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Which source has the higher
percentage of readers alive today?

Here’s one of many facts you need to know about the so-called COVID epidemic?

Which source was more likely to keep their readers alive with uncorrupted facts and opinions based on evidence not furnished by rapist politicians, homo teachers, or psychopathic Jewish pharmacists?

A much higher percentage of people who relied on John Kaminski and other responsible people for their objective reporting and unbiased opinions about the lethal medical farce disgustingly known as the COVID epidemic remain alive to this day, whereas many followers of their chosen favorite commercial media outlets do not. Mark especially superficial local newspapers unable to think for themselves among these fatally false prophets.

So while millions of reporters are paid millions to fill your minds with lies to get you to submit to a jab with a phony vaccine that very possibly will kill you — or in some cases already has ruined your lives — those who try their level best to furnish the facts that could save your life are paid little to nothing to try to save you from the nightmare of Big Pharma and their doctors with their glib smiles and deadly needles.

Please consider supporting my work in any way that you can by mail at:

John Kaminski, 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

I know this is a rough time for all of us and it’s about to get rougher.

Here is John Kaminski’s list of stories about the COVID hoax since the nightmare began. (not a complete list)

Pandemic panic a poison psyop 3-23-20
Flu is not contagious 3-29-20
‘We are being electrocuted’ 3-31-20
The Bill Gates death tattoo 4-2-20
‘Not with a bang but with a whimper’ 4-4-20
The men in the little white trucks 4-6-20
Lockdown madness 4-14-20
Contact tracers 5-10-20
The masquerade of moral order 8-13-20
The end result of ignoring evil 9-14-20
Only zombies wear masks 9-22-20
Don’t trust your doctor 9-27-20
Hydrogel: Fast track to hell 10-6-20
Stealing your future 10-31-20
Big Pharma’s house of cards 11-5-20
Quack attack 12-18-20
Cashing you out 12-26-20
The COVID caper 1-24-21
Lockdown lunacy 1-28-21
A plan for you, brother 2-2-21
The mask that blinds the future 2-8-21
What you don’t know will kill you 3-14-21
The vaccine is the disease 3-23-21
Do you deserve to die 4-23-21
Doctors of death 5-31-21
Our doctors are murderers 8-9-21
Mass madness made by media 8-16-21
We are being exterminated 8-27-21
Oblivious Aussies tricked into prison 9-10-21
COVID jig is up 9-22-21
Jab gab 10-4-21
Mass psychosis 10-13-21
Death by jab 11-24-21
As freedom slips away 1-16-22
Plague of phantoms 1-22-22
Trust the truckers 2-11-22
Vaccine vampires 2-22-22
Disinfo dysphoria 5-1-22
Free diagnosis 6-4-22
Killing us right before our eyes 6-11-22
America is being suicided 7-1-22
Vax murderers 8-4-22
9/11 vs. COVID 8-11-22
Death jab 12-8-22
Flop dance 12-20-22

Thanks to all those friends and supporters who have stuck with me
for large chunks of the past two decades. We must fight for every hour left to us.

Best wishes,
John K.

John Kaminski was a writer who lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work. 

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