John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

Hi John: I just finished listening to you on Andy Hitchcock's show today (great show), and wanted to just drop you a line of support. I sensed your blueness over our country's plight, and I am there likewise, with that idealist childhood in the early 50s, where we sat on the clover on a blanket in the shade looking for one with four leaves (I ended up tearing one to make one).  I can still hear my mother calling me to supper here in NC, with her sweet voice, as I was 'somewhere on the block' playing roller bat, jump rope, riding my bike, etc. Now it seems like a wonderful dream, which my grandchildren have no clue about, sadly. so, Don't think you are alone. I, too, grieve. some of it is our age, I think, as we know what has been LOST, and I think that is what you are experiencing, grief.


I am a recently awakened 70 year old divorced (after 35 years...another grief), female, who has spent all her life 'blessing the joos' in the Baptist Faith', as per wrongful Scripture interpretation (they rewrote the Bible, you know?). It is so hard to, not only learn all this new history, etc., but to UNLEARN all the false history, is the hardest part. Andy and UROfolk radio has been essential. andy being a favorite. I just hope they can stay online....unlike Andy's book and thousands of others being done away with.

I started out looking for the 12 lost tribes of Israel...Pastor Eli James on UroFolk Radio had a great slide show on his site about our Caucasian history....these tribes were NOT lost, but have been taken over by the fake joos of our day. If you want to view that slide show, I will send the url.

Feel free to write if you need to 'vent' about the disgusting in our life. If like me, there is zero, not ONE, person in my life who is awake...No, they won't even hear. My best friend from high school, says I am in a cult, since I departed the Baptist Faith and church and don't want to talk to me.....after a friendship of 55 years! those darn joos! She wants to believe me, but says she will NOT 'give up the rapture'. My whole family are many generational protestants, and you can't reach them AT ALL. I am the one who is crazy. Maddening, huh? My three adult children have cut me off (taking my grandchildren, too), and live in other states. But, I will not back down. I tell them, and you may as well, even if they want to accept this, you are at least making them aware of all this crap, and when the SHTF, then they will KNOW!!!

I have finally decided, not all are able to wake up, and it is not my job to try to wake them. I do what I can, and accept the rest. after all....I was not awake till about three years I do understand how fooled they are, as I WAS TOO! ALL those YEARS. so I really can't hold them at fault, but those damn joos. As you stated, it is also the fault of food, air, water, and cell phones, tv (my grandmother would not have one, saying it was the devil....she was right!), people are just dumbed down, badly, to the point of being a prisoner.

I am just so thankful that I was able to be awake before I leave this earth. Very privileged. You played a part in that as well. so, be encouraged, my friend.

take care and chin up. thanks for this great new website. I am amazed at your level of ability to do this...Way past me! I still have my landline.

John, remember that you are 'planting seeds' of knowledge, even if you don't see the harvest you planted and left for me!

Wanda Godfrey


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