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Turning freedom
into a prison

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Israel’s barbaric annihilation of the Arabs in Palestine is a mirror reflection of what the United States government is inflicting on its own people with both the premeditated invasion of its Southern border and its cynical vaccination program and suppression of individual rights now deliberately killing millions of people.

Both affronts to humanity are orchestrated by mentally ill Jew oligarchs who claim per their demented religion that they are the only true humans and everybody else in the world are merely farm animals, which in their twisted way of thinking gives them the right to cull the human population to match the energy and food resources of the world which they have deliberately sabotaged.

The unmatched financial power of international Jewry has enabled a fundamentally antisocial and insane band of ethnic vagabonds to control and undermine virtually all the nations of the world — and especially all the major powers — through a masterfully developed criminal program of bribery, blackmail and murder to turn all these governments into lethal weapons against all the people they are supposed to protect.

Control of the world’s money supply by ruthless Jew families has produced an irresistible juggernaut of corruption whose inbred insanity now seriously threatens the survival of all life on planet Earth through its deliberate sabotage of all food, health and environmental systems.

Unprecedented mass murder spree

The secondary effects of the sly importation of many millions of supposedly desperate but clearly well-funded immigrants streaming into the U.S. over its border with Mexico have only begun to be felt, whereas the blatant extermination of Palestinian by ruthless Israeli homicidal maniacs is well under way, with upwards of 20,000 humans of all ages lying dead in the desert dust courtesy of an unlimited supply of American-supplied bombs.

The sorry similarity of both border atrocities (in Gaza and Texas) is the absolute resolve of government officials in both countries to exacerbate rather than alleviate the tragic trauma in both theaters of betrayal. All the presidential candidates are loyal to Israel, not the U.S.

This intransigent indifference of Israeli and American governments is directly due to the so-called Jewish religion, which has infected the world with its pornographic corruption that ranges from the provisioning of American politicians with underage sex slaves to homosexual teachers in public schools urging the mutilation of the sexual organs of their students.

As with the catastrophic results of the organized medical murder program of government vaccination criminals, the effects on people who have taken the poison jab are much greater by a factor of multiple millions than even the death toll from the criminal butchery in Gaza.

The most disturbing common thread in each of these catastrophes is the mealy mouthed dissembling of supposedly responsible public officials. Every single U.S. presidential candidate fails to respond to the horror of the mass extermination of Gazans by Jew maniacs. They only keep harping on the mantra “Israel has a right to exist” when in fact it doesn’t, having stolen the land with the help of the British back in 1947 from its rightful owners, who are the Palestinians.

Trump is one of them

And as for the role of America’s lobotomized leaders in pushing the poison vaccine, one need only look at Donald Trump, still applauded by many thousands of oblivious American dupes while he is still pushing the use of these Frankenstein medical concoctions that have now needlessly killed AT LEAST 17 million victims around the world.

Notable accessories to mass murder in both of these massacres are mainstream media morons, who collect their paychecks from all these Jew billionaires and let off the hook the greatest mass murderers in human history, who are Albert Bourla, Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates.

By suppressing the clearcut evidence that the Jews who control the media, politics, the universities and the minds of most of the people in the world are still trying to convince everyone that Arab terrorists brought down the World Trade Center, that the COVID plague was caused by bats from China, the Joe Biden won a free and fair election, and that all those people thrown in jail for visiting the Capitol on January 6 were trying to overthrow the government.

In fact they were trying to rescue a government which had already been overthrown by the sickos now slaughtering Palestinians in Gaza and now letting muscular so-called refugees from all over the world come into the U.S. and prepare to slaughter all these American dupes who still believe what their government tells them.

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John Kaminski was a writer who lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work. 

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