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leading to

resulting in
as we have known it

Shattered trust disfigures society
as engineered poverty closes in;
people worry as banks
take their money from them.

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When you can’t trust the law . . .

Law enforcement has become totally untrustworthy when a president rakes in billions in foreign bribes and honest citizens protesting his fixed election are given long prison sentences by corrupt judges. Zombie media ignore porous borders deliberately left unguarded by silent leaders primping themselves in the mirror of their own perversions . . .

When we learn to trust nobody in authority, society stands shattered.

Have we become too smart to be sincere and straightforward? Does everyone in the world harbor ulterior motives concealing every aspect of their behavior? Is everyone running a scam with a payment plan? Can anyone be trusted? Do you dare mention this to your spouse?

Which example of degeneracy best describes society’s new social ethos, as the smorgasbord of mad proclivities replaces unfashionable notions of purity, faith and integrity while loyalty and honor are trampled in the dust by hateful lunatics creating laws that denigrate their gullible victims, all to avoid confronting the undeniable fact that our leaders are committing colossal crimes and this is what we are teaching children as their road to success.

We cannot survive this manic masquerade for very long. Maybe we could ask the muscular refugees crossing our border from the South for advice, if they don’t murder us immediately.

Hope of heaven cannot be found in the snide snarls of a preacher you dare not trust, who perhaps received airplanes from Israel as a reward for the lies he delivered with passion to his foolish flock.

As I watched a video of transgender misanthropes protesting a protest of genuine women demonstrating for the legitimate rights of females, I suddenly began to believe that this widespread advocacy of homosexuality, sadism, pedophilia and the insistence of 72 genders instead of the traditional two is all part of a grander campaign to eliminate women from the human equation so the state can become everyone’s mother and provide the purposefully tailored babies of the future (standardized to the tractates of the Talmud, bleeding from the penis, affecting their minds for life).

Sound preposterous? How else to you explain this widespread devaluation of the female sex and their replacement by male imitators? What else could the purpose be?

Why the rush to turn women into men? And men into women. The ultimate goal of our elite keepers is to turn humanity into one sex, and channel the creation of newborns into government laboratories.

And what is the rush to promote pedophilia, now prominently included in the rainbow flag that graces all U.S. facilities overseas, signaling to the world that homomania has taken over America. The rights of happy families have been downgraded to allow homosexuals to have sex in public restrooms at night, and for teenage girls to be raped in middle school restrooms by male rapists posing as females.

The former president was married to a man. What is the proper pronoun for that? Or them? Or it? Now they say he/she/it is/are running for president.

There will be only one gender in near future — workers. Obedient workers. Sex will disappear with designer drug use. Something much more alluring will be created. With no penises and no vaginas, consensual coitus will become a ritual of yesteryear. God knows what the ultimate rush, the ultimate escape mechanism, will be in the future, but it will be furnished by the monstrous minds who control us today.

No more lovers’ quarrels, no more unplanned pregnancies, no more real families, only government issued individuals, utterly predictable and amazingly congenial. Observe their teeth-grinding smiles, their glazed gazes and their docile demeanor.

Homework assignment

Strident lesbian kindergarten teachers sent their children home today with detailed instructions on how to masturbate.

That seems to mesh rather well with the nasty fact that all our leaders seem to be sexual perverts? Just look at the sordid lineup of past American presidents, notably the odious chief executive with a man for a wife. The billions of bozos who use the Internet only for porn. Or the secret lives of billionaires. Or transgender admirals and faggot Navy recruits. Or famous lawyers on Epstein Island.

Other items illustrate the increasing degeneracy of modern society, from Japanese men preferring mindless lifelike female robots as their domestic partners to MK-ultra assassins being programmed through anal sex at the age of 3. This is the real magic of homosexuality — the creation of behaviorally modified assassins.

Life in the age of robots

The new rule of social sanity is not to call the cops in an emergency because of the shocking number of times deranged swat teams of overzealous storm troopers that local police have managed to kill the victims of the crime rather than its perpetrators.

How often have we heard tell that the highest spiritual authorities with whom we come in contact — usually our local clergymen — too often turn out to be slimiest creeps we could ever encounter when we find these posturing perverts molesting our own innocent children? Compounding these tragedies is the way that their superiors, these supposed paragons of pious behavior, invariably cover up these crimes and continue to pretend they are our infallible moral guides.

In this unhappy era of disappointment and mistrust of authority figures, when the FBI hassles parents upset that the teachers of their children are secretly pushing porn and disfigurement and calling it education. Law enforcement in league with twisted lesbian teachers whispering to students to conceal what they are being told from their parents. This is the tip of twisted tentacles of the Jewish destabilization template — aimed at permanently lobotomizing the population of the planet.

What kind of government allows — never mind allows, invites — five million illegal aliens to flow across the Southern border as NGOs like Catholic charities furnish them with cellphones, debit cards and free lodging and transportation while directing them to a designated city where they are left undirected and unprotected to sabotage the society into which they have been deliberately inserted?

What kind of government tears down statues of George Washington who founded the greatest country in world history and replaces him with statues of George Floyd, a crackhead felon supposedly killed by police while high on fentanyl and now venerated as a hero to black people who are busily burning down the country and demanding we pay them for their stereotypical jungle behavior?

Any rational outside observer anywhere in the world would have to figure the American people collectively are really stupid not to notice that our senile president and his paid off Jewish underlings have done their best to destroy the country during the three years they have commandeered the White House and the nation.

People who still retain a whit of consciousness look back and see how the phony pandemic necessitated the unprecedented mail in ballots. At 11 p.m. on election night Donald Trump had won reelection in a landslide. The counting of ballots in an election is never postponed, because that is how elections are fixed. Except that’s what happened. And by morning, the feeble dinosaur Joe Biden who had never even campaigned, had won, and America’s final downhill slide had begun.

The first two things Biden did showed us that the U.S. had just committed suicide, or had been suicided by Communist Democrats. The first two things. He shut down the Alaska pipeline, killing thousands of jobs. And he opened the Southern border, guaranteeing no budget in America would ever be balanced again.

We lie to ourselves about our own condition to our detriment. We are slaves forced to believe lies about everything. As I have said many times before — tell the truth and go to jail. Many patriots have already suffered that fate after their innocent visit to Washington on January 6, 2021.

These are the sorrows of our fraudulent fakery, the wretched refuse of our rambling reasoning. We watch our lives being crushed by pretend goals we thought were important, jobs that meant nothing,
goals that aspired to truth but came up short, resulting in lives tattered, truth shattered in the trash strewn gutter of life, where lives are artificial but deaths are real, where white people in prison are grossly abused by sadistic black guards.

Doctors devise poisons that deliberately kill us and are richly rewarded for their efforts by men who make products that kill us but sell well, at least for a short while.

The extinction of innocence has to with the failure of our belief systems. This god that everyone uses as a badge of protection is really the demiurge, as many Gnostics, Wotanists, atheists and others already know. By worshipping what we have to come to believe is good, we are religiously advocated our own unjust deaths.

It is the primary task of male human beings to protect their women and the children they bear. In this way the species may be maintained. But instead, in this curdled age of human devolution, we are killing and eating them. Wonder no longer about the fate of our world and contemplate the horrific result of a false belief system that conceals men in long robes abusing children they pretend to protect.

When elections can no longer be trusted . . .

When respected authorities can no longer be believed . . .

When judges ignore the law . . .

Why did we bomb that wedding party in Afghanistan? Was there a deeper meaning other than indifference, and that the drone operators were eager to go to lunch.

The fate of children today

Kidnapped at an early age by strangers or sold by their drug addict parents to rich men for the sadistic sex of European royalty or famous politicians who are too important to worry about being arrested, these kids by the thousands are used up quickly, slaughtered for their valuable organs peddled by New Jersey rabbis, and then, like their younger siblings who before they are born are thrown into the trash of Planned Parenthood clinics after their valuable organs are extracted, they are forgotten by psychopaths totally focused on acquiring their next bribe while checking their investments in the morning stock reports and making sure they have a captured boy or girl to rape after the sun goes down . . .

. . . while the world burns.

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