John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

The Jews are so few in number globally getting them physically out of power is trivial. The problem as usual is their control of media and finance. Awhile ago I read the book Money: The 12th and Final Religion, by Duane Willing and that's exactly what money has become . . . a religion of blood sacrifice that has infected every aspect of society.

We are being constantly bombarded by Satanic rituals so the average person has no idea they have lost complete control of their minds as the Jews suck every ounce of brain juice out of us. Everything has become an object that is assigned some value monetary or otherwise. We even do it ourselves whether it's ranking yourself at work during a yearly review or trying like hell to get one of those six pack abs that many females love so much. How do we stop it? Apparently we don't. We hit rock bottom and see what happens from there.


The Jews are working their gender-bending role reversal to the hilt and most people are falling for it. Females are becoming males and vice versa. Of course it's not all brainwashing. It's also the cheap soy being used in many foods like the crap at Golden Corral along with things like "birth control" pills being flushed down the toilet and never being filtered out of the drinking water. Both of those turn boys into girls. Chemtrails unabated have everyone coughing up aliens on a daily basis and yet we still manage to cheer for our favorite sports team, not realizing the only real contest is Jews against Humanity. They even make loads of money off us on that one too . . . especially the NBA infection. 

At some point homo sapiens (which probably doesn't include Jews) have to decide. Do we want to survive or not? This way of life is slow death and it's getting faster. It's cancer. It is an existential issue of the highest urgency. I fear most would answer that question with a perplexed "Huh?".

Those of us who DO want to survive must let go of those who do not.

We have to band together. We have to buy land...even though it should be free. We have to re-learn how to live off the land. We bartered for centuries before the curse of fiat currency reared its ugly head. It's not even real. It's the one thing the Jews actually did invent.........usury. There is no doubt in my mind that Yahweh, Satan or whatever you want to call it sent these lily-livered bastards to Earth to do its dirty work. The only thing that can kill death is life. Life is supposed to be love. Jews hate love. Jews hate life. Jews are fear. Jews are death.

Ultimately the true enemy is ourselves. Jews give us the opportunity to be scoundrels and too many of us, most in fact, take them up on their offer. Why? Because money make us feel important and we can buy all sorts of shit we don't need. It makes us damn near feel like gods. We have to let go of that asinine, unnatural way of living and thinking. The media has warped our minds. Man makes money. Money does not make the man. It never has and never will. Look at Trump......while some would argue he's likely broke which is why Putin has him by the balls, he did have a lot of money at some point during his long, illustrious career in slum-lording and backstabbing in real estate that eventually gave way to branding.

Did it make him a man?!?!?! Hell no!!!!!!! He's still just a childish pervert that likes pee play. Did it make him popular with women? Hell yeah......because women by their very nature worry and obsess over having material needs met....especially when children are involved.

But since we are beyond the precipice after having allowed this chaos to proceed to this point without, in my opinon, sufficient physical anti-Jew action, we may now have to get used to Second and Third World living conditions that are being thrust upon us so the cheaper labor without government regulation can make the Jews even richer. They will NEVER rest until they have every last shekel folks.....even the one in your shoe or hiding under your mattress. That is their psychopathy....not NEVER AGAIN.....but rather NEVER ENOUGH!!! 

Hopefully something better emerges from the other end of this social rectum.....and not another Jew.

Cheers, George Thompson


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