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Blaming foreign enemies
for crimes cooked up in D.C.


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It’s your future they’re holding in their blood drenched, money grubbing hands. Your instant death by incineration could happen anywhere, at any time, without warning, with no help coming, followed by no explanation that makes any sense.

We have to erase them before they erase us, permanently and forever, and never let them do this to us again. We know who they are. It’s time to go and get them. We know their names. They must be erased before they erase us if freedom is to be preserved.

Continuing survival of the human species we have known seems like a bad bet. We only know that Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and many others have committed many thousands of death penalty offenses.

The day everything changed

Exactly sixty years ago I was sitting in freshman English class at Bridgewater (Mass.) State College when a frazzled young woman burst into the room and breathlessly blurted out, “The president’s been shot!”

That same stunned reaction overwhelmed me a few days ago when we all learned of the depraved disaster on the Hawaiian island of Maui. As we viewed the charred remains of paradise, observed the now familiar melted cars, and learned — with the warning sirens silent and the fire department gone home — of parents hugging their children as they burned to death in their homes.

Our basic grasp of history doesn’t so much come from schoolbooks and documentaries but derives primarily from the memorable images of the days of our own lives permanently seared into our consciousness. These two bookend catastrophes encapsulate both the span of my own life and the distressing descent of my own country from delightful democracy into the traumatized tangle of hopelessness and fear that engulfs us today.

Normal fires don’t burn this way, crystallizing houses and cars into a fine white ash but leaving the trees still green. Now suddenly but not surprisingly, alert observers have started talking about this tragedy’s similarity to Paradise, California and 9/11, where dead bodies turned to dust and were never counted in the death toll. Meanwhile, as Hollywood luminaries offer lowball offers to buy up the prime land in Maui, government officials now focus only on evicting the survivors.

So now we ask the fateful question: Is this the future that awaits us all?

The facts of all these tragic shocks never seem to ever be fully revealed. Pfizer wanted to cover up its vaccine documents for 75 years. Even President Trump could not release some top secret JFK death data.

Perhaps it’s only the lengthening shadow of my own mortality permeating my thoughts, but it seems to me that slowly but surely, given the bleak implications of our own history, night is falling upon humanity. We all despair for a glimmer of hope, some candle to light our way out of this darkening desperation now being brought down upon everyone in the world by the perverted but privileged few.

Grim and grimmer

The 1960s were about political assassinations. After decades of clumsy cover stories, and despite dozens of slowly emerging revelations, none of these cultural shocks — JFK, RFK, MLK and all the rest — has ever been fully resolved, only analyzed inconclusively. Some experienced observers insist that the forces behind all those traumatic takedowns still control today’s toxic political script.

What seems to have occurred is that freedom of speech has been asphyxiated and that those who still try to breathe the truth are speedily eliminated, one way or the other. Doubtless it has always been this way, but I’m only talking about my lifetime here.

My fractured memories of the 1970s seem to crystallize around an event known as Jonestown, where 900-odd refugees from San Francisco who gathered in a South American jungle were forced to drink a deadly poison by a mad messiah named Jim Jones. Inexplicably, that likely CIA experiment has become the symbolic metaphor of all that has befallen humanity ever since.

Being forced to drink poison resonates eerily with the world’s more recent trauma of being forced to submit to poison vaccines for a debatable disease, a worldwide tragedy which now foreshadows the developing end of humanity as we have known it as the vaccine death toll around the world continues to rise.

This suicidal idea of population reduction was first advocated in a 1972 conference at Dartmouth College known as the Club of Rome event which concluded there were too many people in the world, and that the number of humans on the planet needed to be radically reduced.

It wasn’t until many years later that I realized that the forum’s emphasis perfectly matched the homicidal Talmudic prescriptions of its organizers.

Government by extermination

What I most remember from the 1980s was the grisly fate of a cranky tax protester named Gordon Kahl, whose principled resistance aggravated law enforcement so profoundly that the FBI goons who finally caught up with him angrily amputated both his hands and feet before they burned his body. His son Yorie Kahl, essentially an innocent bystander in this drama, remains in jail 40 years later.

But it was in the 1990s that the inauspicious events — the government’s open assassination of its own citizens and the proliferation of a new concept called false flag terror — began to ominously ramp up.

I had spent the tail end of the 1960s in an innocuous role in the U.S. Navy, but it wasn’t until 1991 that I learned about the dastardly Israeli attack on the USS Liberty of 1967 that was covered up by the same president, Lyndon Johnson, now generally accredited with the murder of his predecessor, John F. Kennedy. The Liberty was an intelligence ship, and its destruction was ostensibly planned to serve as a trigger event for the Jewish invasion of Egypt, which happened anyway, as Israel planned to blame the attack on the Egyptians.

But the true insult to U.S. servicemen was that their deliberate sacrifice in service to the Israeli monsters who conducted the attack — 34 dead, 174 wounded — was how it has been covered up by the Washington establishment and the diabolical corporate media liars until this very day. This coverup formula was trotted out many times in the 1990s, the most egregious occasions were:

1992 — Ruby Ridge. FBI sniper kills mother holding baby over FBI attempt to trap radical firebrand husband Randy Weaver over contrived weapons charge at their home in rural Idaho. Their son and their dog were also killed, but later the government sniper was given an award. The survivors of the attack were later acquitted of all charges.

1993 — Waco massacre. 51-day siege over “alleged weapons violations” resulted in the deaths of 82 Branch Davidians (25 children) who were burned to death after being harassed by a mammoth military force at their religious farmhouse encampment in Texas. Years later it was learned the government’s grudge was triggered by cult leader David Koresh’s knowledge of drug smuggling by the Bush-Clinton crime family at Waco airport.

1995 — Oklahoma City bombing. They faked executing alleged bomber Timothy McVeigh years later for driving a rented truck full of explosives that couldn’t possibly have disfigured the Alfred P. Murrah federal building. The blast killed 168 (19 children). Retired Air Force Gen. Benton Partin testified that a bomb in a truck outside the building could not possibly have blown the building outwards, but his observations are ignored to this day. OKC police Sgt. Terence Yeakey, hero of the rescue operation who saw evidence of multiple explosions inside the building, was later found dead in a field from slashed wrists and a gunshot wound to the head, which was of course ruled a suicide, continuing a popular government program that continues to this day.

If that weren’t enough attacks on the American people for one decade, the first attack on the Twin Towers in 1993 killed only six people but was overshadowed when the new millennium rolled in by what was to be, at the time, the greatest crime in American history, now since surpassed.

False flags wave in a poison breeze

I’d watched the Waco raid live on CNN back in 1993 when I lived in Vermont and I watched the second plane hit the south tower in 2001 as I prepared to go to my newspaper job in Florida.

Because I was intimately familiar with those three earlier atrocities, I was not about to be fooled again by those smarmy TV “authorities” suggesting this was a terrorist attack. That was a story that had worn too thin by then. As I stood in the living room sipping my morning coffee, I started bellowing, “No WAY! No f***ing way.”

So at that point I was on my way to becoming one of the leaders of the early 9/11 skeptics movement, although it took me more than a year to say something, paralyzed as I was — as the entire world was — by the overwhelming emotional impact of the event. Americans both then and now simply could not accept the idea that their government could commit an action so incomprehensibly grievous against their own people.

And after a whole sad string of false flag atrocities since then, we still can’t.

It was OK to blame the attack on Zionists but as soon as I mentioned Jews, I was essentially banned from the Internet, even though Jews masterminded the planning, execution and coverup of what happened to the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

Blaming the plan of imaginary Arab hijackers crashing four airliners into symbolic targets directly related to a document called the PNAC report (Project for a New American Century), which was signed by notable American politicians all controlled by the Israeli swindlers who have controlled the United States since at least 1913 (the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, which gave 13 Jewish families complete control over the U.S. money supply).

That report stressed the need for “a catalyzing event” comparable to Pearl Harbor (yet another false flag event that killed 2,200 Americans in 1941 and triggered World War II) in order for the U.S. to expand its military grip on the entire world.

Apart from the grisly details of these contrived attacks on New York and Washington and the subsequent death toll of a half million from cancer and other maladies, the most important ramification of this melodrama was that it enabled that gruesome group known as Neocons to spread their lies and their bombs all over the world and murder millions of innocent people while pursuing that invisible group of phantom terrorists known as al-Qaeda, which they had created themselves.

In my second book I dubbed them The Perfect Enemy because they could be deployed either as friend or foe for any reason and never be caught. The fact that it took only one day to name all 19 hijackers and in the following 22 years only three irrelevant patsies were named as co-conspirators attests to the falsity of the story they told and still regurgitate.

The true architects of this crime of new century — judges, journalists and jaded politicians — turned out to be all Jews: Larry Silverstein who got a $7.4 billion insurance payout because it was a terrorist event, plus the numerous Jew shills in the media and government and in the courts who orchestrated the coverup.

The longest wars in American history followed this initial charade as millions were killed in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in service to the staged terror events of 9/11.

School ‘shootings’ and dead doctors

The epidemic of American bloodletting grew even worse during the administration of homosexual president Barack Obama with a profusion of school shootings all concocted as advertisements for gun control. These are chronicled in the many books of Prof. James Fetzer, whose diligent exposés investigated the corrupt aspects of JFK’s murder and the 9/11 demolition.

Chief among these new fabricated atrocities were the supposed massacre of 20 first graders in Sandy Hook, Connecticut by a person who could not be proven to exist, never mind carry a hundred pounds of guns without missing shots, as well as the public murder drama at the 2013 Boston Marathon, which featured alleged victims smeared with fake blood.

Individual school shootings are too numerous to enumerate in a short roundup like this. Most of them involving actually real people seem to have featured depressed kids on anti-depressants as opposed to sham events like Sandy Hook where the victims as well as the shooter were the creations of demented Democratic fantasies.

History records the false suicide of OKC Sgt. Yeakey in the same category with CIA exposer Gary Webb (2004) and gonzo journalist Hunter Thompson (2005), both of whom died of two bullets to the head but were ruled suicides.

Add GcMAF oncologist James Bradstreet (2017), the first in a series of more than 100 cancer doctors found strangely dead before their time for practicing medicine not approved by the monstrous medical cartel which makes so much money from their lethal treatment of this disease. The cops ruled Bradstreet a suicide by shooting himself in the chest and then jumping into a river.

And then of course there was popular TV host Matt Simmons, who died of a heart attack in his swimming pool after several revealing commentaries about the Gulf Oil spill on NBC in 2010. Also, don’t forget journalist Andrew Breitbart, allegedly killed by the CIA heart attack gun in 2014.

Others on the conspicuous hit list include OKC witness Jesse Trentadue, adrenochrome whistleblower Isaac Kappy, alleged Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and so many others. Other victims, the non fatal ones, include the many journalists and whistleblowers such as Wolfgang Halbig and James Tracy whose careers were ruined for trying to tell the truth.

The mass murder of humanity

Of all the useless wars, environmental poisonings and whistleblower assassinations ever inflicted on us by our corrupt government, the conversion of the medical profession into willing mass murderers is the greatest crime ever committed on the peoples of the world.

And it’s not like it came as as a surprise. Throughout the 20th century poison food products combined with bogus medicines provided the biggest financial boon to the medical profession and the worst possible health outcome to a population addicted to sweets, convenience and trusting their doctors.

The callous exploitation of these bad habits were demoted to trivial with the perfection of the pattern of false diseases being treated with poison cures in the diabolical plan devised by Event 201 that has already killed 15 million people around the world.

The results showed the world that existing governments are far more concerned with business profits than they are with human health and happiness. Some estimates by conscientious observers have revealed hospitals — which used the phony PCR test to confirm the presence of the imaginary disease and killed their patients using Remdesivir or Midazolam — earned as much as $100,000 per patient from the government for helping to reduce the world’s population of useless eaters, mostly old people and but also children as well as babies in the womb.

Future fate of useless eaters

People are beginning to figure out that when the big boys get together to plan an event, astounding disasters that are a lethal danger to the public are sure to follow.

Such was the case in this COVID fantasy, where Bill Gates and his billionaire cronies got together at a meeting called Event 201 where the kingpins of medicine, finance and politics planned their epidemic. Perhaps the most profound event in human history this side of the Black Plague kicked in just a week later, severely mutilating economies, destroying jobs and businesses, and psychologically ruining future generations with false propaganda about switching genders and overall eliminating basic individual freedom throughout the world.

It didn’t matter that the test didn’t work and the disease was nothing more than the common cold because it was the so-called medicine that did the trick. These bogus edicts depriving people of their basic rights are still practiced in many places even though principled scientists (there seem to be no principled politicians) have proven the whole thing was a scam to deprive people of their basic liberties

But just as the phony scamdemic was winding down in a permanently disfigured world, the most heinous attack on a civilian population rained down in the form of a mysteriously created inferno on an innocent Hawaiian island, a garden spot of the Pacific, which left houses and businesses in a fine white ash and bodies so cooked they crumbled to the touch so they couldn’t even be identified by their fingerprints.

As with the victimization of unsuspecting New Yorkers on 9/11, so tranquil Maui islanders were prevented from leaving the scene of their obliteration by measures so obvious as to reveal the savage cruelty of those who orchestrated the event, keeping children at home to be cooked by microwave beams that even ignited boats in the harbor.

Residents were given no forewarning, the alert systems failed to work, the fire department left the island and residents and vacationers were deliberately prevented from leaving the scene of the conflagration, which resulted in their agonizing deaths by fire. And in the aftermath survivors were prevented from receiving aid and supplies from those who wished to help.

So is this what the great American experiment has come to. Citizens will be killed at random according to the geopolitical whims of our controllers, and now they have found the perfect method of disappearing large numbers of people without a trace, the memory of them only a fine white ash — microwave beams from above — that they continue to deny even exist.

Whoever first used the phrase “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” never imagined the government vaporizing its citizens with DEW weapons. So this is your history you have experienced and can expect to continue, perhaps with you, but far more likely without both you and the ones you love.

The criminals who hate humanity

You can search a long way back in history and the answer to all these terrible questions is always the same.

From the habiru interlopers who brought plagues to ancient Egypt through the Rothschild Jacobins of the French Revolution and the Bolsheviks of Russia, right down to today’s Zionist deceivers who infest our nation’s capital and plague Palestine by shooting Arab children in head for sport, the perpetrators of all these colossal crimes against humanity have always been the same psychopathological homicidal maniacs.

Food, medicine, military, entertainment, education and public information have all been sabotaged throughout our lifetimes by these malevolent misanthropes whose aim has always been to control the lives of everyone in the world. Those whom they can’t control are killed outright, the rest they slyly direct to the downward slope to the eternal slaughterhouse they permanently inhabit.

The big choice has arrived: let them take your life, or stop them. Kill the globalists before they kill all of us.

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© Copyright 2024 The Writings of John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Author of four books: America’s Autopsy Report, The Perfect Enemy, The Day America Died, and Recipe for Extinction, he is solely dependent on contributions from readers. Please support his work.



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