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Express route to oblivion

Rationalize injustice today,
species suicide tomorrow

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The two major mechanisms that allow us to protect us from ourselves — religion and the law — now both stand revealed as dysfunctional devices corrupted by the whims of the powerful. The result is a metastasizing insanity gathering itself like the mother of all psychological hurricanes which threatens the continued survival of our species — in fact, of all species.

The flawed logic in this way of thinking rationalizes the elimination of all humans as the necessary objective of financial functionality. A recklessly reproducing humanity is outstripping its ability to feed and keep warm an overpopulated human herd. Or at least this is the sob story of the people with all the money. This likely is the mass murder rationalization being used by artificial intelligence.

The rationalization of artificial intelligence bears an uncanny resemblance to the tractates of the Talmud, that notorious Jewish manual for mass insanity. So do the conclusions of the 1971 Limits to Growth proposal that provide a superficial justification for all this population culling nonsense, now being carried out with gusto by politicians with no souls.

For if we cannot protect ourselves from our own greed, then all hope is gone and our future is extremely doubtful. The ungoverned pursuit of material fortune guarantees our species suicide.

I’ve often predicted this as the logical conclusion of the Jewish takeover of the world. The last murderer left alive will have no choice but to put a bullet in his own head, and that will be the end of humanity.

Two recent phenomena foreshadow this outcome and darken our hope in an extremely profound way.

The continuing mass murder of Palestinians by Israelis in Gaza willingly accepted by the capitalist power structure of the world shows that humans have no refuge, no sanctuary from unjust murder, and it has given the rich and powerful carte blanche unlimited license to eliminate the weak and poor, which we see happening all over the world.

The priority of a healthy bottom line means imminent doom for a majority of the population of the world. These programs, you may have noticed, are already in place.

Secondly, the massive exercise of a faux epidemic deliberately killing almost arbitrarily those who are considered excess population as stressors on a healthy human herd confirms that the stated goal heretofore assumed by everyone that every person is worth saving is false. Each person on Earth can now be eliminated in pursuit of the goal of profitable functionality. This means that absolutely no one is safe from elimination deemed necessary by financial projections.

The recent calculations of researcher Katherine Watt reveal that this project is well under way.

Katherine Watt Exposes DOD 'Kill Box' Against Humanity

It doesn’t get any darker than this, yet this is the course we are on.

A third disturbing proclivity factoring into this destruction of humanity manifests itself in the flight logs of the secret trips to Epstein Island, and humanity has to seriously ask itself the question of why, when you have all the money you could possibly have, would you choose to rape and sometimes eat little girls and boys as your preferred activity when you could do anything you wanted, when the choice of all the legitimate pleasures of the world were at your disposal.

What does this say about the human psyche?

The silence of an emotionally paralyzed population is deafening as their leaders stay silent while Israelis butcher Palestinians without mercy. Because Americans support the slaughter of children by the bombs they send to the merciless Israelis, they acknowledge their guilt by watching football and high tech sluts who show their private parts for money in lurid halftime shows.

These are the real Americans — robots with no souls.

Because the doctors and hospital administrators make their money by letting old people and children take substances they know are poisons, they look the other way when their patients lie twitching on the pavements of public places while passersby avert their gaze while rushing home to eat plastic food that is slowly killing them.

These are the real Americans — too frozen in their sublimated terror to care about their own health — just like the Israelis who murder their own people to justify their constant killing of others they deem animals.

And just like the richest among us who blackmail their minions to give up their children so they can be used in kiddie porn films or perhaps as organ donors for decrepit Jew billionaires, no price is too great nor tragedy too astonishing to stop human society on the downhill run to eagerly fulfill, on a recurring basis for as long as it lasts, the cheesy but fatal curse of the bottom line.

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John Kaminski was a writer who lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work. 

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