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John Kaminski

Canary in a Coal Mine

Our freedom exists only upon the whimof psychopaths devoid of conscience. (No, not canary as in disgruntled Mafiosi who tweetles to the feds, singing like a bird. Canary as in sensitive to toxic gase... read more..

John Kaminski

Devils from heaven

How religious myths prevent and pervert rational debateFebruary 26, 2004 Lately it has been my distinct privilege to be in the middle of a group conversation about the origins of religion. The emphas... read more..

Holocausting Humanity
John Kaminski

The understanding (2004)

America teaching its children to lie, steal — and kill1-1-04 How you treat a stranger determines how you treat the ones you love.  At first you can't see the connection. After all, how many doo... read more..

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