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John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

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We were not careful
what we wished for


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Conventional history tells us the original Dark Ages lasted from the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 AD to the Renaissance in the 1500s. It was an age of superstition and ignorance before the invention of the printing press brought widespread knowledge to humanity through published writing.

Now, on the eve of the Year of our Lord (as they used to say) 2024, a new Dark Age is upon us, as limitless war triggered by the very rich who have stolen the wealth of the people in such a blatant way that it can be no longer be concealed and have concocted technological techniques of murdering excess populations of order to avoid creating social chaos which cannot be controlled.

So instead of letting that catastrophe happen, the world controllers have decided to create it themselves, by flooding the civilized world with less fortunate denizens and spreading designer diseases throughout the continents so as not to overload the social systems that keep civilization running by significantly lowering excess and unwanted human population.

The startling results of such a controversial plan are just beginning to become widely known.

People can no longer read nor write, and their thoughts are regulated by dangerous despots who punish those who disobey the tyrant’s commands. The favored few are allowed to murder at will by those who control corrupt law enforcement and kangaroo courts.

Spiritual night descends upon our poisoned planet, as clouds of despair turn into rage and senseless violence now that hard work and honest living have been exposed as traps for exploitation and abuse in a system that rewards criminals for their corruption and punishes the faithful for their naïveté.

On the formerly opulent streets of America, a new ritual of nightmare religiosity manifests as screaming black cockroaches in fleets of fancy cars descending upon department stores in lascivious lightning strikes of frenzied theft stealing meaningless goods which they can sell to buy drugs to anesthetize them from this repugnant world that worship of a false god has inflicted upon them. The false god of cold hard cash melts in your hand, not in your mouth. The poison of hypocrisy stains every interaction as the philosophy that it is better to receive than to give stains the sorry silence of our slack-jawed solitude.

You know night has come at last when around the world the poor are slaughtered indiscriminately for their organs or for no reason at all but to prove some people need to feel better because they feel so bad about themselves. Anesthetizing drugs sedate the world of people who can no longer enjoy the wondrous fact of being alive.

Most people never thought we’d reach the point where babies are shot by laughing cowardly soldiers at point blank range and our leaders insist that this is OK because these people have a right to exist making it therefore legal for them to kill you and me. The irony is we provided the weapons for them to do it with.

The universal feeling of betrayal stinks up the world. This is where human devolution has led us.

During those brief times when the shooting stops, we scramble to assess how smart we thought we were has nevertheless led us to the brink of extinction. What we once thought was love has finally faded out of style as children rob their mothers and fathers sell their children in exchange for condos on the beach and cheap hookers on the side.

Brittle experts with fake degrees and bad grammar tell us our kindergarten children need sexual partners for them to develop properly into mindless droids devoid of obsolete higher values like respect and integrity. This sexual seduction and perversion at an early age assures they will never be able to really focus on politics or their health for they will always be burning inside from an itch they cannot scratch and would not wish to if they could.

Where once the mind aspired to be like our parents trying to make us safe and warm and whole, we now see them wander off into the catacombs of their addictions and compulsions and then do so ourselves, leaving our accidental offspring to the gaping jaws of cold government time-clock punchers pretending to be warm mothers who get testy when you incoherently ask for love.

The kosher architects of anarchy didn’t realize when they turned women into men that that would change men into women. Or maybe they did realize it, because that meant there were no real men left to resist their rancid scheme of eliminating motherhood, the family or anything resembling actual authentic love.

Instead all love has been replaced by craving, by the worldwide use of what should have been the most beautiful thing in life that now had been reduced to an hourly price in a parked car in a dark alley.

Thus the children wander off, waiting to be shot by an Israeli claiming the land he stole is really his and you are no longer entitled to be there.

You remember your president saying that thing you built really wasn’t yours, that you didn’t really build it. Little did we know back then that with disturbing accuracy, he was talking about our future.

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John Kaminski was a writer who lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work. 

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