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and the murder of civilization


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If we didn’t see it happening in real time, we wouldn’t believe it. But there it is, right before our eyes.

Our cities are in ruins and criminals are encouraged to destroy what remains of them, though most of them are too wrecked on mind numbing drugs that kill them as they stand there on street corners, bending over comatose and never waking up.

So instead the mob that our government has become imports a replacement population from the backwaters of the world, who as we speak are preparing to replace all the dupes who have worked so hard to make what they call a good life.

America is going down hard and most Americans still don’t realize what’s going on. And they won’t until the assembled gangs of the world burst through their front doors and slit their throats, courtesy of the psychopaths masquerading as your U.S. government.

In that one wrenching moment, the conscientious taxpaying American people will know what fools they’ve been to trust a government that is utterly corrupt. After all, for every citizen who dies — like all those missing children in Hawaii — the government and the insurance companies (no difference) — make a profit.

And make no mistake about it. Their profit is your loss.

This is clearly the end of civilization as we have known it. African maniacs imported from everywhere by NGOs and Jewish body hustlers pick at the smoking carcass of a society being deliberately destroyed so they can enjoy their creme brûlée and murdered children on the perverted plantation of their own demented design.

A woman brazenly steals hordes of liquor out of a store and hops in her car with no plates. When the cops try to stop her, she asks, “Why are you going to do? Shoot me?” And that’s exactly what they do, right between the eyes. Then, black hordes of irate zombies organize feverish protests against police brutality, more fuel for the ‘defund the police’ chorus that encourages the daylight looting of any stories foolish enough to remain open.

This is the basic script for the hellish hootenanny that awaits us.

This is American culture 2023, black zombie gangs plundering stupid stores that are still open and mugging white people with white hair who never notice anything until clubbed from behind, robbed and raped and slaughtered by brainless young punks who think it’s all a game.

Is it time to panic yet? No, the time to panic was 22 years ago, when our own government brought down three New York skyscrapers and sent us off chasing an invisible enemy that could never be found. It could never be found because it was right in front of our eyes, saying “they hate our freedoms.”

The time to panic was in 2019, when Bill Gates and his fellow demons organized a business meeting called Event 201, that planned an epidemic that by now has prematurely and deliberately killed TWO MILLION people and permanently injured 20 million more. But lemmings that we are, we believed what they said. Go get another booster shot, moron!

“Trust your doctor! Trust the science.” Well, your doctor is a mass murderer. And the science is a lie. No vaccine has ever stopped any disease. They have killed a lot of people, and have made a lot of money for people who have been taught to have no regard for other people.

And stop kidding yourself. Stop deluding yourself. These people are Jews.

Who is responsible for the strange fires that killed all those people in Maui? And where are all the missing children? Why is no one answering these questions?

Who is responsible for letting all those people come across the Southern border, then shipping them all over the place and destabilizing the entire country? The entire world.

Who is responsible for imposing on us a series of fraudulent presidents all working for the secret Jew psychopaths turning the world into a slaughterhouse so they can bask unmolested in their adrenochrome hideaways raping little children and counting their money?

Who is responsible? Is it you?

The truth is a harsh mistress

It’s hard to explain things to people when nobody wants to know, or worse, when they already believe they know all they need to know, and — horror of horrors! — they don’t.

These are the worst kind of people in the world — they’re also the vast majority of people in the world — because they can’t be reasoned with.

This is particularly true of religious folk, who haven’t the faintest idea of what I’m talking about when I say religion is the enemy of knowledge when they already know for sure that they possess all they need to know because they believe without question all they’ve been told by their chosen religious authorities and have backed up their conviction by countless hours of studying supportive religious propaganda.

It’s all mythology posing as history, and the believers who accept it regard it as “gospel truth,” which is exactly what it is, and quite different from objective truth.

Blind unquestioning belief in certain of facts blinds the believer to any other possibilities.

Has there ever been a lie more lethal than the conspiracy that faces us now?

This challenge to human destiny that threatens to imprison us in a life as a pet animal in 15-minute cities means we may not search the stars as we had hoped, but only twitch for a little while as a pathetic passenger on a slave ship run by sadists who will rape our daughters, murder our mothers and enslave us like gerbils in the fetid cages of our own desires.

These are our jail cells they’re talking about. Also known as your house.

Our beloved leaders have recruited pigeons from all over the world pay people smugglers to carry them out of Africa, through Istanbul to Bogota, across the Darien Gap to central America, then by car or bus to the Arizona border, where U.S. officials make sure they have cellphones and debit as they ship them around the country in preparation for the invasion and the funerals of Americans, which will consist of stuffing your carved up carcass into a garbage bag and deposited at the local landfill, if you’re lucky, and not left by the side of the road for the vultures.

Think I’m exaggerating? Remember this when you feel that knife at your throat as the dark zombies of the Third World squeal with delight at your dreadful demise. Coming to your neighborhood real soon.

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