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Latest gift from
a twisted tyrant

Obama’s movie is a sonic weapon
designed to trigger the release of
poison hidden in your COVID jab

Rumble’s rave review: “Don’t watch ‘Leave the World Behind’ unless
you want a miserable experience that has no satisfying conclusion.”

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You remember Barack Obama, I’m sure. He’s the president who never left office, they say. In fact, some say he’s still in office, animating that brittle, child-fondling ghoul known as Joe Biden from behind the scenes.

Barack Obama was supposedly the first U.S. president of African descent. It was merely a cosmic coincidence that he ironically murdered the greatest leader Africa ever knew, who was Muammar Gaddafi, beloved leader of Libya’s direct democracy, the world’s freest country that made the U.S. look like a police state by comparison.

You surely remember the scene of him sitting there with his grand witch by his side as she chuckled, modifying Julius Caesar’s famous line, “We came, we saw, he died,” as they viewed the video of Gaddafi being raped in the streets of his capital after it had been shredded by Obama’s ‘no-fly’ zone.

The handpicked Democratic darling Obama also ordered the killing of Osama bin Laden, the falsely fabricated Al-Qaeda terrorist blamed by some for the 9/11 attacks. Osama’s highly publicized murder by Seal Team 6 helped Obama get re-elected back in 2012. The sudden death of all but one of the Seal Team 6 team in a staged helicopter crash shortly thereafter helped conceal the fact that the original bin Laden had died back in 2001.

Obama and Osama, I get them both confused. One is a famous terrorist while the other is the son of a Saudi construction magnate who died of kidney disease in Abu Dhabi, as reported by the reputable Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram.

Sociologically, Barack Obama’s most significant historical achievement toward the conversion of the USA into a mentally mutilated sanitarium was his marriage to a man whom everyone claimed was a woman and who now is even contemplating a run for president her/himself. Check your pronouns at the door.

Most recently, some police beat veteran reporters have added a new notch in Obama’s lethal legacy after the sudden drowning of a former White House chef in a cove near the ex-president’s plush Martha’s Vineyard hideaway, but circumstances of this odd disaster remain unconfirmed, so connecting the former president to this fatality would be unfairly premature.

But what might add a formidable number of casualties to the Obama death toll roster could just be a sound in a new Netflix movie which under certain circumstances supposedly could actually kill the people who hear it.

Actually, the sound resembles the collective scream of desperate human beings uttering the final cry of their fruitless existence, soon to echo throughout the land, if not the world.

The newest death technology

Can a sound from a movie trigger molecules of poison you received when you took the COVID jab to burst and release a deadly poison and even worse, possibly then turn you into a zombie?

This latest gift from your ex-president is potentially a real killer.

But before I tell you about the movie from hell, let me tell you about Todd Callender. I wish I could have the same kind of street cred as this brave lawyer/helicopter pilot because when you click his name the link it leads to won’t let you go there without changing your security settings. Try it yourself.

Todd Callender  is an American lawyer. He has worked in the disability, health and life insurance industry for more than 20 years and focuses on the international convergence of biomedical, morbidity and mortality risks in the global legal context.  He currently serves as lead plaintiff’s counsel in the ongoing federal litigation relating to the compulsory covid vaccination of members of the US Armed Services.

Using patents and government research, Callender explained that using 5G to trigger the release of a previously injected pathogen has already been explored and tested, and in the US the legal instruments to deal with a Marburg pandemic are already in place.

“We were directed to a litany of papers that make reference to the use of 18 gigahertz signals and the 5G system to cause the swelling of lipid nanoparticles … Three one-minute blasts, it’s called a pulse, cause the lipid nanoparticles to swell. 

“In the hydrogel in the kill shots, as I call them, for covid there are some commonalities. Those commonalities were the use of lipid nanoparticles to carry synthetic DNA and RNA to reprogram people’s bodies.

“These same lipid nanoparticles were filled with all kinds of different pathogens. It wasn’t just three different types of HIV proteins. It wasn’t just the spike proteins. It wasn’t just the coronavirus. It was these strange chimeric diseases … part viral part bacterial – staphylococcus Ebola, Marburg, E.coli.”

Of all the great heroes in the ongoing battle to expose the COVID scam, Todd Callender ranks right at the top. He has been interviewed by everyone, and in those interviews he has said repeatedly . . .

The Marburg virus has a high fatality rate. Inside lipid nanoparticles, the hydrogel, there exist pathogens (that) have not yet opened . . . E. coli, marburg, ebola staphylococcus . . .

We know from the broadcast of the 5G system, when they broadcast an 18 gHz signal for one minute 3 different times, it will cause these lipid nanoparticles to swell and release the pathogenic contents, thereby causing a Marburg epidemic that they’ve already spent the money on.

Then, almost in passing, he mentions something about a . . .

. . . 1p36 gene deletion that will turn those poor people into zombies . . .

Before I join the analysis of Obama’s movie, I have to mention Katherine Watt, who adds yet another dimension to this story, but because it is so complex already it will have to wait for a separate story. But in case you want to jump ahead . . .

Katherine Watt Exposes DOD 'Kill Box' Against Humanity
using public health laws to carry out a military campaign

So now, without further ado, we can get to the main point of this sorry tale, which is the Netflix movie of which the executive producers are none other than Barack and Michelle “Big Mike” Obama, perhaps past, present and future presidents.

Sonic violence

When podcasters, Bonnie and John Mitchell of AwakenVideo uploaded the new, dystopian Netflix disaster thriller, ‘Leave the World Behind’ into their editing program, they were surprised to find four soundtracks, instead of one, something they had never seen before. One of these four audio tracks is inaudible to humans, because it’s entirely in the infrasonic range.

The video of their Dec. 22 livestream is on Rumble; you can download it yourself.

Leave the world behind:
Hidden Mind control audio files
found in Netflix/Obama film

“The Obama movie is satanic ritual abuse,” Bonnie said, “mind control weaponry with an infrasonic wave, not audible to human ears.”

Both Mitchells repeated how surprised they were at discovering the movie had four different audio files. Despite many years of experience it was the first time they had ever seen this in a movie file.

The psychoacoustic effect of infrasonic, sonic and ultrasonic frequencies within non-lethal military warfare techniques clearly influences humans psychologically.

Sonic violence and acoustic trauma are not sci-fi concepts suggested for a distant future. In fact, they’re already here and can inflict effects from hearing loss to traumatic brain injury.

This analysis of Infrasonic frequencies was generated by Ryan Littlefield of officially published by the University of Portsmouth in England. The Mitchells write:

The term ‘infrasound’ defines itself as the inaudible frequency rate below the human bandwidth of around 20 Hz. When discussing infrasound it’s often associated with acts of nature, sources such as the Fuego volcano in Guatemala emitted 120 decibels of infrasonic sounds ranging around 10 Hz that humans could never consciously hear.

This kind of sound is used by dictatorships like ours to stifle public dissent aiming, the generals say, to produce “war without death”, only a terrified public fleeing for their lives from zombie cops just following orders. These are sounds that animals can probably hear but humans cannot.

The Mitchells claim to have discovered pneumonic mind control around 2012-13 “because we were not using cellphones and being programmed.

“We discovered it because we’re not under the mind control, not being hit by the constant pulsing of these devices and that’s what allows us to see these things.

“This is psychotropic warfare imperceptible to the ear, capable of extensive physical and behavioral control, a prevalent theme of conspiracy theorists and mind control victims.”

Basically, the techniques are used for the artificial implantation of fear, acoustic psycho direction to suppress riots, control dissidents, demoralize or disable opposing forces, as well as transmitting specific commands via static or white noise.

Bonnie explained the danger of the movie produced by the Obamas. “Number 4 track is infrasonic. It is in fact an audio weapon and a danger to anyone listening to it in the audience.”

“The Obama movie is satanic ritual abuse,” Bonnie said, “mind control weaponry with an infrasonic wave, not audible to human ears.”

The sounds you hear in this movie took the actors by surprise. They didn’t have to act to demonstrate the distress these sounds caused.

“It vibrates our whole body, the physical body just can’t take it,” Bonnie explained. “One minute and 16 seconds, this is the weapon used in the movie,
a low rumbling, you can’t actually hear it but your body can feel it.”

“The low frequency sound makes your organs vibrate.”

The Obama movie, she explained, shows the collapse of the United States.

The sound causes a reaction in the vaccinated blood, precipitating the reaction explained by Callender releasing the deadly pathogens hidden in the jab.

Acoustic trauma through sonic violence

The Mitchells refer to a recent event called the Havana syndrome in which Americans were subjected to acoustic trauma through sonic violence. Bonnie Mitchell tried to explain it with phrases like “sounds animals can hear but humans cannot: “vertigo, imbalance, incapacitation and uncontrollable defecation.”

Thus our demise begins with a movie about the end of the world, actually, perhaps, beginning the end of the world.

The zombification of America has already taken place. The stage was set by decades of watching television.

Then by decades of false wars and economic swindles climaxing in the 9/11 false narrative which forced people to believe in things that were not true. The 9/11 coverup made the COVID disaster possible.

And now that COVID has made the endless slaughter in Gaza and the black invasions of the white countries not only possible but already happening, and maybe just maybe, when some inaudible trigger mechanism releases a disease that cannot be cured or a bomb that cannot be defused makes not only World War 3 possible but also the extermination of most of but maybe all of the world’s population possible . . .

The infrasound immersion is the sound of your extinction. It is the sound of death you will not hear as your audio gets turned off for the last time.

Executive producers? Barry and Big Mike Obama, prominent homosexual fraudsters.

John Kaminski was a writer who lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work. 

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