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December 2018

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John Kaminski

Swindlers and pigeons

Feasting on the rotting corpses of dead countries ONE DAY YOU’LL LIVE TO REGRET SELLING YOUR SOUL SO CHEAPLY There are those who fight for the Jews. And there are those who fight for human... read more..

John Kaminski

Living outside the matrix

Why Judaism Hates Christ On December 24, 2018, the courageous, Jewish truthsayer, Henry Makow Ph.D. told us the ultimate Truth about the real world us Westerners reside within: “Mankind is... read more..

Recent Essays
John Kaminski

Toxic media

Misleading the population by turning fiction into fact Back in 1969, General De Gaulle was denouncing the excessive influence of the Zionist lobby in all media: from newspapers to television, from mo... read more..

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