John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

Thank you JOHN. Your words are every bit as compelling as Solzhenitsyn's or any of the great Russian writers.

I see the world you describe all around me in Australia.
For a long time I thought I was alone in seeing this madness.
My "friends" do not believe in anything. My wife thinks you and my writing (i'm recording what has happened since the late 60's) is "bla, bla" crap.
Like the "man in despair" I see the encroachment of evil upon evil.
You are correct. One can find some solace in nature, provided you keep away from the trendy sheeple.
In my large, country city, over 25% of our under 25 yr olds are unemployed. There are no new jobs, other than what our Jewish, feminist, Premier of Queensland, creates for our growing army of PC girls in the public service. Our country towns are awash with drugs and all the accompanying crime. GROSSLY OBESE SINGLE MOTHERS ARE EVERYWHERE.
The children of my baby boomer acquaintances have a appalling record with out of wedlock, unfathered children, welfare dependency, etc. The traditional nuclear family seems to have all but died.
I stopped attending church when minister after minister flagged their support for the Zionist dream and gave accolades and best wishes to our well paid military thugs. 
Our schools are heavily feminised and won't employ males like me.
New research shows that our boys are being destroyed in our female schools. Half our 8 yr old boys are practically illiterate and our general numeracy and literacy standards, as in the USA, lag behind a number of third world countries.
Female teacher recruits require only a tertiary entrance score of around 20%, but by 25 yrs of age can be earning more than a male plumber or farmer.  
All we get is salacious, American, Jewish crap on TV and constant repeats of shows about the Nazis.
Our ABC offers us many feminist ladies, usually wearing red jackets, as talking heads.
Where will this end? I do not know what to do, other than continue with my memoirs. 
Some days I just want to walk into the forest and die.
Perhaps, some day in the future some one will read them to get some idea of the history behind the despair.
Thankyou and Kindest Regards, 
Max Henry 

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