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Do the untested injections
make victims mentally ill?

Remind yourself:
Testing, masking, lockdowns
and vaccines all don’t work

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Experts estimate 80 percent of Americans have received at least one injection of the so-called COVID vaccines. Perhaps it’s only the people who haven’t received the shot can perceive the tragic changes in personalities of those who have.

We observe a mysteriously dark countenance among our vaccinated friends that wasn’t there before, and attribute it to the daunting realization of the profound mistake they have made having witnessed the unexpected deaths of so many others.

Others insist it’s not a psychological change, but the physiological effect of what has become known as the “clot shot,” which strikes down both athletes in their prime as well as babies in their wombs.

The high death toll among the elderly has been clearly attributed to unlawful medical malpractice involving such toxic nostrums as Remdesivir and Midazolam and the banning of such proven efficacious medications as Hydroxychloroquine (or HCQ) and Ivermectin.

This demonic deployment of untested medicines when perfectly safe substances were available but banned by government action has rendered the whole campaign that has shattered families, businesses and states illegal on its face, according to existing law.

The government’s provisional approval of the improperly tested vaccines prohibited the use of legitimate treatments for this so-called disease which were available but suppressed by the sinister operatives of this Big Pharma conspiracy, which was actually run by the U.S. Department of Defense, according to many conscientious expert observers — Latypova, Mihalcea, Callender, Fuellmich, Tenpenny et al — of this colossal Big Pharma/Big Media/Deep State scam.

The psychopathic billionaire architects of this monstrous plan — Gates, Fauci, Schwab the rest of these pathetic supercriminals — have been well investigated and their insanity thoroughly documented, even as their poison jab continues to be cynically approved by governments around the world.

Quick death penalties would be the appropriate treatment for these soulless quacks, except for the corrupt nature of the worldwide legal system, which is totally dominated by the same class of psychotic despots who regard their victims as profitable notations in their ledger books. Or as a certain ethnic kooks would phrase it, mere cattle in the barnyard, the quintessential way to make a buck.

The joke’s on both them and us

Less humorous, more hostile is one way to describe the personalities of those who’ve been jabbed. Perhaps more like the hostile undertones of TV news readers who adhere to the party line of their billionaire bosses while pretending not to notice the falling bodies all around them. How repulsive is their injured anger as they advocate the suspension of everyone’s right to freedom of speech.

Jab victims simply can’t bear to admit, in their haughty hubris, what they’ve done to themselves.

Perhaps they’re more like zombies, desiring to wreak vengeance on everyone for the error in judgment that at least has or doubtless will cost them their lives. Especially those who accepted the poison inoculation and received a Krispy Kreme donut or a marijuana joint as a reward.

Or perhaps more like a vampire, concealing the truth of what they are or who they have become. And the horrific malady they continue to spread.

Vaccine antibodies spread in the breath

The evidence

Has the pandemic changed our personalities? New research suggests we’re less open, agreeable and conscientious

A new study, published in PLOS ONE, suggests the COVID pandemic has indeed triggered much greater shifts in personality than we would expect to have seen naturally over this period.

In particular, the researchers found that people were less extroverted, less open, less agreeable and less conscientious in 2021 and 2022 compared with before the pandemic. This study included more than 7,000 participants from the US, aged between 18 and 109, who were assessed before the pandemic (from 2014 onwards), early in the pandemic in 2020, and then later in the pandemic in 2021 or 2022.

Has anyone noticed a personality change in those who have been vaccinated multiple times for COVID?

All of my in-laws got the jab and my paternal step grandpa did too. They are all saying the same thing to me, my mom, and my husband who haven't had any jab, every one of them said not to ever contact them again! And nothing happened to cause this response, the jab is the only commonality. They have all changed drastically. We've lost the majority of my husband’s family.

In the later period of the pandemic, the researchers noted significant declines in the traits that help us navigate social situations, trust others, think creatively, and act responsibly. These changes were especially pronounced among young adults.

Even The New York Times, while it cravenly advocated acceptance of the poison jabs, chronicled the history of this pestiferous pseudoscience.

No, the first vampires did not appear in books or movies. They weren’t debonair Transylvanian counts or good-looking, disaffected teenagers. Rooted in folklore, they were symbols of epidemics — and a plausible explanation for disease, at least for the time.

Some of the earliest accounts date back to 11th- and 12th-century Europe when outbreaks of tuberculosis, rabies and other diseases were blamed, in part, on vampires.

The medium then was pamphlets, not social media. One fear-mongering handbill, “The Vaccination Vampire,” from 1881, for example, pushed the claim that vaccinations would lead to “degradation and extinction,” and were a source of “universal pollution,” which is fair description of today’s worldwide epidemic of the vaccinated.

How true has this prescient prediction become. The Times article continued . . .

When Bram Stoker wrote his culturally transformative novel (Dracula) in 1897, about a Transylvanian nobleman who leaves his castle to travel to modern-day London in search of fresh blood, he certainly knew about vampire folklore as well as the anti-vaccination movement, and was working on some of the same fears.

Joe Dante, a veteran horror director, speculated that we have so much more to be scared of today than in recent years, both politically and medically, that “it may be difficult to go back to the purely supernatural approach.” But Larry Fessenden, who starred in and directed one of the best vampire movies of the 1990s, the intimate New York indie “Habit,” sees new opportunities for horror.

“The pandemic has heightened our fear of each other, of infection and contagion, invisible droplets delivering a cataclysmic blow to our physical beings, leading in turn to an atmosphere of deep mistrust and isolation,” he wrote in an email. “And always, there will be those who don’t believe the monster even exists. I think a wave of vampire stories that captures a claustrophobic preoccupation with death and paranoia may be filling our screens next.”

I think it’s doubtful that Hollywood would embark on such an embarrassing course because to do so would necessarily spotlight the demented architects of this entire population reduction program.

Don’t forget the social pariahs who created these poison jabs. They’re the real vampires.

• Deserving special mention is the dapper doctor who was once the highest paid employee of the U.S. government, Tony Fauci, who also got to kill hundreds of thousands when he invented AZT, the drug that killed most of the victims of the so-called AIDS epidemic. Notably, Fauci also murdered beagle puppies when testing one of his poison products.

• Bill Gates, of course, the Microsoft guru whom history will remember as a demon rubbing his hands with glee as he contemplates inoculating the whole world with his poison jabs.

Other pests include the homicidal maniacs in charge of the destruction of human society:

• Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer
• Stephane Bancel, CEO of Moderna
• Pascal Soriot, CEO of Astra Zeneca
• Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson and Johnson 
• Tedros Adhanhom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the WHO
• Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister
• Christopher Whitty, UK Chief Medical Adviser 
• Matthew Hancock, former UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
• Sajid Javid, current UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care 
• June Raine, UK Chief Executive of Medicines and Healthcare products 
• Dr. Rajiv Shah, President of the Rockefeller Foundation
• Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum

See . . .

Gates, Fauci, and Daszak charged
with Genocide in Court Filing

One would be remiss not to mention President Donald J. Trump, who still eagerly trumpets his triumphant plan to administer vaccines at warp speed. His illegally installed successor, President Joseph R. Biden Jr. (or perhaps his twin brother Jim), has announced plans for more jabs this month.

One recalls the recent attempt of plastic politicians and news readers to promote the preposterous campaign called “plague of the unvaccinated” on the TV news. Fortunately for the world, people everywhere are now realizing that the real plague is among the vaccinated, as they shed their poison effluent to everyone in the world as part of the world’s most evil plot concocted by the world’s richest psychopaths. It’s really the . . .

(The unvaccinated are perfectly safe)

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