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April 2021

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John Kaminski

Do you deserve to die?

Will vaccinated dupesspread plague to others? THE CYTOKINE STORM IS COMING WATCH THIS FIRST: AND THEN THIS ONEhttps://www.... read more..

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John Kaminski

The swindle never dies

Phoenicians, Egyptians and Hyksos:Prehistoric psychopathological politics,depravity, deception and dementia,still dominate our world today As rabid black people burn cities to protest who they are an... read more..

Recent Essays
John Kaminski

Address to the lemmings

on the disintegration of our country About your plan to be free?That ship has sailed One prediction is that because of that shot you took upon the recommendation of your doctor, your newspaper, your... read more..

Recent Essays
John Kaminski

Alison and the epidemic

It’s a new government rule:Believe what you’re toldor your life is over GRATUITOUS AND GRUESOME A giant iron clamp has been placed over the minds of people around the world. Only the people can remo... read more..

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