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The presentation I delivered at Prof. James H. Fetzer’s False Flags and Conspiracies Conference on Dec. 17, 2023 was actually an abbreviated version of essays whittled down multiple times to fit into a 55-minute window, resulting in too much information too tightly packed and read too quickly. What follows is the next-to-final text of the address, divided into eight chapters, published on consecutive days, Dec. 21-29, 2023 for the purpose of increasing comprehension and clarifying details.

Diabolical Deuteronomy

Fearful symmetry shapes our disfigured future

Deuteronomy is a suicide note of the human species written in 200 BC, written by the demiurge whom we have persuaded ourselves is God.

I have often preached that God has created the perfect system just the way it is and to try and change that system proves how insane we are. Without death the possibility of love does not exist. If we live forever, we will destroy everything in our path simply to stay alive.

It is our destiny to tend the garden and nourish the next generation, not merely eat the fruits and vegetables and care only for ourselves. It is our job to teach the children how to tend the garden, not to overwhelm the enemy. The only enemy is our own fear of the wonderful deal we have all received in the incomparable gift of life. To demand more is to harvest less, and eventually starve ourselves to death.

Religions have not taught us the lessons that we need to learn. The only thing that really counts is what we do for others. That was the original message of Egyptian religion, from which all other creeds were taken. At your moment of passing, your heart is weighed against the Feather of Truth. If found wanting, your soul is eaten by Thoth’s dog.

For me, that is a perfectly acceptable fate. We all need to be forgiven, to forgive ourselves, and forgive others.

No prayer is going to help you get to heaven. That has already been determined by what you have done in your life and the kind of person you are. Dying comfortably and satisfying is the objective and that is determined by how you live, not what you say. Which is why, as a Taoist, I like the Chinese version of truth which stipulates that heaven is actually the here and now in which we live and it is up to us to make it so.

As the old saying goes, you cannot save yourself, but you can save somebody else.

So, just who is this God character?

I learned who God was by reading Deuteronomy. And it turns out God is none other than Death. Those who worship God worship death. Deuteronomy proves it.

In 1993, my little newspaper in Vermont was called the New England Pilgrim. It was a one-man tirade of conspiracy politics mixed with various New Age speculations. My Internet career as a 9/11 skeptic and Internet conspiracy theorist which began in 2003 and has lasted these last 20 years could be considered a continuation of these newspapers.

In the Pilgrim, I began a series of stories titled “Religion is a mental illness.” The first chapter was titled “The Feast of Deuteronomy,” which for those unacquainted with the Old Testament contains an emporium of ghastly threats aimed at terrifying skeptical observers into obeying “God’s holy laws”.

Feel free as you listen to these ancient horrors to connect them to these behaviors that are being conducted around the world — but particularly in Gaza and if you are an American — these acts of horror are being done in your name. Take responsibility for them.

This God of the Christians and Jews reveals himself in these chapters of Deuteronomy to be an evil, small minded fellow named Jehovah who told Moses and the 12 tribes of Israel to steal anything, rape anyone and go anywhere as long as they obeyed his holy laws. These words are taken from the fifth and final book of the Old Testament, which is called the Torah as well as the Pentateuch. It is the cornerstone of religious teaching for both Christians and Jews. It is also the fetid, smoldering cellar of ourselves.

Deuteronomy is an exercise in pathological perversity, now all too obviously recognizable in unfathomable torture the American government ruthlessly supports in Gaza.

From deep in the bowels of the Old Testament, this poison substance stretches across time. War is ritual rape that man constantly seeks to practice. Deuteronomy is a blueprint for this. It is easy to see how this grim chronicle of holy wrath foreshadows the future of us all.

(chapter 31, verse 17) “. . . they shall be devoured, and many evils and troubles will befall them, so that they will say in that day, Are not those evils come upon us because our God is not among us?”

“ . . . your carcass will be meat unto the fowls of the air (26) (that sounds like vultures), you get scabs and itches (28:27), darkness at noon (29), your wife lies with others (30), your children will be sold into slavery (32), and you will have “madness and sorrow” in line 34. By line 50, the Lord is into total hatred and vengeance, and describes how Israel will act toward unbelievers.

“A nation of fierce countenance shall show no mercy to young or old.”

To those who do not obey his sick mandates, Jehovah then dictates the most horrific passage in the world’s literature. Line 53 mandates “you will eat the fruit of your own body and the flesh of your sons and daughters.” Then comes lines 56-58, the absolute pit of hell attributed to Jehovah and repeated by Moses:

“. . . tender and delicate women among you . . . her eye shall be evil toward her husband, sons and daughters . . . she shall eat them for want of things . . . thine enemy will distress thee in thy gates . . .

Let’s be clear about this. This is God telling Moses that tender and delicate women will be forced to eat their own children if they don’t obey God’s holy law. Immediately following this horrendous pronouncement, in line 59, Moses says,

“Then the Lord will make thy plagues wonderful.”

Do you now hide from the news from Gaza? Is it too much to bear to watch those shattered parents holding the cold bodies of their murdered children shortly before they are wrapped in plastic shrouds for the last time?

Thomas Paine said it best:

“Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and torturous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness, with which more than half the Bible is filled, it would be more consistent that we called it the word of a demon, than the word of God. It is a history of sickness that has served to corrupt and brutalize mankind, and for my own part I sincerely detest it, as I detest everything that is cruel.”

I wrote this Deuteronomy story long before 9/11 and the series of cynical wars that followed that revealed a worldwide Jewish conspiracy behind a contrived epidemic and aggressions against all people centered around chaos in the Middle East that is about to consume the whole planet in a giant ball of flame.

And let me just say this about that. This was nothing compared to what I was to discover years later about how young Jews are raised in their synagogues, raised to hate everyone in the world to make it easier to kill them later in life when the time came to fulfill their ugly prophecies — which are happening now.

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John Kaminski was a writer who lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work. 

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