John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

Hi John, My name is Conner, I am from western north Carolina and I am a huge fan of yours.

I have two questions that i would like to know about, one is how exactly did Adolf Hitler perform such economic progress in such a short period of time specifically. And how exactly have the (Jews) been able to collectively do what they do?, specifically with the financial superior abilities they seem to posses. You cannot tell me a Jew is any better at doing finances then the Asians or many other countries. How exactly is it they have been able to create the game and trick us in to playing it at the same time?

They are such a small percentage of the population, and the world is full of brilliant individuals from all countries. Europeans significantly influenced/invented computer science, for heavens sake. How are Jews able to do what they do? It is almost like they have some secret the rest of us don't have access to perhaps, i do not know but you are a hero and a very gifted writer, I hope to hear back from you.

Bribery, blackmail and murder is their typical formula, Connor. Hitler's success was due to rooting them out and depriving them of their opportunities to swindle other people.

Hitler put "full faith in the credit of the people", and put everyone to work in 18 months, pulling his country out of a total financial disaster. Germans LOVED Hitler like no other leader of this or any other century. He knew that the essential element was excluding Jews for his society's health. 

I was struck by a line from a Romanian philosopher the other day when he described the ancient Hebrews as a very small tribe which vastly exaggerated its size and yet created all three major religions that have lasted for almost two millennia. It was true in '20s Germany, too, with the 2 percent controlling 98 percent of the stuff. It is the same today, 2 percent controls the rest by taking advantage of their worldwide network to steal everyone else's countries. This 2 percent also covertly controls the other religions because Jews control their finances, and to go after the Jews severely limits your ability to raise money. U.S. politicians discover this unpleasant fact, and have to bow down to it, or see their careers ruined.

Jews are experts at catering to the compulsions of humanity. This explains their dominance in child sex slavery, drug production and distribution, and entertainment, as they are experts in stories that deceive.

Maybe the real secret of the Jews' success is that they are intensely loyal to each other because to betray another Jew would lead to excommunication from their clan, and that is simply too lucrative a position to ever throw away. That's why one Jew will never turn in another Jew for crimes he might have committed for fear of being ostracized from his family, his friends and his money. 

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