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John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

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Murders its own citizens,
takes bribes from enemies,
floods the land with aliens,
rapes its own children
and prosecutes their parents,
torches people’s homes
and lies about their crimes



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Now that it has been revealed as a shameless killer that deliberately murders its own citizens with so-called medicines it knows will kill them, and is led by curdled politicians who openly take bribes to sabotage their own country, why should any sane person continue to regard the government in Washington as a benevolent entity concerned with the welfare of its own people?

The U.S. government is no friend to the American people.

How long will we continue to pledge allegiance to a nation gone mad as it has been turned by a soulless foreign power into a killing machine now slaughtering its own loyal citizens?

Maybe the larger, more relevant question is this — does the United States even still exist anymore now that it, along with most of the rest of the white countries in the world, has been turned into an African shithole because of the insane policies deliberately flooding the Western world with strategically recruited refugees.

Sorry, my friends. No more talk of “the land of the free and home of the brave.” Don’t give me any of that “support our troops” crap. The United States of America has become a criminal bully that has earned its new reputation as the world’s newest outlaw state.

Well, maybe not so new to the bruised and bleeding victims of its heavy handed abuse, underdeveloped nations who are still mired in poverty as international megacorporations steal their assets and gratuitously eliminate their populations with poison vaccines.

Viciously killing anyone they please

Just think about the series of countries the United States has plundered in our lifetimes, nations that couldn’t resist America’s military might or dispute the lies that were told to justify destroying them.

Think about Afghanistan, plundered to capture the world’s heroin crop and profit from it. Iraq and Syria, to surreptitiously steal their oil and abuse them on behalf of Israel. Remember Serbia, bombed in the middle of the night for reasons we can’t even remember. How about Libya, the freest, most independent country on Earth, where we inflicted a no-fly zone in order to steal its water, its oil and above all its gold. And topped it all off by raping and murdering its noble leader Muammar Gadhafi in the street.

You must remember Hillary and our faggot black president laughing about it afterwards. This is the United States of America the world has come to know and hate. This is the USA Americans steadfastly refuse to see.

While Russia and China make friends all over the world, mostly in sympathy for their principled resistance to criminal American bullying, the USA has more than earned its odious reputation for beating up defenseless countries, stealing their precious resources using financial blackmail, and bringing mayhem and mass murder to all those innocent nation states who refuse to play ball with the deranged billionaires who are calling America’s homicidal shots.

But that’s not the worst of it, as fearful Americans try to come to grips today with the deliberate murder of hundreds of utterly innocent people in the high tech incineration of the former Hawaiian paradise known as Maui, now reduced to ashes by secret high tech weapons our government continues to deny even exist.

Fake newscasts tell us pedophilia is normal

Psychotic perverts run the country now, egged on by Jew misfits who have clogged the corridors of government and plunder the world with their bribery-blackmail-and-murder formula of pathological politics. Clearly the criminal U.S. government has become the chief health hazard to the American people.

It is no longer our protector. It is now our executioner.

Every coward in Congress, in every government office, is responsible.

Knowledgeable estimates put the death toll from poison inoculations for a disease that never existed determined by a test that did not work at 13-15 million innocent victims, not counting those permanently maimed with a variety of tragic afflictions. This number continues to grow.

And still the facile news organizations, satanic corporations and robotic politicians continue to insist that we take the poison jab.

Where once religions provided the moral guidance for a just society, their role has been universally sabotaged by a corrupt coalition of Jews, blacks and homosexuals whose objective is to destroy both white society and the nuclear family that once made America the envy of the world.

Now it is the scourge of the world, and we begin to see it has been for a long time.

You can no longer trust the cops

Why has our law enforcement apparatus turned into a macabre Western version of the Soviet secret police that jails a former president and now leading presidential candidate for bogus procedural matters while ignoring the rampant corruption of the current resident of the White House, put there by a false election that saw fake ballots secretly added to the vote totals in the middle of the night.

Why have the American people put up with a stunning series of false flag operations beginning with 9/11 and littering the landscape with deceptive atrocities at Sandy Hook, Boston, Las Vegas, and dozens of other places.

Why have they burned down nearly a thousand food processing plants and let thousands of unvetted immigrants cross an unguarded border, then given debit cards and free housing while America’s loyal citizens are evicted from their homes to make room for these aliens?

As a brain damaged U.S. president stutters the message that white supremacy is the greatest danger to freedom in the country, American cities have been turned into morgues for the destitute homeless, black teenagers cravenly assault white retirees and George Soros-funded district attorneys fail to even charge them, then release them to do more damage for which they will remain unpunished. Washington says nothing about psychotic South Africans who rabidly flirt with the idea of killing all the white citizens of their country, an idea that is sure to take hold in the good old USA any day now.

The dictionary definition of the word suicide has suddenly been changed to mean murder of the innocent who dare to criticize the corrupt officials conducting the demented demolition of their own country. America is being suicided, and still the people sleep.

Suicide state

Most willingly deluded American citizens — totally duped by mainstream media — still refuse to believe their county lied about 9/11 and the World Wars.

Homosexuality is behavioral illness that was removed from the list of mental deficiencies homosexual psychologists who took over the American Psychological Association. Now middle school girls are being raped by sick young men who insist they are women.

Face the facts. Traitor Jews have dominated the White House since the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, if not much earlier. Biden, Trump, Obama, Clinton — wall to wall Jews, all the time.

The most shocking event lately has been the unanimous cry in South Africa to kill the whites outright. No peep of protest has emerged from the corridors of power in Washington and other western capitals that have embraced the ascendance of colored peoples who due to their lesser intellectual status are more easily controlled by totalitarian regulations and commands.

American cowards cringe in their homes. Our government arrests frustrated parents trying to save their children from the rapists.

There is only one answer, an impossible solution yet one that must be attempted if any of us are going to survive.

You know what that answer is, yet we must be quiet about it. Pass the word. Kill the globalists, before they kill all of us, which is, in fact, what they are now doing. They cannot be reasoned with. And they’re not to going to stop. Pass the word.

It is a simple matter of self defense. The alternative is to sit there and die.

Disempower all police and military agencies and create new ones. Before they come and kill you. Note: they’re on their way. In Maui, they’ve already arrived.

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John Kaminski was a writer who lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida until February 7, 2024. He was constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work.

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