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Trust the Jew and lose your life;
HAMAS attack never happened,
Israeli media finally admit


Jews funding U.S. invasion

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When we grow into adults, our perception of life necessarily changes. The journey from innocence to enlightenment is frightening and disheartening as we realize almost everything we have learned turns out not to be true.

I remember as a fifth grader using colored pencils to draw a campaign poster stating ‘Eisenhower for president’ and then proudly holding it up high as he drove past my house on a cold October evening on his way to delivering a campaign speech standing on a flatbed truck amid gently falling snow flurries in the town square.

How many years later was it, I wonder now, when I first realized that dark side of this heartless general, once described in his West Point yearbook as “the terrible Swedish jew,” who ordered the deliberate starvation of two million German soldiers in a field in France, before he came home and was treated as a hero whom everybody loved and trusted?

James Bacque: Other Losses

Now, the same thing is happening today as U.S. politicians ignore 20,000-plus mutilated Palestinians and mutter their cowardly standard mantra — “Israel has a right to exist!” as the Internet is flooded with pious Jews saying out loud it is their objective to murder all the non Jews in the world.

About a decade later after first seeing Eisenhower, I remember standing under the bright lights in Times Square as an enthusiastic young adult full of energy watching an endless melange of screaming teenage girls on a big screen TV welcoming the Beatles, four shaggy haired young man wielding guitars, for a concert at Shea Stadium. It seemed like the whole world was pulsating with joyous energy — “yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah . . . “

Decades later came the dispiriting denouement, when it was revealed that their songs were written by a cynical Jewish psychologist, Theodore Adorno, a member of the notorious Frankfurt School, and that the whole pot-smoking-hippies-making-love-in-the-mud-generation was little more than a broad CIA experiment to undermine the foundation of a rapidly melting plasticized society.

The creation of The Beatles:
John Coleman on Adorno and Tavistock

Give peace a chance? No, we never did. In fact, we have a fundamental misunderstanding about our entire history. We are controlled by a foreign power and that power has decided to kill us all.

And by now the plastic society has melted, and poisons metastasize in the bloodstream of willing vaccine victims, stopping the hearts of even the doctors who said it was perfectly safe, while the clenched-teeth smiles of puerile politicians coach children that it’s OK to die if they’re feeling sad. (I’d link to that video but it has already been taken down.)

Oh, as if that was the only problem. The whole world stands idly by as the monster nation of Israel has arrogated to itself the right to kill anybody it wants, justifying its psychotic carnage with a pretense it has created itself, as it always does, of blaming the victims for crimes it has committed itself and then lying about it, and mass murdering children whose country they have stolen and then claimed for themselves.

Gaza and the USA are now graveyard mirror images of themselves — one has happened, the other is about to.

It becomes incomprehensible for normal humans to fathom how anyone could deliberately murder 20,000-plus innocent people over a contrived offense that has now been proven false, as even Israeli media brazenly admit the lie.

Israeli TV admits lies about Hamas attack

This is the worst crime in human history, but wait, against all odds, the situation gets even worse.

Remember that myth about the land of the free and the home of the brave? If you do, then remember that string of wars throughout the 20th century and now into the 21st where American boys went to die chasing a phantom enemy who never really existed except in the press releases of CIA-Mossad shills working at your trusted local newspaper.

And now if we care to look, the glaring hoax stares us in our gaunt faces as we silently applaud the point blank shootings of infants who are farm animals to the psycho Jews who pull the trigger and drop American bombs on Palestinians begging for food, water and medical attention.

But wait. It gets even worse than that.

The Frankenstein nation of Israel repays its servile minion USA for all the foreign aid, all the armaments, all the thievery, corruption and swindling, all the dirty movies and addictive drugs, all the false propaganda from Jewish media and all the poison medicines and destructive diagnoses it has foisted on the gullible goyim with this crowning achievement of perverse betrayal.

This is our thanks for all the millions we’ve given to Israel over the years.

The word is out that the Jews are funding the Third World invasion — 28 million strong, now flowing over our Southern border busting the budgets of every major city in America. While Third World mercenaries from China to Mauritania flood into U.S. small and large cities, luxuriating in free hotels while American pensioners pitch tents in the filthy streets of neglected U.S. slums.

Twenty-eight million mostly young men, send here as the replacement population for the white Anglo-Saxon dupes who refuse to pay attention to political reality and believe what they hear on TV.

These foreigners are treated much better than American citizens, who are now punished for their patriotism. Foreign mercenaries wielding debit cards and cell phones provided by our two-faced politicians with the strategic help of a Jew-owned White House and Congress, plus an army of NGOs all basically owned and operated by these indescribably demented jaded Judaics.

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
organizes Third World invasion of USA

Red Ice Radio’s Henrik Palmgren tweeted (on X) . . .

It's now coming out that jews at HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid society) are organizing the ongoing third world invasion of the United States from the Darién Gap in Panama that is connecting the American continent with Central America.

HIAS have a dedicated building overseeing the operation and apparently they are using Chinese contractors to build up the "processing center" in the Darién Gap and they are building bridges and roads along the way in order to maximize the amount of illegal migrants that are pouring into the United States.

Jewish DHS head Mayorkas (Whom HIAS congratulated when he ended up in this position is fully aware of this and have apparently toured this area, implying that he (and DHS) is helping to oversee operation.

You probably don’t remember Werner Sombart. He’s the guy who coined the phrase, “Wars are the Jews harvest.”

Love is no longer needed in this bottom line world. It’s counterproductive, no longer a fungible commodity.

Who lost tomorrow? Was it you?

Will you do something to find it or just lay down and die?

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