John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

Letters or comments signed with a pseudonym will not be published, with certain exceptions.

This spot is reserved for stories that are too long for the comments section. In fact, comments too long for the comments section could wind up here.

Generally speaking, no letter signed by a pseudonym may be judged authentic, realistic or sincere. People who lack the courage to use their own name should mostly be regarded as trying to protect something they probably shouldn’t be doing, and that once we lose the war they can resume the activity they were trying to conceal. This caveat excludes those in the helping professions who might have a legitimate reason to hide their identities.

The only excuse for using a pseudonym in this repressive day and age is to protect your children, in which case using a pseudonym is perfectly acceptable

However, telling a fundamental lie of this type and refusing to use your real name cheapens your argument, though it might save your life.

But we need people to be up front about what they believe and who they are in order to overthrow the criminals who continue to rob and kill us every single day.

Letters may be edited for brevity.

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