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The presentation I delivered at Prof. James H. Fetzer’s False Flags and Conspiracies Conference on Dec. 17, 2023 was actually an abbreviated version of essays whittled down multiple times to fit into a 55-minute window, resulting in too much information too tightly packed and read too quickly. What follows is the next-to-final text of the address, divided into eight chapters, published on consecutive days, Dec. 21-29, 2023 for the purpose of increasing comprehension and clarifying details.

Part 1
Scope of the mission

Religion is a mind control device.

My name is John Kaminski, hundreds of stories I’ve written can be seen on as well as, over the years, hundreds of websites around the world. Most of this time I have been criticized and banned for talking too candidly about Jews. My real passion is ancient history and this story is about how religions obscure rational thought and threaten the future of the human species.

Dr. Marni McGee of Statesboro, Georgia, ancient historian and famous author of children’s books, said this.

The truth is that religious history is not history. A historian wants to know what happened in history, and why, accepting that the natural world was subject to the same laws then as it is today. The religious writer wants to persuade their readers that their own religious viewpoint is the one to hold and, if they agree, to give them some moral codes to live by. In this way they hope to control their existence. History is scientific but religious history is tendentious. When history is written for some purpose other than to investigate the past then it becomes historiography—the art of the monks—polemic writing disguised as history. That is what the bible is.

Trying to catch up to the accelerating curve of thought and the exploding trajectory of current events these days is a very difficult proposition, so I probably shouldn’t be surprised that my grandiose scheme for this presentation is being undermined and sabotaged by information I decided to deliberately leave out, and now these facts are creeping back into my argument that the God the world acknowledges as the real God is not the true God and the deteriorating condition of the real world we see happening to us demonstrates and verifies this assertion in an extremely disturbing way.

One other note: No power point presentation with this talk. Have you noticed that movies, TV, YouTubes and Power Points greatly reduce the ability of the hearers (or readers) of spoken or printed words to conjure images of what we hear (or read) in our minds? Is this a conspiracy (or merely an inadvertent result) to diminish our ability to think, or to form coherent mental images from the words we hear?

Do we need pictures to do our thinking for us and is that part of our devolution? Is this the downside of technology, that we need to have pictures put in our brains because we can no longer install them there ourselves from the words we hear, and does this make us sitting ducks for artificial intelligence to take over our minds and remove the last vestige of our individuality?

But first things first. I want to thank Jim Fetzer for the invitation to address this interesting group of people trying to raise the consciousness of lemming world out there. For years I’ve complained about having no one to talk to about important things, the kind of things that are being discussed at this conference. But I’ve discovered that my real neighbors, the ones I can talk to about what really matters, are spread all over the world, and through the modern conveniences of Skype, Telegram, Zoom and other technological marvels I talk with them frequently and I want to thank them for being here, if in fact they are here.

Lately I’ve been reading Alexander Dugin, that well known friend of Vladimir Putin, and he said one thing with which I completely agree, which was that the most important subject to understand was prehistory, because it is essential to knowing who we really are and what we have become and why. This somehow justifies, I think, the objective of my presentation today — Religion as a mind control device — which really is an impossible attempt to analyze the entire history of human belief in a single hour.

Mr. Dugin also said this:

The dogma should be accepted that people do not live, but rather an Angel lives through us. The brighter and more intensely it lives through us, the higher the hierarchical level of he through whom the Angel lives . . . The Angel and ego are present in a person in inverse proportion: the greater the Angel, the lesser the ego. The more modest and ascetic a person is and the less individual he is, the higher the rank he occupies in the true hierarchy. In the highest of people, there should be nothing individual, egoistic, and material. Their wealth should be reduced to a minimum, minimized. Here monasticism is an anthropological model. Authority, hierarchical level, and power increase proportionally with the abolition of the individual element and the glow emanating from ascetic effort. A good ruler is he who does not want to have anything for himself. Instead, he has everything, but taken in aggregation and eidetically, maximally enriching the inner aspect of existence.

Because this sounded noble and self-sacrificing, and more or less resembles my impoverished monastic lifestyle, I didn’t immediately pick up on where it was leading, until he concluded . . .

The state should be ruled by the philosopher king, who is absolutely transparent, devoid of any individual properties. His individual element should be so miniscule that it would be desirable to hide everything reminiscent of it, including his body, his image, etc. It would be better if no one saw the philosopher king as something external. All should recognize him as an internal ruler, as the “guest within.”

(— Alexander Dugin, Horizon of the Ideal Empire

Hmmm. Willingly constructing an egoless dude inside yourself — what a concept!

But just as I was ready to embrace these concepts to live with some noble purpose, he cited as examples of this formula none other than Mao Tse Tung and Joseph Stalin — and my mind was blown! Suddenly I realized that this advice was just an elaborate ploy to get us to love our poverty and our powerlessness and become obedient citizens of a Communist regime.

I concluded that for a healthy world, our leaders need to be ordinary people, members of a community who are nice to their neighbors, which is something that never happens, which is why the world is the way it is, which is why some flunky chosen by the power elite who SEEMS just like an ordinary person is selected to impose the devious desires and totalitarian objectives of the power elite, the men behind the curtain who have always been pushing the buttons.

But can humans living a normal life with their daily concerns ever realistically contemplate the collective course of the human species and make the decisions that have to be made to keep us all safe?

So we find ourselves in a bind. So many choose to endorse a belief system that cannot support itself with provable facts, and then we remain puzzled when our government does the same thing and our society begins to disintegrate because of the lies our government has told. We choose to believe lies that make us comfortable and then wonder why our world falls apart — regularly, repeatedly and regrettably. We choose to believe our leaders, our teachers and our doctors because they make us feel comfortable, and soon after following their orders we have 17 million dead from a poisoned needle and many of us are uncertain whether we will ever again be able to reproduce.

• • •

Everything our government has told us in our adult life has been a lie, a strained and stretched excuse for all out war against innocent people. To boost the sale and production of weapons for the war machine as the anchor of our economy. What a series of lies we have told ourselves! Germans wanted to take over the world. Arabs hijacked four jetliners. Voting by mail will prevent a worldwide epidemic.

The lies are getting significantly more transparent. But curiously at the same time, the public is getting more willing to believe them.

Where did we get the idea that our government could blatantly lie to us and we’d believe their preposterous stories? Where indeed? We got it from religion, which does the same thing.

• • •

So really I just want to point out a few historical anomalies that are related to the decay of societies, and turning us all into robots. This is something that all religions do. Like governments, no religions persist except by force and coercion. People eventually detect the hypocrisy and eventually get tired and change the system. The have-nots eventually embrace revolution. It’s a natural process, an obvious process.

Mostly I want to make the connection between the Shepherd Kings who took over ancient Egypt in 1300 BC, the Jews who created Christianity in Rome in 300 AD, the Jews from Brooklyn who created the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1918, and Chinese soldiers paid by the U.S. government coming across our Southern border at this very moment — multiplied by the implementation of an artificial reality run by artificial intelligence — are all about to turn your reality into something you never really wanted and something you can’t avoid.

Artificial intelligence created our new artificial reality, and I’m sorry to tell you, it’s already here. Klaus Schwab is right. There will be no going back.

So why would I bother to do this, to place at the bottom of every story I write that I’m trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. It should be obvious. Simply observe the condition of the world in its fractious condition obviously threatening our continued survival.

Why we have a dishonest world is because we have been dishonest with ourselves.

The principal function of organized religion is to mobilize people for war, because the most profitable industry in world history is war and religions are constructed to justify the sociopaths making them. They teach you to kill other people to save your own life.

Some say what you believe is what you do. Others say religion is merely a justification for conflict that is really about robbery. Either way, the real world results are societies turned to rubble and uncountable dead bodies. Human behavior will never change as long as we can lie and get away with it, and religion provides the most convincing example of how to get away with those lies, by guaranteeing they can save your soul by providing eternal life. There is no bigger lie.

And for my own perspective on these matters I must reach back about 50 years to my younger days as a small town newspaper editor in northern New England, some years before I actually discovered the No. 1 cause of chaos and destruction in the world today, something the world’s foremost automaker once called the world’s foremost problem.

The overriding theme of this presentation that must be stressed is that the secrecy necessary to an effective religion when copied by governments results in a tyrannical corruption that eventually destroys societies, as we are observing so visibly today.

Governments learn to lie based on the hypocritical religions they pretend to believe, and the whole world suffers from it.

I want to make the point that our belief that we do not die, that we survive in some manner, either by going to heaven or reincarnating, is a false hope that has infected every iota of human activity — especially in the areas of corruption and warfare — and that if we do not abandon these ideas we will not survive as a species. Believing in eternal life is merely a delusion to make us comfortable that prevents us from seeing reality clearly.

It makes cowards and liars of us all.

It is an admission that nobody wants to make, but if we don’t make it, we will go extinct as a species. This is exactly what’s happening to us now, as insane ideologues have formulated a plan that to kill large numbers of our own species to provide a comfortable life for our controllers on a plantation of their own devious design.

What they haven’t realized is that culling the herd in this manner will result in total extinction, and deservedly so, because it will kill hope of anything constructive as regards human potential. It will lead to a terminal illness of the species, of all species, and Earth will become a dead planet if we continue in this direction.

Once we start killing our own, nature will assure — because of the message we are sending it — that we complete our task and no one will survive our suicidal urges. We have already gone pretty far in that direction, poisoning our air and water, not to mention our food and medicine, all in pursuit of that abstract notion of financial viability, which has turned out to be a terminal illness, a shortsighted pursuit of convenient trinkets that ultimately mean nothing.

The message we are sending to the powerful forces of Mother Nature, which has assisted us in our survival since the beginning of time, is that it must get rid of us.

So, in acknowledging our futility in achieving something that can never be achieved, let me continue on with the barebones outline of this essay I have aspired to deliver.

Next, chapter 2, Diabolical Deuteronomy.

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John Kaminski was a writer who lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work. 

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