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John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

Just a reminder


For those who might be interested, I still have plenty of copies remaining of my 2006 book “Recipe for Extinction”, a collection of my early Internet essays mostly related to the 9/11 scam and the needless wars that followed. You might get some idea of the conditions and lies that have evolved into our present desperate situation.

In 2016 the late Robert Faurisson told me after he read some of them that they could have been written in the days before he read them and not ten years earlier, because my assessments of our coming dark future were so accurate.

Essays include “Sick strategies for senseless slaughter,” “The plot to kill us all,” “Who is the real enemy?” and “Aspects of treason.”

Copies are $30 each, including taxes, shipping & handling, prepaid by mail only at

John Kaminski
6871 Willow Creek Circle #103
North Port FL 34287 USA

Foreign orders cost double due to exorbitant U.S. postal rates. Expect 4 to 8 weeks for delivery by media mail.

Feel free to add any contributions to assist with my tenuous survival. But these are not necessary because I know yours is tenuous, too.

Also, a few copies remain of my first book from 2003, “America’s Autopsy Report”, which were written immediately after the 9/11 debacle.

It includes such essays as “No one is safe from America’s killer president,” “Why your vote won’t matter,” “The world can’t trust what America says,” and “Fake terror alerts: We’re as stupid as they think we are.”

Since this volume is now a collector’s item and there aren’t very many left, I’m asking $50 per copy (includes taxes, shipping & handling). All orders must be prepaid by mail

These books might help you to survive and they definitely will help me to survive in these terrible times of trouble.

My other two books, “The Day America Died” and “The Perfect Enemy” are both essentially out of print. However, if there are enough requests I would consider reprinting small orders of them and offering them for sale as well.

For more information see  




The end is near

Arch Stanton <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

While many are becoming aware of the Jewish threat, few realize the massive, global, scope of Jewish criminality and the true extent of its pervasive influence.

John Kaminski elaborates on this reality far more accurately than most other writers. He tells a truth so dark, so terrifying, that few are willing to listen. The denial response is typical for patients when told the disease is terminal and there is not much time left.

John Kaminski tells us America, the world, is now in a terminal state. The Jewish parasite has burrowed so deeply into the body of humanity the resulting rot can no longer be reversed. It's terminal; a brief matter of time before whites disappear, consumed by Jewish hatred. You can read his latest at

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Living outside the matrix

Why Judaism Hates Christ

On December 24, 2018, the courageous, Jewish truthsayer, Henry Makow Ph.D. told us the ultimate Truth about the real world us Westerners reside within:

“Mankind is held in thrall to the Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) conspiracy that dominates all areas of our lives in the 21 st century. Mankind has been inducted into a Satanic cult.”

He explained that most of the 15 or so million Jewish persons that reside on planet Earth are unaware “that Judaism is defined by the (Satanic) Talmud & Cabala, not the Old Testament.” They are “unaware that Judaism is a satanic cult which uses them to politically and spiritually enslave mankind. Judaism seeks to supplant God. Christ's teaching that God loves all his children equally contradicts Jewish belief in their own Chosenness and racial supremacy.”

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Boomers had it easier

We Boomers had  childhoods of respite from the turmoil wrought by Jews (at least until their 1960s civil rights riots and bogus war in Vietnam).  During our childhood the Jews'  innate malice and blood lust had been temporarily sated  by killing millions of Germans and other Europeans. 

During the post-WW II lull,  we Boomers had  better, kinder childhoods than our Depression-era parents did; even our children had prosperous childhoods.  The Jews were busy consolidating their gains and killing the politicians who opposed their game (like Joe McCarthy, the Kennedys). 

But now the Jews have extracted all value from our phony US dollars.  Our grandchildren will not escape the next Jew killing spree.  WWIII  is on its way to distract us from prosecuting them for their Grand Theft of the US Treasury.  Not to mention their covert culling of the herd with cellphones, SMART meters,  Jewlywood video filth, poisonous drugs, mandatory vaccinations, brain-damaging neuroweaponry.

As we Boomers know,  life is hard enough, just as it is — disappointments, illness, old age, deaths of loved ones.  But then the Monsters-in-Charge (who never die but live into their nineties) continue to invent even more ways to intensify the Goyim's misery.  The Jews could do lots of business by using carrots instead of sticks; but most of them prefer the fast-buck options of killing, starving, robbing, deceiving, torturing and oppressing ALL nonJews.

Their record speaks for itself; they are BORN (inbred) Alpha Predators.
Maureen Cote

Do we want to survive or not?

The Jews are so few in number globally getting them physically out of power is trivial. The problem as usual is their control of media and finance. Awhile ago I read the book Money: The 12th and Final Religion, by Duane Willing and that's exactly what money has become . . . a religion of blood sacrifice that has infected every aspect of society.

We are being constantly bombarded by Satanic rituals so the average person has no idea they have lost complete control of their minds as the Jews suck every ounce of brain juice out of us. Everything has become an object that is assigned some value monetary or otherwise. We even do it ourselves whether it's ranking yourself at work during a yearly review or trying like hell to get one of those six pack abs that many females love so much. How do we stop it? Apparently we don't. We hit rock bottom and see what happens from there.

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The history behind the despair

Thank you JOHN. Your words are every bit as compelling as Solzhenitsyn's or any of the great Russian writers.

I see the world you describe all around me in Australia.
For a long time I thought I was alone in seeing this madness.
My "friends" do not believe in anything. My wife thinks you and my writing (i'm recording what has happened since the late 60's) is "bla, bla" crap.
Like the "man in despair" I see the encroachment of evil upon evil.

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Don't forget Port Arthur psyop

Hi John.
As one of the enlightend ones who truly understands world history and how it runs, I admire your articles for their honesty and facts. ( I passed the Hitler test!)

Here in Australia we are subjected to the same constant media lies and propaganda as the the US. Australia is one of the worst of the controlled vassal states. Politicians are so corrupt/brainwashed it it appalling. I would think our Foreign Minister works for the US State Dept! She's a publicly stated great admirer of Hillary, Kissinger, Albright and all the others.

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What is the secret of the Jews?

Hi John, My name is Conner, I am from western north Carolina and I am a huge fan of yours.

I have two questions that i would like to know about, one is how exactly did Adolf Hitler perform such economic progress in such a short period of time specifically. And how exactly have the (Jews) been able to collectively do what they do?, specifically with the financial superior abilities they seem to posses. You cannot tell me a Jew is any better at doing finances then the Asians or many other countries. How exactly is it they have been able to create the game and trick us in to playing it at the same time?

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Some emails don't get through

Just found an email about to be deleted due to age, from Art Topham, my old friend living just north of me here in BC, in my spam file. It included your article re. the Gulag the USA now is, indeed that Canada, Europe, the World now is. I jot this note simply to indicate that so many of us who have been in communication for years re. the satanic Jewish menace, are now being isolated from one another, to the best of the ability of the meddling, fucking Jewish prying eye.. I didn't receive your article as an email attachment, which I suspect you sent to me as you usually include me in such broadcasts. Though I subscribe to your website, as I do with numerous others, for years I've not received updates of websites or blogs....all are removed from my sight and only rarely in searching my spam file do I find something of genuine interest so deceitfully hidden. Even in more direct intended communication, such as my recent numerous attempts to communicate with and convey attachments to Alfred Schaefer, in Germany...I have so far been unsuccessful.  So, let me say, keep up the good work. I look forward to a time, preferably here and now, but sadly, more likely in another time and place, where we can truly live and co-create together, as life intends.  much love, amigo,

David Thatcher

Not everybody can wake up

Hi John: I just finished listening to you on Andy Hitchcock's show today (great show), and wanted to just drop you a line of support. I sensed your blueness over our country's plight, and I am there likewise, with that idealist childhood in the early 50s, where we sat on the clover on a blanket in the shade looking for one with four leaves (I ended up tearing one to make one).  I can still hear my mother calling me to supper here in NC, with her sweet voice, as I was 'somewhere on the block' playing roller bat, jump rope, riding my bike, etc. Now it seems like a wonderful dream, which my grandchildren have no clue about, sadly. so, Don't think you are alone. I, too, grieve. some of it is our age, I think, as we know what has been LOST, and I think that is what you are experiencing, grief.

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Birds of a feather

Hi John, Mike Walsh (Spain),

I have severed my links with Renegade Tribune (Kyle and Sinead). My 402nd column objectively reported on Central Europe that popular Hungary’s Prime Minister was negatively viewed by the EU’s élite.

Kyle was furious (not for the first time). He said I should have deplored Orban’s surrender of the fugitive, Horst Mahler. I pointed out 1) Mahler for over 30 years was a kingpin in the Red Army Faction. The RAF slaughtered many innocents. 2) In Europe, the legal process is independent of parliament. Whatever Orban’s take he cannot override the law.

Kyle reluctantly posted and then allowed even encouraged, trolls to shit all over me, my stories, my reputation, etc. No 1 at promoting RT I told him no more; I am not providing PR for those who troll me.

Kyle has removed me from the editorial list; I had posted twice as many as No 2 columnist (him). In effect, all my stories are now removed, hidden. Great guy!  Andrew Carrington Hitchcock says Kyle treated you badly too. Okay, that is something else you and I have in common. Salute.


Ed: Mike Walsh’s work can be seen in many places but most especially at The Ethnic European <>


Clear truth seldom seen today

Dear Mr. Kaminski,

You rank among the truly brilliant observers of this world. Your insights on the world, while troublesome, are profound. You state mankind's case in a clear, unvarnished truth seldom seen today. As the antithesis of our traditional enemy, your work is much needed at a time when such people are in desperately short supply. It is gratifying to see you continue your efforts despite the many difficult issues you have faced while doing so. If mankind successfully survives the present onslaught towards extinction, I have no doubt your efforts will one day be remembered as being counted among history's great philosophical thinkers. Thank you.

G. Ley

Majority prefer the comfort of ignorance

Dear John,

I felt it pertinent to express my admiration for your article 'Real humans vs. fake ones'

The article resonated with me as I have been toying with the concept of Human Beings and Human-Looking-Beings for some time. You have hit the nail on the head and have further solidified the reality of it all (for me anyway). The conspiracy is real and the majority are willfully blind to it all.

You have also overcome the Politically-Correct-Bear-trap, which has and all-to-often stifles open and reasonable debate. In short, I applaud, not only your linguistic delivery, but your courage when tackling the Status Quo and their 'Perception Deception.' I wish it were possible to evaporate ignorance from the world. It appears to me that the majority of people prefer the comfort of ignorance. As a consequence, I cannot but help hold them equally responsible for Real Humanities ongoing demise. The fake Humans are everywhere. They are our neighbours and the New Age hipster seeking enlightenment. All of them seek out excuses to accommodate the unacceptable. Maybe I'm no better, but I'm trying.

I am new to your works. I apologise for not having come across you sooner. I will read more from you and ensure to keep up with you in general. In addition, when I am able, I will assist in supporting what you do.

Keep the aspidistra flying.


Ian Demontfort


'Hallelujah in Fallujah!'

(About Real humans . . .)

I still recall your classic 'Hallelujah in Fallujah'. If you never wrote anything else. This will stand forever as a natural, human rage against the heartless, psychopathic machine.

I thank you, dear gentle, John, with all my heart, for your great heart.. Only you could have said it like it was.

John Bayldon


Haven’t posted that one yet. In the meantime . . .




True state of the human race

What a disappointment to get the true state of the human race laid out on the table. Our only hope is this is just some supernatural virtual reality game we are into and just think it is real.  What genius for creating the ultimate challenge program to design living things to want to live but in order to live, they must kill other living things.  Top that!  

Robert Bryce



Can't wait to read more

Hello John,

I just received a link to your page from a friend, and wanted to say that I agree with you 100% concerning  9/11. I told everyone from the day it happened that the government did this...

I'm not an engineer, but common sense tells you when you watch those buildings come down that this was a controlled demolition.  And WTC7 imploded too...and the official excuse was due to fire from the other towers and debris?  Yeah, right. Why didn't any of the other buildings that were closer fall the same ?

I guess a lot of people have been dumbed down...if it's green and you tell them it's red and they're looking right at it..they will say it's red. I don't understand how most people can be so stupid.

I am going to check out some more of your essays once I'm done emailing you....I just felt compelled to write you and let you know my thoughts are your thoughts...all the way.

Also, I wanted to ask you if you have ever heard of Ceecee Lyles? She was a flight attendant on United Airlines flight 93.... and she left a voicemail for her husband....allegedly from the plane, but from her personal cell phone. She kept repeating that she's "on the plane" several times like it was scripted and at the very end it sounds like she purposely made noise with the phone (like she was being watched) and as she made the noise she whispered..."it's a frame". And the call ended. You probably have heard it...but just in case you haven't...u should go on YouTube and search her name....and you can listen to the entire call. Also, one more thing. Last night it came out that there's a 79 year old man named Malcom Howard, who is a retired CIA  agent, and he gave a deathbed confession concerning 9/11. If you haven't heard it yet, it's worth checking out also.

I am impressed with your one essay and I can't wait to start reading some more today....You are a true patriot, and you have a new reader and friend.

Sincerely, Sherry Bart


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This spot is reserved for stories that are too long for the comments section. In fact, comments too long for the comments section could wind up here.

Generally speaking, no letter signed by a pseudonym may be judged authentic, realistic or sincere. People who lack the courage to use their own name should mostly be regarded as trying to protect something they probably shouldn’t be doing, and that once we lose the war they can resume the activity they were trying to conceal. This caveat excludes those in the helping professions who might have a legitimate reason to hide their identities.

The only excuse for using a pseudonym in this repressive day and age is to protect your children, in which case using a pseudonym is perfectly acceptable

However, telling a fundamental lie of this type and refusing to use your real name cheapens your argument, though it might save your life.

But we need people to be up front about what they believe and who they are in order to overthrow the criminals who continue to rob and kill us every single day.

Letters may be edited for brevity.

Thanks for writing

The Hopi Prophecy Blue Star Kachina

(in response to White Blindness)

Thank you John. You've uplifted my spirit and restored my faith that more people like you will open their eyes and stand up for truth, justice and righteousness.

The Hopi Prophecy Blue Star Kachina
by Charlotte Smith

Let all the poor, oppressed, downtrodden, and victimized pray for the Blue Star Kachina to come now.
Waste no more time on the “exceedingly deaf and blind sheep” that refuse to hear and change.
The Righteous and Elect have the power to bring an end to the “times of the Gentiles” through prayer and meditation alone. Focus your consciousness on that end. But when you cry, cry for righteous judgment and it shall appear to you (Enoch Ch. 104, V.3).
Kachina means spirit. Blue is the description of the color and Star indicates the location of its origin.
The Blue Star Kachina energy (or Blue Pulse as some are now calling it) triangulates between the 3 suns (magnetic suns not visible to human eyes) now surrounding the earth and causes a clean split in the dimensions with the righteous and elect safely and cleanly separated from those who are not prepared for ascension.  Those unprepared will move to a dimension that most closely aligns with their consciousness in new avatars.
This is why there is no need for the Hopi ceremonial dances after the Blue Star Kachina as the spilt will have occurred as the righteous and elect are no longer burdened in our dimension by those who were unprepared or unwilling.   
Before the Blue pulse those unprepared will begin to burn, disappear in plain sight, and decay at an accelerated rate giving them a last minute “opportunity” for change; a few will grasp it but most will not. The powers of the new suns are unavoidable and penetrate to the center of the earth. Scientist already testified to the year after year decline in testosterone, year after year increase in cancer and death rate among all nations and especially among those affected the greatest by the changes in the sun if they do not alter their consciousness and align with true peace so that their bodies can safely process these new sun energies.
The purpose for the last “computer iteration” of this reality is to provide ample opportunity for those seeking ascension to secure their place in the higher dimensions; with the greatest challenge being for those avatar “bodies” seeking ascension but who have enjoyed excessive sense pleasures and materialism and all of its comforts and privileges. This is the meaning of the True White brother of the Hopi prophecy for they have overcome such sense pleasures and materialism through a return to the eastern practices of meditation and this is why they are “coming from the East” in the prophecy.
According to the Book of Enoch and ancient Hindu text this reality has been wiped on multiple occasions and humans are unable to perceive these “wipes”. (See the movie “Dark City”) This is also why it is useless to measure days or times and try to predict the “end times” as time does not exist outside the matrix.
Those who have indulged in excessive materialism and sense pleasures will find it almost impossible to focus on spiritual matters in a meaningful way simply because it will move them out of their comfort zone of material and sense pleasure.
Many who benefit from material privileges remain willfully ignorant of the problems of this world so that they are not disturbed in their consciousness. Just like the rich man who walked away from Jesus after Jesus told him to give away all that he had and follow him, most churchgoers in the Western would could never part with their material wealth or privileges.
The end times are difficult for Whites not because of the color of their skin, it’s difficult for Whites because of their attachment to material wealth and the benefits of privilege; things that most are unwilling  to let go or endanger in order to bring about peace and harmony.
Most Christian Churches who focus on the “Pauline Epistles” do so because they cannot bear to read the words of Jesus concerning relinquishing wealth, the Good Samaritan, etc. They prefer to create their own brand of religion that allows them to remain willfully ignorant of the problems in the world while appearing “Holy” and retaining control over and benefits from wealth and materials gained from generations of unlawful and criminal seizure from indigenous people and the forced labor of minorities.

    •    Would the man they call Jesus ever say “I’m tired of hearing about racism, prejudice, bigotry, and inequality?”  
    •    Would Jesus ever lose his patience and become defensive when listening to the victims of injustice?
    •    Would Jesus ever deny the damage created by centuries of land theft, slavery, and institutionalized racism?
    •    Would Jesus ever summon the victim to grovel at his feet and beg for crumbs?
    •    Would Jesus isolate himself in gated communities and engage in willful ignorance of the problems surrounding him while enjoying the benefits of privilege?
Many people will seek ascension and not make it because of their attachment to material and sense pleasures and their willful denial of the realities that surround them. The “Great Whites” in the book of Enoch are the spiritual ones who overcome this condition. Racism can only be understood from a cosmic perspective (Enoch Ch. 86, v. 1-5). When one can see each person as themselves then every encounter is approached with good will and intent towards all. This is why racism, bigotry, and prejudice must be eliminated in all its forms in the ascending population.
Most will not recognize the return of the Son of Man. (Enoch Ch. 62, v. 1).
Because they are the ones in positions of power and control, the white leaders of the end time have been summoned and given orders to shut down (Enoch Ch. 90, v. 20).
At the moment of separation from the physical body the ego dies and can no longer lie to the consciousness. And this is when the horrible truth of their behavior floods into their consciousness.
Those who claim to be “Christian”, “enlightened”, “seeking ascension”, but haven’t the intestinal courage to overcome their guilt and fears and calmly listen to victims should stop wasting their time pretending to be “holy” and go enjoy their material and sense pleasures with the others.
Ascension is for those who are great in spirit. Those with the peace and strength to ACT like Jesus and not just sit back and give lip service through their websites and YouTube channels are the only true candidates for ascension.
So if you’re tired of the lip service about change, if you’re tired of the “fake” enlightened and “fake” Christians who merely want to look Holy while enjoying the benefits of their material and sense pleasures, then pray for peace, love and the Blue Star Kachina now so that the righteous may have righteous judgment.
Peace, love, & light
C. Harrison-Smith, Author, Alien Abductions, UFOs, and Bible Prophecy.

'Reverse blockade' of the truth

I found this very helpful, and then explained in words suitable for Quora, why the zionists have been so successful.

My blog started out explaining what I learned deconstructing the fraud dba scientology, and then I realized those same methods have been in use forever..

This one seems to help more astute inquirerers:

This one was worth pasting here for you

“Reverse Blockade: emphatically insisting upon something which is the opposite of the truth blocks the average person’s mind from perceiving the truth. In accordance with the dictates of healthy common sense, he starts searching for meaning in the “golden mean” between truth and its opposite, winding up with some satisfactory counterfeit. People who think like this do not realize that this effect is precisely the intent of the person who subjects them to this method. ” age 104, Political Ponerology by Andrew M. Lobaczewski

Warmest regards

Arnie Lerma

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