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February 2021

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John Kaminski

The death of Mom & Pop

How everyone agreedto exchange freedomfor convenience Almost nobody realized back in the 1950s and ’60s that the sudden extinction of neighborhood Mom & Pop variety stores was the start of a proc... read more..

Recent Essays
John Kaminski

You must live the lie

OR ELSE YOU DIE! America’s new promise:Either way you won’t live long When you listen to the hum of any engine for a long enough time, you begin to imagine you hear voices, or songs, that are really... read more..

Best Kaminski Stories
John Kaminski

The mask that blinds the future

Locking down your mindwith monstrous medicine WHEN WE CAN’T SEE WHERE WE’RE GOING,THERE’S NO CHANCE WE’LL BE COMING BACK The mask is a symbol of our impotence, indicating how we should keep our mout... read more..

Recent Essays
John Kaminski

A plan for you, brother!

Have you recognized what’s really going on? The actual epidemic is Big Pharma’sworldwide plan to cull the population It’s easy to tell the fakes and the frauds from the genuinely puzzled. The f... read more..

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