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John Kaminski's recent interviews

John Kaminski’s recent interviews on

Episode 019  :  Loki Hulgaard: “The voyage to Hyperborea” about don Miguel Serrano.

Episode 018  :  “T.I. ” (Targeted Individual)

Episode 016  :  Jack Heart of Veterans Today

Episode 015  :  Patriot Pat

Episode 013  :  Arch Stanton, “Religion vs Belief”

Episode 011  : Monika Schaefer

Episode 009  :  Rod Remelin

Episode 006  :  Maisie Shaw

Memorable radio spots

With Dennis Fetcho on 8/6/16

On Blackbird9’s Trading Post 4/13/16

Sofia Smallstorm podcasts

On WING-TV with Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani 2/25/05 (#386) 23:20


Why Can't Religion Stop the American Terror?

John Kaminski returns to The Brian Ruhe Show and he describes how religion in America is doing nothing to discourage its government from being the biggest terrorist in the world.

The Realist Report – John Kaminski Interview

John Kaminiski Tales of the HolohoaxOn this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by my good friend John Kaminski, one of the most articulate and powerful critics of international Jewry and their New World Order agenda. In this podcast, John and I begin by discussing the recent death of David Rockefeller. We then move into John’s latest article “Boycott Amazon: Jew Publisher Outlaws WW2 Historical Truth,” which addresses’s efforts to literally ban certain “Holocaust” revisionist books from being sold on its monopolistic platform. We go on to discuss a number of recent developments and news items, including the recent conviction of Michael Strickland, which I wrote about for American Free Press.

Below are relevant links for this program:

  • Jewish groups, pols say Trump budget is bad for Israel and other US interests – Jewish Telegraph Agency
  • Dad and daughter transition together from mother and son: ‘If she can do it, so can I’ – Yahoo! News

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