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Representatives of God
act more like the devil


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Spare me the benedictions, bozo! What kind of smarmy sermon are you going to preach this Sunday when the whole world is staring in stunned silence at the rows of murdered children — little emaciated corpses frozen solid in twisted contortions of blood-stained horror — lined up in the bombed out buildings of Gaza

Our belief systems have failed us. They are of no consequence in the makeshift morgues of mass murder.

Our leadership is totally corrupt, pursuing policies of pornographic profit. They’ve turned the world into a snuff film. The pious preachers who are supposed to save our souls are sanctifying slaughter. I’d say we’re all going to hell if we weren’t already there.

And yet, this is not the situation on a personal level. I’ve seen too many friends navigating the final moments of their lives in a state of ecstasy intensely looking forward to meeting Jesus at the very moment for which religion is intended.

For them, the system works. For the rest of the world, those luckless losers who haven’t yet been murdered by the war machine, this is not the case.

This was however the case of the much praised writer Eustace Mullins in the runup to his departure, which it was my personal privilege to witness. Even though he’d lost control of much of his body, his mind was positively aglow at the thought of going to a better place.

Same with my friend Dave. Shortly after his 88th birthday, he was actually having intense conversations with Jesus, and genuinely relieved while becoming increasingly eager to meet him.

No matter what your preferred belief system, that moment of joy has never failed true believers when it counts the most, that one last time that presages an infinity of fulfillment, peace, safety and the ultimate comfort of letting go of this painful life, knowing that the principles upon which you have based your life really work at the moment they are most important.

But on the political level in the outside world, the abject failure of belief systems reigns supreme. The political world is a cesspool of untruth. Universal love and charity have never really worked when it comes to preventing wars, swindles or disease. Nor does it forestall the bribery that oppresses the common people while it fattens up soulless billionaires whose goal has always been to enslave and control societies.

The privilege of keeping mystical secrets as pious people in robes ignore your stifled horror at the thought of your imminent death is simply not applicable to the way nations and groups of coteries of devotees of various philosophies collide in the real world. On that level, no secrets can honestly be kept, although they always are.

Governments learned that secret from religions, it’s sad to say. Blind belief in an all powerful deity should not and does not apply to the governments in which we place our trust.

Therefore, top secret clearances and executive sessions should never be utilized in the real world. Because this is where corruption, swindles, betrayals and wars inevitably are born.

It’s interesting and more than a bit disheartening to know that the allegedly moral nations of the West have had no trouble supporting the utterly demonic crime den of Israeli monsters in their bid to erase Palestinians from human history.

The righteous Jews, so proud of their sick belief system that consigns people in the rest of the world to the status of expendable farm animals, feel confident enough to brag about butchering defenseless babies and still extort supposedly free Western democracies for exorbitant payoffs while the victims of these deluded philosophies suffer unprecedented levels of poverty, street crime, duplicitous doctors and totally facile media liars and political perverts who prefer protecting billionaire blood drinkers to frightened families facing starvation and humiliation.

The rest of the religious spectrum in America fares no better.

With apologies to the courageous Archbishop Vigano and Bishop Williamson, the remaining demoralized crowd of faithful Catholics suffers through the rancid reign of a pervert pope linked to the crime bosses of the world who abandon their well-known messiah in favor of transgenders and homosexuals as well as the Jews who fund all the crime in the world.

At least in the United States, legitimate leaders of all faiths are shackled by their tax breaks, which allow them to assemble vast empires of opulent possessions as long as they remain compliant and silent about the excesses of the government that grants them these lucrative favors.

In their extreme corruption they eagerly participate in programs that destroy the very objectives of their pretended intent.

Now we have a profound division of the world’s population consisting of those who believe against those who don’t.

How are we to deal with those who believe it is their right to murder other people, to slaughter innocent children in the name of democracy, or even worse, in the name of profit, with facile, righteous justifications that make no sense but keep being repeated.

The demons who rule our lives have determined that our only way out of this is to continue this cycle of killing — wanton butchery with smiles on our faces.

And in that frightening moment, in an endless whimper that cannot be alleviated, human civilization self destructs, and the world is lost.

So this is your Sunday sermon, sucker. The world is lost because you said it was not your fault and you had nothing to do with it. And you’d be exactly right.

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John Kaminski was a writer who lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work. 

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