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The presentation I delivered at Prof. James H. Fetzer’s False Flags and Conspiracies Conference on Dec. 17, 2023 was actually an abbreviated version of essays whittled down multiple times to fit into a 55-minute window, resulting in too much information too tightly packed and read too quickly. What follows is the next-to-final text of the address, divided into eight chapters, published on consecutive days, Dec. 21-24, 2023 for the purpose of increasing comprehension and clarifying details.

The most hated man in world history


Note: A fortuitous discovery after the conclusion of my speech at the conference has caused me to replace my judgmental remarks about the subject of this paper with something far more interesting, a true nugget of history the illustrates the point of this essay far better than any rambling summation I could ever produce.

They say politics makes strange bedfellows, and the vagaries and coverups of history make people believe one thing while they appear to advocate the opposite. So it happens with the case of Adolf Hitler, surely one of the most vilified personalities of all time. 

Yet to his own people of Germany, who knew he was trying to save them from the international Jewish bankers, their lackey Communists in Russia and bloodthirsty capitalists in America, he was and is the greatest leader the world has ever known, a man who took nothing for himself as he tried to save his country from the murderous international financiers.

While the Jewish press still rants on about how Hitler was trying to take over the whole world, the Germans who loved him knew he only wanted peace in order to put Germany back together again after it had been torn apart by the Jewish double-cross of World War I.

The argument persists to this day over whether Hitler loved or hated Christianity, especially among Christians who today understand Hitler was fighting the Jews and that the Americans and Russians, led by Stalin and Roosevelt, were clearly spokes in the treasonous wheel of International Jewry, who were the powerbrokers who started the war, despite Hitler’s seven pre-war peace proposals.

So let the führer answer the question about how he felt about Christianity himself, which is written in the very last 1944 entry of 

Hitler’s Table Talk, 1941-44
His Private Conversations
Translated by Norman Cameron and R.H. Stevens
Introduced and with a new Preface by H.R. Trevor-Roper

Night of 20th-3Oth November 1944
(with Burgdorff and Bormann)
Jesus and Saint Paul
Christianity, a Jewish manoeuvre—
Christianity and Communism—
National Socialism, the implacable enemy of everything Jewish.

Jesus was most certainly not a Jew. The Jews would never have handed one of their own people to the Roman courts; they would have condemned Him themselves. It is quite probable that a large number of the descendants of the Roman legionnaires, mostly Gauls, were living in Galilee, and Jesus was probably one of them. His mother may well have been a Jewess.

Jesus fought against the materialism of His age, and, therefore, against the Jews.

Paul of Tarsus, who was originally one of the most stubborn enemies of the Christians, suddenly realised the immense possibilities of using, intelligently and for other ends, an idea which was exercising such great powers of fascination.

He realised that the judicious exploitation of this idea among non-Jews would give him far greater power in the world than would the promise of material profit to the Jews themselves.

It was then that the future St. Paul distorted with diabolical cunning the Christian idea.

Out of this idea, which was a declaration of war on the golden calf, on the egotism and the materialism of the Jews, he created a rallying point for slaves of all kinds against the élite, the masters and those in dominant authority. The religion fabricated by Paul of Tarsus, which was later called Christianity, is nothing but the Communism of to-day.

Bormann intervened. Jewish methods, he said, have never varied in their essentials. Everywhere they have stirred up the plebs against the ruling classes. Everywhere they have fostered discontent against the established power. For these are the seeds which produce the crop they hope later to gather.

Everywhere they fan the flames of hatred between peoples of the same blood. It is they who invented class-warfare, and the repudiation of this theory must therefore always be an anti-Jewish measure.

In the same way, any doctrine which is anti-Communist, any doctrine which is anti-Christian must, ipso facto, be anti-Jewish as well. The National Socialist doctrine is therefore anti-Jewish in excelsis, for it is both anti-Communist and anti-Christian. National Socialism is solid to the core, and the whole of its strength is concentrated against the Jews, even in matters which appear to have a purely social aspect and are designed for the furtherance of the social amenities of our own people.

The Führer concluded :

Burgdorff has just given me a paper which deals with the relationship between Communism and Christianity. It is comforting to see how, even in these days, the fatal relationship between the two is daily becoming clearer to the human intelligence.

Incidental note: the author of his report you are reading was born on Nov. 20, 1944.

Oh, that to this day, it has never become clearer to human intelligence, even though it remains obvious to these compromised churches blackmailed by their tax-free status.

Potential questions:

What are the alternatives to the Abrahamic religions?

Both the pagans and the Odinists speak of Yahweh as the demiurge, the prince of darkness, and Lucifer, most often labeled by Christians as the devil, really being the light bringer, who brings knowledge to humanity whereas Yahweh discourages actual critical thinking in favor of obedience. This is the Jewish formula, total mind control by the words of the rabbis and the insane ravings of the Talmud, watered down a bit to form the commands of the Bible.

Why we need to understand religion as a mind control device is best illustrated today by the extermination of the Palestinians of Gaza by the Jewish supremacists. Jews regard other human beings as animals who can be exterminated at will with no penalty.

Religion is the enemy of knowledge

We must resist the temptation to use religious principles as a form of government. This process guarantees corruption in every instance.

It is much healthier to learn how to live meaningful lives than to worry about our ultimate fate after we die. The ancient Egyptians knew that if we lived truly honorable lives that worry about dying took care of itself. But this was before the proto Hebrews took control of the world and have plagued everyone ever since.

Belief in religion leads to corruption in government because of the teaching of believing in things that don’t need to be proven because they are based on articles of faith. This partially works for belief in a higher power but not for honest government. Judges, therefore, were the flaw in the argument against the American tripartite form of government, because they are appointed at the whim of the manipulators and can (and do) overrule the democratic decisions of the legislature.

And then the basic problem of religion is that believing that you do not die impels you to kill everyone who disagrees with you.

Ernest Becker quoted Otto Rank who said, “the death fear of the ego is lessened by the killing, the sacrifice, of the other; through the death of the other, one buys oneself free from the penalty of dying, of being killed” (Rank, 1945, p. 130, quoted in Becker, 1973, p. 99). Read more of Ernest Becker in part 7.

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John Kaminski was a writer who lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work. 

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