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John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic


For those who might be interested, I still have plenty of copies remaining of my 2006 book “Recipe for Extinction”, a collection of my early Internet essays mostly related to the 9/11 scam and the needless wars that followed. You might get some idea of the conditions and lies that have evolved into our present desperate situation.

In 2016 the late Robert Faurisson told me after he read some of them that they could have been written in the days before he read them and not ten years earlier, because my assessments of our coming dark future were so accurate.

Essays include “Sick strategies for senseless slaughter,” “The plot to kill us all,” “Who is the real enemy?” and “Aspects of treason.”

Copies are $30 each, including taxes, shipping & handling, prepaid by mail only at

John Kaminski
6871 Willow Creek Circle #103
North Port FL 34287 USA

Foreign orders cost double due to exorbitant U.S. postal rates. Expect 4 to 8 weeks for delivery by media mail.

Feel free to add any contributions to assist with my tenuous survival. But these are not necessary because I know yours is tenuous, too.

Also, a few copies remain of my first book from 2003, “America’s Autopsy Report”, which were written immediately after the 9/11 debacle.

It includes such essays as “No one is safe from America’s killer president,” “Why your vote won’t matter,” “The world can’t trust what America says,” and “Fake terror alerts: We’re as stupid as they think we are.”

Since this volume is now a collector’s item and there aren’t very many left, I’m asking $50 per copy (includes taxes, shipping & handling). All orders must be prepaid by mail

These books might help you to survive and they definitely will help me to survive in these terrible times of trouble.

My other two books, “The Day America Died” and “The Perfect Enemy” are both essentially out of print. However, if there are enough requests I would consider reprinting small orders of them and offering them for sale as well.

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