeopardy everything you own, everything you have achieved. By now, given the intensity of life threatening forecasts from every perspective, it appears you’re going to lose everything whether you do something or not. Shuffle all those hedged bets in your mind to see if any of them actually work. Does having ten years of food stashed away really make you feel better?

Is that the future we have to look forward to? How do you think we got here? Isn’t it a good idea to have everyone answer that question before a seriously focused crowd, not comprised of official government fact checkers from the Department of Homeland Security, but rather of moms from the neighborhood? Because as we’ve always known, they are the ones who should be running the world, with ever-faithful dads standing by to enforce their decisions for the good of all.

Moms rule. Where would we be without them? It is a disservice to all living things to treat them like men, and even worse for men to pretend they are women. But if the Jewish herders of the human herd get their way of doing away with mothers and create a docile population by some other high-tech method, that will be the end of humanity, and in a real sense, God truly will be dead, with no one left to remember such a foolish, outmoded notion.

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By John Kaminski
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John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail:

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