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The presentation I delivered at Prof. James H. Fetzer’s False Flags and Conspiracies Conference on Dec. 17, 2023 was actually an abbreviated version of essays whittled down multiple times to fit into a 55-minute window, resulting in too much information too tightly packed and read too quickly. What follows is the next-to-final text of the address, divided into eight chapters, published on consecutive days, Dec. 21-29, 2023 for the purpose of increasing comprehension and clarifying details.

Ancient Egypt
is the crucible

Renegade pharaoh ushered in
the fatal forerunner of both
Christianity and Communism

The multiplicity of the pagan gods in the ancient world all celebrated the gift of life. The creation of the one Almighty God ushered in the era of mass death.

It is simply mind boggling to think the events of 3300 years ago loom like a lethal embolism in the psychic heart of humanity when this very day thousands of people are being slaughtered over an argument over what to believe about the God who is supposed to love us all.

Let it be said right here and now that a God who is only the God of one particular people is not a real god at all, but only a psychological construct to justify the killing of strangers. Only one God avoids that trap by accepting people who worship any god, and that God is Krishna, which is why they call it Krishna consciousness. Krishna says anyone who worships any god may come to him.

Something there is about the Middle East has made it the locus of horror and violence throughout history. Just as the world witnesses with horrified indifference this unparalleled carnage in Gaza as the the future of humanity hangs in the balance, 33 centuries ago a radical transition of leadership cast an indelible psychic scar that plagues the world to this very day.

This profound disruption began with the ascendance of the rebel pharaoh Akhnaten to the throne of Egypt, a saga that ends with the departure of Moses and the same outlaws who were to become these worshippers of Satan, these sadistic Israelis, many centuries down the line.

When we take a closer look at Egypt, we find that the Bible was written in the same way our disgusting corporate press wrote about the war in Vietnam, or described the way phantom Arab terrorists who were never properly identified blew up the World Trade Center.

Bishop Eusebius who engineered the takeover of the Roman Empire when Christianity became the Deep State of its time also distorted the accounts of Egypt’s most famous historian in the same self serving way.

The history of ancient Egypt is not so different from the history of most modern nations as it was dominated by the very same foreign invaders who more than 30 centuries later have plundered and betrayed virtually all the nations of the modern world through their ruthless control of money.

From the ascendance of a renegade pharaoh at the conclusion of domination by the so-called Shepherd Kings to the escape of these same invaders from the country using plagues and swindles, this despicable pattern has marauded through history, sabotaging the efforts of people to be free and maintain the possessions earned by their own hard labor which get stolen from them by priests.

Both events are revealing examples of religious mind control that robs humanity of reality and veer into the fantasy of wishful thinking — magical escape from death — an ominous swindle that always uses as its fuel a scenario potentially fatal to the human future.

In a substantial sense what happened to ancient Egypt resembles what happened to 20th century Russia in its takeover by what is now a familiar and deadly foreign power.

Egypt’s reforming king Akhnaten (c. 1353-36 BC) proclaimed a new solar religion, closed temples, and ridiculed the existing gods — only to have his work undone and reviled by the next generation.

What we do know is that late in this foreign occupation a renegade pharaoh became king and tried to change the entire existing religious structure featuring a menagerie of animal spirits — animistic metaphors representing human characteristics — to one of straightforward Sun worship.

Old Egyptian religion was never widely disseminated among the people since its main tenets mostly were inscribed on the insides of the coffins of the deceased, and the fabled Egyptian Book of the Dead was never really collated and revealed to the world until the 19th century of our era.

The Hebrew tradition today stresses the maternal line of proving one is Jewish, which was a practice emphasized during the reign of Akhnaten. Sigmund Freud, the 20th century inventor of psychoanalysis, suggested that Akhnaten’s brother was the Biblical Moses, founder of the so-called Jewish religion.

A thousand years after this renegade pharaoh (around 270 BC), an Egyptian historian named Manetho chronicled the departure of these foreign oppressors from Egypt, a version of history that was subsequently changed by those who were defending these usual suspects even way back when.

The modern version of the Old Testament Book of Exodus stems from the historian Flavius Josephus defending the heritage of his Hebrew tribe. Thus he slandered Manetho's account, which is why we have this sappy hero story of Moses parting the Red Sea and leading his kosher criminals into the wilderness where supposedly flowered a hitherto unknown nation of Israel. This was a notion that is not supported by empirical history and the pleasant tale of Moses parting the Red Sea was further streamlined by Bishop Eusebius several centuries later.

But the heroes of the Old Testament who so dominate the foundational legends of the three Abrahamic religions — Christianity, Judaism and Islam — started out as escaped criminals, according to the initial objective account of Manetho, Egypt’s foremost historian in the 3rd century BC.

When he identified these ruthless invaders who became the fathers of Israel, he described these lying Hebrew heroes as lepers, a description that truly fits them today as they spread their philosophy of unabashed greed throughout the world.

What that means, three thousand years later, is subject to personal interpretation. Were the escaping proto Israelis physically deformed or bearing repulsive diseases, or was this just a moral judgment? Is this a situation that exists today from which we cannot escape because their constant anti human behavior constantly reminds us of tis original sabotage of ancient Egypt’s traditional belief system, which, like ancient Greece and pagan societies of that era, tended to animate natural phenomena with metaphorical anthropomorphic characters.

The systematic promotion of the one God eventually wiped out the entire pagan spectrum of nature spirits, which was a far more realistic way of honoring Mother Nature than this violent tyranny of an alien deity often referred to as the demiurge by pagan creeds,

The Pentateuch (or the first five books of the Old Testament) was produced in Egypt under the influence of the two Hellenistic historians, Berossus (who wrote Genesis) and Manetho (the author of Exodus). It was composed in Hebrew with a Greek translation by the same group of scholars at virtually the same time, in 273–2 BC.

Thus, it was written all at one time by a group of bilingual Jewish research scholars, working within the confines of the Museum and Library of Alexandria under the patronage of Ptolemy II.

The Exodus narrative taught in churches today is a self serving fable of heroism covering up a narrative of invasion, thievery and deceit. Translators of these ancient accounts of Manetho found an unwelcome description of the Jews as lepers; but they were able to identify their ancestors with the Hyksos, and the Exodus with the expulsion of these invaders.

That means Moses and his ghoulish gang were really the expelled Hyksos invaders. They were escaped criminals who have been pillaging the world right up to this very moment, as the crushed corpses in Gaza today so clearly demonstrate.

The estimable Bishop Eusebius is forever responsible for unwarranted alterations of the original texts of both Manetho and Josephus.

Preserved in Josephus's Against Apion I, Manetho presented the Hyksos as a barbaric horde, “invaders of an obscure race” who conquered Egypt by force, causing destruction and murdering or enslaving Egyptians. This account continued in Egyptian texts from the Second Intermediate Period and New Kingdom.

Sounds consistent with Jewish behavior over time considering the French Revolution, the African slave trade, the Bolshevik revolution, the world wars, 9/11, the COVID epidemic and now the Gaza slaughter.

While the Old Testament's Exodus tells of heroic Jews escaping Egypt after “borrowing” the jewelry of their neighbors, Manetho tells a different story.

The rebel lepers, led by Osarsiph (who later revealed himself as Moses.), later imposed various anti-Egyptian laws and together with the Shepherds, actual sheep herders from the northeast trading post of Avaris (which is really the center of so-called ancient Israel) conquered Egypt in a 'barbarous manner...set[ting] the cities and villages on fire...roasting those sacred animals...and forced the priests and prophets to be the executioners and murderers of those sacred animals."

To the Jews of today, the sacred animals they slaughter now are human beings begging for mercy which they never get beneath the bombs provided by the United States that are used by these kosher psychos to slaughter tearful mothers and their defenseless babies by the thousands.

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