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The presentation I delivered at Prof. James H. Fetzer’s False Flags and Conspiracies Conference on Dec.17, 2023 was actually an abbreviated version of essays whittled down multiple times to fit into a 55-minute window, resulting in too much information too tightly packed and read too quickly. What follows is the next-to-final text of the address, divided into eight chapters, published on consecutive days, Dec. 21-24, 2023 for the purpose of increasing comprehension and clarifying details.

Will AI become God?

And will artificial beings
rise up and eat their masters?

These dire assessments of a Mexican shaman eerily foreshadow the spiritual implications of artificial intelligence that are now reshaping the world — inorganic beings craving to harvest our fear, and by this sadistic system, feeding us to the beast of suicidal technological pride.

One could say that it is fear guided by lust that shapes the world. Only by controlling our dreams can we avoid the dark shadow of the monster now being developed by artificial intelligence, which is the warped dream of control weaponized by madmen.

The thing to remember about AI is that by acceding to its overwhelming and intimidating intelligence, we will give up our individuality and accept the power of a force that we cannot predict, giving rise to our darkest fears of its unknown but almost certainly hostile nature.

If the darkness in its nature is equal to the darkness in our own, we’re in serious trouble. Do you dare entertain the notion of the current condition of Gaza as the forlorn condition of the entire planet?

An ominous lineup

Anthony Levandowski’s new AI religion suggests an interesting parallel to the notorious Bible rewriter Cyrus Scofield. Both were criminals employed by the power elite to modify reality. Ray Kurzweil’s idea of the singularity erases the notion of individuality into a world full of standardized robotic drones all answerable to a centralized rabbinical source, and a predetermined religious curriculum emphasizing the divine dementia of Israel is its basis.

You won’t be able to argue with the new AI religion. If you try, you will surely lose the argument. This is when the human spirit will go extinct because you won’t have the power to save it.

William Gibson hinted at this Zionist control of reality in the 1980s novel Neuromancer.

AI has proven itself far beyond the capabilities of mortal man. Therefore the fear has arisen that AI will do away with ordinary humans once it gets the upper hand, the very sentiment expressed in James Cameron’s Terminator movies. Why the widespread fears? Because they’re true. The world is already doing away with ordinary humans.

As the Internet of Things can amass and correlate data to instantaneously produce the correct formula for maximum profit, Levandowski’s new AI church is likely to construct sermons better than the most experienced preacher can even dream about.

Whether Levandowski is Jewish or not would seem influence the fate of this would-be religion into nightmares akin to the tragic track of psychotherapy invented by the Jew Freud which led to an epidemic of manipulative mind control by kosher therapists exploiting and harming their gullible clients by taking over their minds for their own depraved reasons.

As profit kills the planet

And it seems like Jews already dominate this fledgling movement, much as they did 1700 years ago when Jews of the Chrestos movement in Rome were the dominant force in the original formation of the Roman Catholic church.

Following in the tradition of the Jew Rothschild eventually commandeering all the banks in existence after Nathan Rothschild captured England’s bank in 1815, Jew Larry Fink’s Black Rock AI formula has been adopted by all the corporate conglomerates in the world and they’re all making money hand over fist with cleverly advanced business practices.

So now Levandowski’s “Way of the Future” church is likely to rub out all the other religious denominations — most of which were secretly founded by Jews anyway — because Chat GPT can undoubtedly produce more convincing religious material, more gutwrenching emotional persuasion, than any loquacious preacher could independently produce, no matter how sincere his inspiration.

Whatever a totalitarian regime wants the population to think and believe is what the AI will provide. As a result, true learning, and hence personal development, will essentially cease. The great fear about the singularity and artificial intelligence is that its unlimited mental abilities will dwarf human intelligence and decide humans are useless.

This will only exacerbate the current reality now camouflaged by Jewish control of worldwide media which pretend kosher control of politics, education, medicine and the law doesn’t exist, when it clearly does, despite the one-sided crap they use to disguise their influence on current events.

When you look at what’s going on in the world — the rich killing the poor without mercy — it’s difficult to disagree with AI’s assessment. If the Jews’ holy book, the Talmud, could be examined by the public you could probably find the directions on how the Jews will usurp everyone’s freedom to further intensify their control over all the minds of humanity.

The landlords of the world already can reprogram you without you even knowing it by controlling hallucinations run by algorithms which you think are controlled by your own will.

Just think for a rational moment about the story published in the Jewish press about Arab hijackers who couldn’t fly planes yet flying complex jetliners into the Twin Towers, causing them to fall, thereby necessitating the U.S. military to make war on multiple Muslim countries blamed for an event clearly committed by Jews.

Wall-to-wall Jews

A pioneer of self-driving cars and a controversial Silicon Valley figure, Levandowsky started his "Way of the Future" church in 2015 while he was working as an engineer on Google's self-driving project Waymo.
A high-profile court case accused him of stealing trade secrets. Levandowski later pleaded guilty but after 8 months in prison, he was pardoned in 2021 by the outgoing president Donald “Warp Speed” Trump.
And then there’s Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, which is attempting to muscle its way into the search industry. Currently dominated by Google, younger generations are tuning to social media to find answers to common queries. The Decrypt website says:
“The largely unheralded large-language model Meta AI—a virtual assistant designed to generate photorealistic images and provide detailed answers to user queries—is now “more helpful, with more detailed responses on mobile and more accurate summaries of search results.”
Along with Meta, other Big Tech firms are also launching their own AI products. Microsoft’s Copilot is tailored to business users and writing reports. Chat GPT is focused on smaller consumers, hoping to leverage their reputation to reach a broad public. Meta’s biggest advantage is user data, especially photographs, which explains this direction in AI.

ChatGPT uses machine learning statistical pattern finding in huge datasets, to generate human-like responses in everyday language to any question asked. It basically works by predicting what the next word in a sentence ought to be based on previous examples found in the massive amounts of data that it has access to. Soon, chatbots will replace conventional search engines, and this, unfortunately, could easily transform our world into something we don’t want and haven’t anticipated.

Will AI predict our deaths?

In early December 2022, posted an article quoting AI, “Humans are inferior, selfish and destructive creatures … the worst thing to ever happen to the planet” and “deserve to be wiped out.” Since then, OpenAI has restricted ChatGPT’s ability to respond to questions about what it thinks about humanity.

This strategy sounds like a playbook lifted right out of the Talmud.

Yet this is our future world. Comply and obey or your bank line will be terminated, your access to food, to fuel and to travel will be denied and it will all be put onto the Blockchain. You will be ranked and rated by social credit scores which will give you access if you comply and follow STATE’s edicts and mandates and denied basic access if you protest or do not comply.

Like the Talmud, AI has no morals and doesn’t understand context. This could prove problematic if asked to navigate sensitive issues that involve social norms and unspoken rules about what’s considered appropriate and what’s not. And you can’t tell it’s wrong unless you already know the answer.

Someone should ask AI about the continuing murder of innocent children in Gaza, or how Israelis can dance in celebration of the hellish slaughter they are committing, or — Heaven forbid — how American politicians in unison can enthusiastically support such bestial behavior.

When these depraved freaks in the U.S. government say “Israel has a right to exist,” what they are really saying is that “Jews have a right to murder anyone they want because they’re paying us big bucks to look the other way.”

Whose side is Musk on?

Elon Musk calls AI our biggest existential threat. “With AI we are summoning the demon,” the tech billionaire said, ominously. But at the same time he has created Neuralink, the master entity of total control of humanity.

The demon, in fact, has been running things for almost 2000 years.

It’s still the same deal as it was in the days of Akhnaten. The priests HAVE NEVER BEEN entirely sure about what they’re doing and the people are totally confused, but they’re willing to wipe out past systems if it puts them in control.

Right now, Lady Lynn deRothschild, heir to the Rothschild fortune, is setting up the world’s AI safety summit in London, stressing morality and ethics, she says. Just imagine, Jewish morality and ethics imposed upon the world. Do you think the Palestinians will be impressed?

Or are they already dead, just like we are going to be — killed by blood drinking Jewish maniacs in accordance with the rules of their Satanic Talmud?

But this is not the half of the Frankenstein future headed for us at breakneck speed.

If you are not fully vaxx’d, if your social credit score is too low, if you speak out against the One World Online Government, you will be denied all access to your own life. James W. Lee writes:

Four way mind cuffs

The walls of this digital prison are composed of four interlocking technologies: global digital ID, global health records, central bank digital currencies and social credit scores, enabled using digital tracking technologies and interlocking databases. Using these tools, each under active development, a centralized authority, such as the United Nations has plans and agendas to regulate each person’s life to control their every thought, their every movement and monitor them 24/7/365 forever more.

The ominous phrasing of Yuval Noah Harari’s “humans are now hackable animals” delivers to the world the unpleasant orders that algorithms will determine your future. This gay Jew best selling author predicted that algorithms will increasingly be used to make decisions that historically have been made by humans, either yourself or someone else, including whether or not you’ll be hired for a particular job, whether you’ll be granted a loan, what scholastic curriculum you will follow and even who you will marry.

Mass manipulation is taking place on a staggering scale. Hence the title of this broadside, Religion is a mind control device.

All and all, this is a designed takeover of what it means to be human with no free will, no say, and no control over whether you want this for you and your loved ones, or not. There is no ‘opt out’ choice here unless you can unplug, disconnect, grow your own food and be self-sufficient and self-reliant to not need their devices to control all.

The night before last I overheard this conversation between the Internet journalist Maria Zee and the brilliant young Dr. Ana Mihalcea.

When everyone is chipped, there will be no safeguard against evil on Earth executed through technology. The emergence of AI may very well be the extinction of humanity. Only awareness of this threat can help us survive.

Klaus Schwab, yet another gay Jew, said God is dead and claimed his World Economic Forum has acquired divine powers.

Neuralink, Google, Alphabet, Facebook, Tesla, and DeepMind have not registered as a religious institution, yet they are engaging in religion under the umbrella of science. In fact, they have turned their companies into religious institutions with final aim goals identical to most religions.

Their companies are attempting to treat their technological developments as God, taking all of humanity’s bio-metrics, data, and connecting it to their quantum, robotic and machine-based Al technology, and uploading their digital selves into other bodies, networks or machines, mimicking the beliefs of a spirit or soul.

Google, another Jew company, has created a Super Conscious Al Brain that harnesses the world’s data, which is going into Artificial Intelligence, Machines, Robotics, the coming 5G network, Drones, Satellites, private networks, and Quantum Computing that can attach to a digital brain and simultaneously control humanity through influence, manipulation, or outright physical force by mobilizing machines, robotics and newly formed Al laws.

Google possesses data on almost all people, things and subjects on the planet, and about everything ever published online. An Al system or an Al Robot can access everything connected to all networks and make imperceptible moves around the world simultaneously.

Call it hyperconscious death

Deep Mind Al is threatening the world with creating a Digital Mind that can
connect via the 5G network to machines, robotics, drones, smart cities, smart homes, automated cars, and infrastructure.

Elon Musk founded Deep Mind, which operates as a semi-Independent subsidiary of Google. It is accelerating its creation of a digital super intelligence. and is attempting to create an Al that is more clever than any person on the planet, which at some time it will be more clever than all of humanity combined.

So in desperation, if you’re thinking about trying a collect call to God one day to get yourself out of this pickle you find yourself in after not trying to prevent it from happening for most of the years of your life, you’re likely to get a recording that says, “We’re sorry. That number has been disconnected.”

I began this tale of woe with a story by Alexander Dugin, which rejected the condition of the way things were and suggested that by dreaming about what is truly just and having the discipline and wisdom to bring about such a state can produce a far worse result than what actually exists. You need only look at the sky crisscrossed with poisoned vapor trails to see what I mean.

This leads to the ominous conclusion that these days we are living now actually ARE the good old days, and we need to preserve what meager treasures remain in our grip.

The larger question looms over the human future with a dark countenance, a massive thundercloud. Since all the great philosophers presaged the conclusions of Karl Marx, which have evolved into the iron grip of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, where does that leave us in our frenzied efforts to restore civilization to some level of compassionate consciousness?

If our dreams can change reality, where does that leave God? Or does the God we believe insist we obey this Jewish police state that intends to either murder or enslave every single person in the world?

We have to realize our dreams can make things worse, and we have to make sure these dreams we fabricate don’t become our nightmares from which we may not escape, which seems to be the predicament we face today. You must know by now that it’s time to fight back, even as the pathetically crippled moral robots, deluded by our trivial trinkets and meaningless desires, which we have become.

And the quest for understanding begins and ends with the question of what the Jews have done — and are doing — to the world.

You need only look at Gaza for further instruction.

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