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Going against nature
is a dead end street
— and we’re on it!

The thing that got me going on this was Ray Kurzweil’s singularity fantasy in which he aims to download your consciousness into an artificial body inside which you can live forever, supposedly. Now the chief science officer at Google, Kurzweil is saying this process could be available by 2029.

I think the day we invent immortality for our ourselves is the day we stop having babies, which up until now has been the main purpose of life. What that purpose will become beyond the horizon of Kurzweil’s singularity, if it ever comes, could well be a fate worse than death, with new sophisticated methods of life extension/termination forever sabotaging the natural human impulse to seek peace and contentment through authentic dialogue and understanding.

The slavemasters seek to completely eliminate independent people who rely on their friends. They want everyone disconnected and turning to the government for all their needs. No more co-conspirators plotting against the superstate. This is the ultimate war on freedom. Everything you have learned in this life has been to train you to fit into your strait jacket and shut up.

Reversal of values

Things that are against nature are the hallmarks of our culture today. These are horrifying developments that we have come to accept as normal.

The proposed legalization of pedophilia would rank right at the top, following Pizzagate revelations that mainstream media have been doing cartwheels to cover up. Legalization of pedophilia would be the final nail in the coffin of the American family, which had previously been nailed shut by women’s liberation and the popularization of homosexuality.

Genetically modified seeds and their interlocking poison pesticides produced by a notorious weapons manufacturer cause massive suicides in India among farmers who can’t pay for the GMO seeds that grow only once. Our government insists they shouldn’t be tested or labeled.

Prozac in the water dumbs everybody down, producing emotionless robots prone to suicide and incapable of authentic relationships.

Navy sonar kills cetaceans who beach themselves while screaming as the ocean food chain washes up on beaches and the starfish disintegrate before our eyes.

800,000 kids go missing each year, some of whom become sex slaves for our leaders. 

The defoliation of vegetation by aluminum from the skies is supposedly done to protect us from the Sun, which has now suddenly cooled. A devotee of Rudolf Steiner might think the Sun turned off its burner because it could see the Earth has become dangerously overheated.

All the while the chemtrails poison the skies, facilitating co-factor diseases that cull the population.

And then there’s television.

This is the world you permit. Is this the world you want?

Unnatural events

How many times have you heard the remark lately that everything seems upside down, that what used to be right is now wrong, and what used to be wrong is now generally accepted as OK in a society that has been cleverly subverted into something resembling the Weimar Republic in which little girls sold themselves to rich bankers in order to stay alive (is it so different today?).

How odd it should be that the people we attempt to respect — namely our elected officials — are misanthropes drunk on power who wallow in the depths of perversion and call it a lifestyle choice. 

The results of these trends are that our children are being raised by the state, raised to be thoughtless killers, actually.

The first obvious thing that strikes me as being profoundly againstature because it is practiced in similar forms across much of the world is the barbaric, consciousness warping process of circumcision.

Let me start by saying, the whole world should throw up on Jews as the definitive comment on their behavior in general.

Rabbis bite off the tip of Jewish babies’ penises. They chew it up and sllow it with the blood they have spilled. This is vampirism at its finest. 

They say this is a sign of their holiness. I say it’s a clear indication of their depravity, as there is no legitimate health reason to ever have this done to you, especially when you are a defenseless baby. 

Judaism is truly the cult of vampires. Insane Jews have spread this atavistic atrocity and medical scam throughout the entire world.

The circumcision ritual is basically what the Jews do to the whole world. The steal everyone’s most valuable part and make life miserable for the people who must suffer their bizarre and sadistic behavior.

Crimes before our eyes

Our government — the U.S. government — continues to commit inexplicably barbaric acts against poor people all over the world. Just as bad if not worse, it imports illiterates from darkest Africa to further degrade its own educational processes and social systems which have been practically destroyed by immigrants who can’t speak English and don’t know how to use toilets.

And then it rules that no identification is required in order to vote!

The murders of Muammar Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein and the continuing torture deaths of their countries rank high on the list of America’s recent criminal achievements. These presidentially decreed murders were about robbery cloaked in rubbish about terrorism, false stories concocted to steal oil. 

We’ve deliberately murdered a lot of our own people so they wouldn’t blow the whistle on the crimes and deceptions our own country is committing.

Israel and the U.S. promote turning countries who won’t pay ransom to the international bankers into radioactive landfills full of the corpses of their children

Too many morons still believe that planes slamming into buildings like a hot knife cutting into butter are perfectly realistic.

Americans bomb hapless villagers to get them to accept a dictator they don’t want, but the banks do.

The term “crisis actor” has emerged because of the clumsiness of all these false flag terror events they claim to be authentic. These manufactured tragedies — few of them actually real — remain hotly debated between people who trust their government no matter how it behaves and those who can actually tell the difference between a lie and the truth.

Donald Trump will never be able to tell the truth about 9/11 because he simply has too many old friends who were involved in the caper.

Will we ever realize that our government smashes the essential requirements for optimal health beneath the smug deceptions of cold-hearted business executives?

A swindler’s culture

In their fear that first began with their rejection by ordinary societies and then metastasized into a monstrous paranoia generated by their own obnoxious habits — no, not just obnoxious, but willfully perverse, self-injurious and criminal — the Jews separated themselves from the rest of humanity and vowed eternal vengeance on the rest of us for putting them in a position of having to do this.

This single-minded compulsion allowed them to learn every trick in the book about how to swindle people, a trait which ultimately results in having no one trusting you, because you have lied to them so many times. How many times does it have to be before you no longer believe what they say?

In a world run by Jewish media, apparently the number is infinite.

This is the position the U.S. government is in today, with the unearthed facts of previously suppressed history clearly showing an outside agency in control of the USA ever since the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.  All our leaders since that time — as well as all of the major media commentators throughout that period — have been employed or approved by this all-powerful outside agency.

American history is all about Jews trying to destroy America. With assassinations, swindles and bribes, the Manchurian candidates dominate both parties today.

If people have nothing outside of themselves that they respect and revere then they have no scruples and cannot be trusted.

But if people are controlled by an outside agency and don’t know it, nothing in the world can free them from their imprisonment, except the knowledge of who their tormentors actually are.

Kurzweil’s attempt to substitute a human creation for a natural organism exactly mirrors the hubris that generates the flaw tat is destroying our natural world.

The futile hunt for the holy grail is the human self deception to avoid death. Or as Ernest Becker said, “Man is a frightened animal who must lie in order to live.”

We need new religions to teach us that immortality is achieved through reproduction. DNA never dies, though your ego will. It is a beautiful system that guarantees selfishness will lose in the end.

If you do not have the faith to carry on then you will not carry on.

Does everyone who preaches for peace have an ulterior motive?

Do churches sustain themselves by recruitment when their financial requirements become more important than the integrity of their message? 

Otherwise the message will not survive. But what kind of message is it which does survive?

It is one that tolerates tyranny, helps cover up the truth, and is complicit in ghastly crimes. As it shifts child molester priests from church to church, it is the stuff of nightmares.

The consequences of lies

As I've been saying for a decade or more, the two great obstacles to constructing a united front against the homicidal maniac Jews are ego and religion. Unless I miss my guess, the exclusionary behavior of certain anti-Jewish advocates actually serves to prevent a coalition from forming that could more effectively capture the public mind and get them to see how the Jews have been committing atrocious crimes against humanity for centuries, many centuries. 

Both Christianity and Islam actually support the legitimacy of Judaism. They’re all in the same business of stealing souls for fun and profit. 

And the tendency of religious zealots to fracture relationships and efforts devoted to exposing the Jewish menace because of their misguided devotion to thoroughly suspect dogma allows Jew interlopers to foment discord by simply pulling the chains of the true believers, who take the bait, betray their real allies and accomplish nothing except the continuation of their loopy and inauthentic rituals. 

That's why religion has no place in the fight against the Jews. It's all about the crimes Jews commit, and it's very difficult to catch them because they own the cops, the judges, the media and the politicians. Yes, they own the churches, too. 

It makes our task very difficult, but now is not the time to give up. Human decency requires that we never give up trying to prevent Jews from establishing the brutal, conscience-free world they are trying so hard to create.

We live on a dead end street if we think humans can improve upon Mother Nature’s graceful gifts. And we won’t live much longer if we continue to do so.

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