John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

Just found an email about to be deleted due to age, from Art Topham, my old friend living just north of me here in BC, in my spam file. It included your article re. the Gulag the USA now is, indeed that Canada, Europe, the World now is. I jot this note simply to indicate that so many of us who have been in communication for years re. the satanic Jewish menace, are now being isolated from one another, to the best of the ability of the meddling, fucking Jewish prying eye.. I didn't receive your article as an email attachment, which I suspect you sent to me as you usually include me in such broadcasts. Though I subscribe to your website, as I do with numerous others, for years I've not received updates of websites or blogs....all are removed from my sight and only rarely in searching my spam file do I find something of genuine interest so deceitfully hidden. Even in more direct intended communication, such as my recent numerous attempts to communicate with and convey attachments to Alfred Schaefer, in Germany...I have so far been unsuccessful.  So, let me say, keep up the good work. I look forward to a time, preferably here and now, but sadly, more likely in another time and place, where we can truly live and co-create together, as life intends.  much love, amigo,

David Thatcher

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