John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

We Boomers had  childhoods of respite from the turmoil wrought by Jews (at least until their 1960s civil rights riots and bogus war in Vietnam).  During our childhood the Jews'  innate malice and blood lust had been temporarily sated  by killing millions of Germans and other Europeans. 

During the post-WW II lull,  we Boomers had  better, kinder childhoods than our Depression-era parents did; even our children had prosperous childhoods.  The Jews were busy consolidating their gains and killing the politicians who opposed their game (like Joe McCarthy, the Kennedys). 

But now the Jews have extracted all value from our phony US dollars.  Our grandchildren will not escape the next Jew killing spree.  WWIII  is on its way to distract us from prosecuting them for their Grand Theft of the US Treasury.  Not to mention their covert culling of the herd with cellphones, SMART meters,  Jewlywood video filth, poisonous drugs, mandatory vaccinations, brain-damaging neuroweaponry.

As we Boomers know,  life is hard enough, just as it is — disappointments, illness, old age, deaths of loved ones.  But then the Monsters-in-Charge (who never die but live into their nineties) continue to invent even more ways to intensify the Goyim's misery.  The Jews could do lots of business by using carrots instead of sticks; but most of them prefer the fast-buck options of killing, starving, robbing, deceiving, torturing and oppressing ALL nonJews.

Their record speaks for itself; they are BORN (inbred) Alpha Predators.
Maureen Cote

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