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Misreported events create
trail of profitable destruction
and unnecessary slaughter

The fake news shibboleth was trotted out to cover up a story that is clearly true. Pizzagate opened a window to a depraved subculture whose stain spreads to the highest levels of power. That power was evident in the way mass media produced a solid wall of ridicule of the anecdotal evidence that famous people were raping, killing and sometimes eating abducted children.


Even now as this scandal continues to bubble up with new revelations, the public remains confused as damaging evidence collides with insulted denials. Which one is true — the story or the denial?

The fake news purveyors are totally defending denial. What is the famous phrase? History is written by the victors.

The real fake news has shaped the way you think and how you live your life. In World War II we were taught to hate the Germans and the Japanese. Most recently, Americans were taught to hate the Arabs because they were blamed for knocking down the Twin Towers.

Never has there been such a concentration of fake news as there has been involving this subject. Anyone who has looked, even in the most casual way, at the 9/11 story has to swallow really hard to believe anything our government has said about the matter.

You want some real fake news? I’ll give you some real fake news!

Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction! Because of this fake news we spent a trillion dollars and obliterated two million people. This gift of government-sponsored fake news is still giving.

From Waco any Ruby Ridge to the serial assassinations of doctors who found the cure for cancer, you challenge real fake news at your peril, and the penalty is usually permanent.

Jewish America triggers wars because it is the biggest moneymaker around. The bodies this philosophy leaves in its wake have no effect on the alleged people executing these maneuvers or all these people.

All of the U.S. military maneuvers of the 21st century have been based on the ramifications of fake news regarded as true. Every single member of Congress knows that 9/11 was pulled off by the Mossad and the CIA, with thousands of famous faces in the U.S. participating in the deception, particularly Jewish judges and billionaires.

So the real fake news sent our boys to Afghanistan to be killed, as it did in World Wars I and II. And the real fake news keeps us looking over our shoulders and hushing our voices as we discuss what Henry Ford once called “the world’s foremost problem”.

The hazards of integrity

I don’t try to sway experts (unless I know they’re lying). They usually know way more than I do. What I try to do is tell you what the experts say — and what they don’t say! — so that you can get a clearer picture of what you need to know in case you have an urge to prevent the destruction of everything you know and love. 

I particularly like reaching people who didn’t know the first thing about the Boston Marathon bombing hoax, the Oklahoma City bombing hoax or any of the hundreds of other slimeball acts of aggression that the U.S. government has perpetrated against innocent Americans for the purpose of imposing prison-like restrictions on the way people live.

Perhaps it is never safe to have integrity, but it has never been riskier to have it than it is today. If you don’t go along with all these phony stories the government has blasted into our brains, you could very easily wind up dead. It happens all too often lately, particularly when the subject is medical treatments that don’t work, and sudden new discoveries that do.

Directing your words and thoughts to the lies the government has told us is what got Donald Trump elected president. This subject also is what has sustained me as an Internet columnist of some interest for the past 15 years. 

He has billions from Rothschild-directed financial projects with which to influence his fellow men; I have only the occasional tokens of appreciation from those fellow appalled observers who recognize what I have written contains much more contextual accuracy than what you read in most newspapers.

To be more specific, if you want a good paycheck in journalism you must without exception ignore that ever present dark shadow that pollutes everything, which to the well informed is also known as the infamous elephant in the living room.  Yes, that same elephant that hangs its sycophantic shadows around the neck of every politician to guarantee his thinking conforms to the Talmudic tendencies of stealing from everyone you meet, and killing them not only when necessary but also for pleasure.

The one thing I have done for sure is make it easier to use the word Jew in a critical sense when describing their many crimes and manipulations of human society.

I tell you the truth as best I can perceive it; Trump tells you what his Jew handlers tell him to say as Israel continues to race down the road to complete control of the world. Trump has billions of his own; I have only the allegiance of my readers, a few of whom have been around for this entire 15-year run, since I wrote “9/11 was a hoax” in 2003. Yes, this is a call for help. Please send what you can to the address below.

The problem is the system

The irony of this recent flap over fake news was the direct result of Pizzagate, the mere mention of which sent the big newspapers and TV stations into a tumultuous tizzy that such a sordid practice as child molestation could ever be mentioned in the same sentence with some of our favorite politicians, even though Bill Clinton’s sorties with Jeffrey Epstein to Little Saint James Island in the Caribbean had been in the news for some time.

The uniform denial by all the major news outlets revealed to astute observers that this reflexive dismissal of all these rumors as “fake news” really meant that powerful people, perhaps even the owners of these same media outlets, could have been involved in these odious practices, practices that only the very rich and twisted can afford.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the same kind of intense spotlight that was recently focused on the serial rapist Bill Cosby could be shifted to Bill’s and Hillary’s extraordinary behavior to at least give Americans some idea that rich and powerful people are not necessarily above the law?

Or the Bush family’s involvement with some of the great crimes in American history, from Prescott’s treason charges during World War II through the JFK assassination when Poppy Bush couldn’t remember where he was, to 9/11 and Dubya reading a book to children in Sarasota. I read today that Michael Chertoff was actually the guy running al-Qaeda. Makes sense to me.

We thought The Donald just might be the one to reverse this trend, but we can already see he’s gathered these over-the-hill warmongers to assure all these Republican sadists that he’ll be ready to make war somewhere, as all presidents must do if they hope to keep their job and their lives.

After he has cozied up to Russia, Trump can thrill the Israelis by making war on Iran, with stark raving Mad Dog Mattis aiming the phosphorus bombs.

As I have long been saying, in every U.S. presidential election for some years now, the problem is not the candidates. They are in all instances bought off. But the real problem is the system itself, which is a Jewish con job aimed at plundering not only this nation but all nations.

The real fake news  . . .

What are the biggest lies ever told by the U.S. government to the American people?

That we live in a free country? That we can trust the government to look after our best interests? That we can be proud of what our government has done? Our government is us, or should be. And if it isn’t, why isn’t it?

The real fake news is what you have been convinced to believe throughout your life. American history in the 20th century is totally a syllabus for deception.

The real fake news is that Hitler wanted to take over the world and killed 6 million Jews to do it. That’s what most of the world believes. The real news is that the Jewish allies U.S., USSR and Britain murdered at least 12 million Germans after the war was over.

Hitler only wanted his original country back, and for the Jews to leave Germany alone. Today Germany is a lobotomized mess being taught how to commit suicide by its Commie lesbian commissar Angela Merkel who has allowed the country to be ravaged by Muslim savages. It is a country where if you tell the truth, you will go to jail, as 87-year-old Ursula Haverbeck recently found out.

The real fake news is that Arab terrorists knocked down the Twin Towers. The world is being destroyed by the ripples from that false flag event. Americans are treated as prisoners in their own country, as former Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff made millions selling body scanners to airports.

The real news is that Jewish New York financial kingpins, the ones who run the U.S. Treasury, came up with a perfect plan to dispose of buildings that needed to be torn down, a project that also enabled the war machine to go anywhere and everywhere in search of “terrorists” it has itself invented and hired for the purpose of assaulting the populace and beefing up the police state to unprecedented levels.

The real money is in weapons that can slaughter large numbers of people, and the Jews who control the United States are masters of this business.

Jews need to be excluded from civilization, permanently. They can’t be trusted to tell the truth, and they can’t be trusted not to rob people and poison them secretly. Can you say Monsanto?

As long as we include Jews in the conversation, the problems of the world will never be solved.

Thanks to the Jews, truth and justice are simply not the American way. Remember that the Superman comic book series was created by two Jews.

We have been stolen blind by Jew bankers who now seek to supplant us with new pigeons from south of the border.

People like John McCain and Lindsey Graham (and Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton) need to be put in strait jackets for the rest of their unnatural lives and injected with some kind of truth serum to get them to tell us about the crimes they have committed.

If Trump can stop the tsunami of aliens now destroying the USA and other white countries, that will be enough. Putting Hillary in jail where she belongs would be a bonus.

Anonymous Who?

I received an email the other day

which turned out to be (except for the last paragraph) a word-for-word narration of my recent essay “Accountability”, which was widely reprinted.

As I hear my words recited by an unfamiliar voice, the thought that occurs to me is that maybe the real message we all should receive is that hearing your own words leads to finding that the real news is inside yourself.

As so life goes on, at least temporarily, in the terrorist superstate of the New World Order.

We keep fighting each other and aren’t really sure why, except that we know some hidden hand guides all our events and is leading us toward destruction.


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