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American Writer and Critic

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No one can be right about everything

And this will make everyone angry about anything

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It seems to me the main cause of trouble in the world is the nearly universal tendency of everyone to not see the point of view of whomever it is you’ve chosen to argue with, causing the fight you would have just as soon avoided.

Much of the time, this is why wars start. And I must stipulate at the top that there actually is a right and a wrong to every question. It’s just that the correct answer most often depends on where you sit. “Whose ox is being gored” is a familiar way of describing this dilemma.

A simple question recently brought this home to me. A friend with whom I seldom disagree about anything suddenly caused me to question my own judgment, at least initially. I had been pontificating vehemently about the behavior of Israeli Jews slaughtering Palestinian babies in Gaza. I was doing the boohoo thing, unsuspecting of the curve ball I was about to be thrown.

“Who would you rather live next door to?” he queried. “A Jew or a Muslim.” Then he answered his own question, preferring a Jew and explaining with that choice he wouldn’t have to worry about being stabbed in the middle of the night. After my initial shock, I had to concede he had a point.

I have long believed Muslims should never have been granted admittance to the USA because of their stated inability to agree to the conditions of the U.S. Constitution. The 1953 McCarran-Walter Act stipulated no one should be admitted who refused to obey U.S. laws. Muslims plan on taking over the world and definitely do not obey these laws.

So the law was changed and Muslims are here, insisting on following their plan. The recent insane stabbing of children by an Algerian transplant in Ireland was fresh in my mind as I pondered his question, as is the permanent memory of a mosque billboard in Detroit advocating the murder of all us white infidels.

Switching back to contemplating the slaughter in Gaza — which all decent people in the world condemn — I began to see my friend’s point. The Jew next door might be apt to swindle you out of your hard-earned cash, but he was not likely to assassinate you in the middle of the night. Jews make excellent neighbors until the day they come to repossess your property.

It is hard for me to accept the near universal acceptance of U.S. politicians — in fact I never will accept it — of the wanton slaughter of Palestinian Muslim babies by Israeli Jews in Gaza.

I am profoundly ashamed of my government’s position to encourage and support such carnage on the basis of our politicians’ desiring to keep their Jew cash spigot open as necessary to their reelection. This is, after all, the baseline reality of our rapidly deteriorating world.

But when I come down off my soapbox I have to wonder at the lack of support for the beleaguered Palestinians from their fellow Muslim countries. Why does nobody want to rescue them from what is clearly Israeli Jew barbarity?

My mind drifts to the pathetic fate of Native Americans, as well as the original indigenous tribes all over the world, universally crushed by the march of soulless technological modernity. Are the Palestinians just another one of those ethnicities on the verge of extinction, waiting to live out their remaining days on some parched reservation, which Gaza already is?

And why do I keep calling them Israeli Jews, you ask? It is because I am terminally annoyed by the label Khazarian Mafia, now in popular usage, which I am convinced is another alias meant to camouflage Jews from their obvious crimes of swindling and betraying white people who have succumbed to their scams by feeling sorry for the sob stories they have foisted on them. Holocaust hoopla — oh, the poor Jews!

Like the fake Hamas story — as well as the fake Hamas organization — Jews have brought this misery down upon themselves because they profit from it, and they hide behind their false narratives of World War II as they sabotage and swindle every country they infiltrate with their sob stories as they rifle through everyone’s pockets while they buy up all the politicians.

But my friend is right. They’re less likely to surreptitiously stab you in the middle of night, even though their long range plan is to starve you to death as they take all your money and close down all your supermarkets, and they wind up with all your property in the long run after you have perished from the poisoned jabs they invented to kill off all the useless eaters they’ve grown tired of trying to prostitute, pollute and poison for fun and profit.

Walk a mile is someone else’s shoes? How about those muscular refugees which Jews have hired to infiltrate America with the blessing of Joe Biden and his Democratic Communist demons. Americans and Palestinians are wearing the same brand of shoes these days, and headed toward the same ultimate fate.

Jews wear a different brand that they use to kick the world in the ass and laugh about it.

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John Kaminski was a writer who lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work. 

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