John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

Dear John,

I felt it pertinent to express my admiration for your article 'Real humans vs. fake ones'

The article resonated with me as I have been toying with the concept of Human Beings and Human-Looking-Beings for some time. You have hit the nail on the head and have further solidified the reality of it all (for me anyway). The conspiracy is real and the majority are willfully blind to it all.

You have also overcome the Politically-Correct-Bear-trap, which has and all-to-often stifles open and reasonable debate. In short, I applaud, not only your linguistic delivery, but your courage when tackling the Status Quo and their 'Perception Deception.' I wish it were possible to evaporate ignorance from the world. It appears to me that the majority of people prefer the comfort of ignorance. As a consequence, I cannot but help hold them equally responsible for Real Humanities ongoing demise. The fake Humans are everywhere. They are our neighbours and the New Age hipster seeking enlightenment. All of them seek out excuses to accommodate the unacceptable. Maybe I'm no better, but I'm trying.

I am new to your works. I apologise for not having come across you sooner. I will read more from you and ensure to keep up with you in general. In addition, when I am able, I will assist in supporting what you do.

Keep the aspidistra flying.


Ian Demontfort


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