John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

(in response to White Blindness)

Thank you John. You've uplifted my spirit and restored my faith that more people like you will open their eyes and stand up for truth, justice and righteousness.

The Hopi Prophecy Blue Star Kachina
by Charlotte Smith

Let all the poor, oppressed, downtrodden, and victimized pray for the Blue Star Kachina to come now.
Waste no more time on the “exceedingly deaf and blind sheep” that refuse to hear and change.
The Righteous and Elect have the power to bring an end to the “times of the Gentiles” through prayer and meditation alone. Focus your consciousness on that end. But when you cry, cry for righteous judgment and it shall appear to you (Enoch Ch. 104, V.3).
Kachina means spirit. Blue is the description of the color and Star indicates the location of its origin.
The Blue Star Kachina energy (or Blue Pulse as some are now calling it) triangulates between the 3 suns (magnetic suns not visible to human eyes) now surrounding the earth and causes a clean split in the dimensions with the righteous and elect safely and cleanly separated from those who are not prepared for ascension.  Those unprepared will move to a dimension that most closely aligns with their consciousness in new avatars.
This is why there is no need for the Hopi ceremonial dances after the Blue Star Kachina as the spilt will have occurred as the righteous and elect are no longer burdened in our dimension by those who were unprepared or unwilling.   
Before the Blue pulse those unprepared will begin to burn, disappear in plain sight, and decay at an accelerated rate giving them a last minute “opportunity” for change; a few will grasp it but most will not. The powers of the new suns are unavoidable and penetrate to the center of the earth. Scientist already testified to the year after year decline in testosterone, year after year increase in cancer and death rate among all nations and especially among those affected the greatest by the changes in the sun if they do not alter their consciousness and align with true peace so that their bodies can safely process these new sun energies.
The purpose for the last “computer iteration” of this reality is to provide ample opportunity for those seeking ascension to secure their place in the higher dimensions; with the greatest challenge being for those avatar “bodies” seeking ascension but who have enjoyed excessive sense pleasures and materialism and all of its comforts and privileges. This is the meaning of the True White brother of the Hopi prophecy for they have overcome such sense pleasures and materialism through a return to the eastern practices of meditation and this is why they are “coming from the East” in the prophecy.
According to the Book of Enoch and ancient Hindu text this reality has been wiped on multiple occasions and humans are unable to perceive these “wipes”. (See the movie “Dark City”) This is also why it is useless to measure days or times and try to predict the “end times” as time does not exist outside the matrix.
Those who have indulged in excessive materialism and sense pleasures will find it almost impossible to focus on spiritual matters in a meaningful way simply because it will move them out of their comfort zone of material and sense pleasure.
Many who benefit from material privileges remain willfully ignorant of the problems of this world so that they are not disturbed in their consciousness. Just like the rich man who walked away from Jesus after Jesus told him to give away all that he had and follow him, most churchgoers in the Western would could never part with their material wealth or privileges.
The end times are difficult for Whites not because of the color of their skin, it’s difficult for Whites because of their attachment to material wealth and the benefits of privilege; things that most are unwilling  to let go or endanger in order to bring about peace and harmony.
Most Christian Churches who focus on the “Pauline Epistles” do so because they cannot bear to read the words of Jesus concerning relinquishing wealth, the Good Samaritan, etc. They prefer to create their own brand of religion that allows them to remain willfully ignorant of the problems in the world while appearing “Holy” and retaining control over and benefits from wealth and materials gained from generations of unlawful and criminal seizure from indigenous people and the forced labor of minorities.

    •    Would the man they call Jesus ever say “I’m tired of hearing about racism, prejudice, bigotry, and inequality?”  
    •    Would Jesus ever lose his patience and become defensive when listening to the victims of injustice?
    •    Would Jesus ever deny the damage created by centuries of land theft, slavery, and institutionalized racism?
    •    Would Jesus ever summon the victim to grovel at his feet and beg for crumbs?
    •    Would Jesus isolate himself in gated communities and engage in willful ignorance of the problems surrounding him while enjoying the benefits of privilege?
Many people will seek ascension and not make it because of their attachment to material and sense pleasures and their willful denial of the realities that surround them. The “Great Whites” in the book of Enoch are the spiritual ones who overcome this condition. Racism can only be understood from a cosmic perspective (Enoch Ch. 86, v. 1-5). When one can see each person as themselves then every encounter is approached with good will and intent towards all. This is why racism, bigotry, and prejudice must be eliminated in all its forms in the ascending population.
Most will not recognize the return of the Son of Man. (Enoch Ch. 62, v. 1).
Because they are the ones in positions of power and control, the white leaders of the end time have been summoned and given orders to shut down (Enoch Ch. 90, v. 20).
At the moment of separation from the physical body the ego dies and can no longer lie to the consciousness. And this is when the horrible truth of their behavior floods into their consciousness.
Those who claim to be “Christian”, “enlightened”, “seeking ascension”, but haven’t the intestinal courage to overcome their guilt and fears and calmly listen to victims should stop wasting their time pretending to be “holy” and go enjoy their material and sense pleasures with the others.
Ascension is for those who are great in spirit. Those with the peace and strength to ACT like Jesus and not just sit back and give lip service through their websites and YouTube channels are the only true candidates for ascension.
So if you’re tired of the lip service about change, if you’re tired of the “fake” enlightened and “fake” Christians who merely want to look Holy while enjoying the benefits of their material and sense pleasures, then pray for peace, love and the Blue Star Kachina now so that the righteous may have righteous judgment.
Peace, love, & light
C. Harrison-Smith, Author, Alien Abductions, UFOs, and Bible Prophecy.

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